If I’m Poly am I Kinky?

Adult Match Maker
31 January 2018
I strongly identify as poly, and as I’ve started discussing this there seems to be an assumption that this means I’m kinky. So do I have to be kinky if I’m poly?

Why it is easier to experiment with a hook up partner?

Adult Match Maker
09 October 2017
With a partner, especially a long-term one, the idea of bringing up something new and outside the box (especially sexually) can be daunting. But with someone new you can say “tie me up and spank me!” and if they say no… Well okay. Next!

Can I make my dick bigger?

Adult Match Maker
17 August 2017
There are so many products and implements out there that claim to give you a bigger dick... But do they work? And are they worth it?

What do kinky people mean when they say ‘vanilla’?

Adult Match Maker
02 July 2017
Due to being the world’s most popular flavouring, vanilla has a connection with convention and normality – it’s something almost everyone likes, therefore can be seen as nothing special. So what do kinky people mean when they say ‘vanilla’?

When it comes to facials, are there health risks?

Adult Match Maker
20 April 2017
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I’m a bit curious about facials, you know, the sex kind where he comes on your face, but I’m also a bit concerned. Are there health risks? Is it degrading? Any help or advice would be great, thanks!

Do female arousal gels work?

Adult Match Maker
07 March 2017
Our latest Q&A article talks about female arousal gels and if they work, how they work and what’s available in Australia.