Explore your Sexuality through the Swinging Scene


The swinging scene is not only great for exploring sex and fantasies, but also for exploring your own sexuality.

It’s sometimes a surprising adventure that unsuspecting couples end up on but it seems like a large number of people, at some point in their swinging life, at least dabble in it.

Sometimes one partner gets curious first, sometimes both do but whichever way it happens, communication is important and reacting positively is extremely important, especially if it’s the male partner that becomes curious.

When we first started swinging I considered myself 90% straight with 10% curiosity, or was that just 10% show off? You know, those times when you’re in a packed night-club and it seems like fun to kiss another girl because you know it’s going to get some serious attention. Ok, I’m guilty!

That’s how it started for me but as we got into the swinging scene we came across a large amount of women who were bi or bi-curious, and it wasn’t long before I started exploring what that was like. It felt awkward at first but the women I played with were quite comfortable with their sexuality, which made it easier to explore. There is no shortage of bi or bi-curious women in the scene that could be great gal pals to try new things with.

My husband was completely straight, having never even been in the same room as another naked man. He wasn’t sure how he’d go swinging but baby steps and experiences over time ended up leading him down a path neither one of us ever thought he’d go down. It’s safe to say now that he’s comfortably bi and he may never have discovered that about himself had he not engaged in swinging with me. I was extremely supportive of his exploration which made it easier for him let go of any judgment he had on it, and to enjoy it.

If you’ve ever been curious about playing or having sex with the same gender then this is the arena to explore it. Take your time to meet someone who you click with and take the time to build trust so that you’re comfortable enough to try new things. Support your partner in their exploration and even if it’s not your thing, find a way that you are comfortable with that allows them the opportunity to explore that side of themselves.

Now just in case you’re wondering, being bi-curious does not mean that you (or your partner) will fall in love with someone of the same sex and give up hetro-sexual sex forever. For some people it’s just a very temporary phase that they try a little bit of and decide it’s not for them. Some get right into it and enjoy it so much that they continue to enjoy the pleasures of both sexes, and then there is everything in between.

The swinging scene has a lot to offer and for most couples it’s the door that opens them up to opportunities to explore their sexuality, fetishes, desires and opportunities to fulfill some fantasies on their bucket (“to do”) list. There is so much more to the swinging scene that just the straight out swinging; this is an adult’s Disney World with multiple themed parks in which to play and explore so get out and see what else you might like, you may be surprised!

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