Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Swinging

Top 10 Amazing Benefits to Swinging
  1. Fantasies becoming reality! How many people get to the end of their lives or even just get married and say “I wish I’d done when I was single”. Well as a swinger you get to say “I did everything I ever wanted to try” and can sit in your rocking chair at the end of your life knowing there wasn’t anything you didn’t try or do repeatedly! Whatever you have on your fantasy bucket list is on the menu to try at some point and while some of you are worried that the reality might not stack up to the awesomeness in the fantasy, I can tell you that you’d be right sometimes BUT in my experience, you often have to do it a couple of times for it to get better and surpass the fantasy level. It’s like the first time you have sex with anyone new, it often takes a few sessions before you really get familiar with the other person to heighten every aspect of the experience so give your fantasy a chance!!
  2. Exposure to new ideas and things to try! It’s the age old adage – you don’t know what you don’t know. Well in our journey into the swinging world, tantra, kink, anal and squirting were not on the agenda but somehow through meeting different people and having various experiences, they led us into exploring those (some in much greater depth) which would never have happened had we stayed with just the 2 of us. We are grateful to the playmates that instigated a desire to explore them! #playmatesrock
  3. New friends who are open minded and easy to hang out with because there is nothing you can’t talk about – you can just be your cheeky, flirtatious selves along with everyone else.
  4. Your sexy outfits get more wear than an hour before then end up back on the bedroom floor in the one and only bedroom other people’s sexy outfits would only ever see.
  5. You’ll create a much stronger bond between you and your partner because you’re having new conversations about your sex life and sexuality, you are daring to be even more real and vulnerable with your partner by asking for what you want, sharing what you think and feel AND accepting each other as you are.
  6. Ongoing sexual stimulation from new experiences; new playmates, new conversations before and after every event! Flashback energy is amazing and makes you feel completely alive on a Monday morning when everyone is flat due to being back at work! The water cooler conversation is far more interesting when you are either honest when asked “what did you get up to on the weekend?” or you choose to lie and say “it was just regular kind of weekend for us” with at cheeky grin, neglecting to mention a “regular” weekend included a threesome or foursome and no sleep due to hours and hours of orgasmic playtime…
  7. You get to have your cake and eat it too! You get to be in a relationship and somewhat single at the same time (to varying degrees depending on your relationship set up). There’s nothing like having the security and ongoing companionship of a primary partner while still getting to enjoy the newness and initial sexual attraction of a new potential playmate. There are some things you just can’t recreate in the same intensity when you’ve been together for a number of years but this way you get to have it both ways!
  8. Holidays are a whole lot more fun! Whether you decide to go on a Swingers cruise, to a swingers resort or convention, or you just happen to meet new playmates on a regular holiday somewhere, it’s sure to be a whole lot more exciting and energising than the typical holiday you experienced pre-swinging. You tend to dress to impress more and connect with new people just to see what happens and sometimes you get the bonus plan!
  9. Your wardrobe gets a whole lot more interesting, more so for the girls but still, with the many events and clubs with theme nights, it means more clothing and costumes need to be bought; corsets, fishnets, sexy dresses, leather shorts (every man should have a pair of those), sexy net tops and a whole bunch of awesome accessories for any themed occasion! You almost need different cupboard space for your sexy wardrobe options and you know you’ve made swinging your lifestyle when that happens.
  10. Every other area of your life is also impacted positively! You feel more alive and in love and when you are feeling so damn good, good things happen to you! Business success and creativity are increased, you find yourself being a whole lot more relaxed and stress free, patience your ability to cope with things is increased. You’ll also find yourself wanting to be fitter and healthier so you can attract even sexier playmates so all in all, swinging is good for you.


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    More than a month ago

    Thanks for the a newbie to swinging...I'm really excited and reassured after reading this....bring it on I say ??

  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    Thanks great inside knowledge

  • TheAnchorage Photo
    More than a month ago

    Thank you. Very interesting read. :)

  • mmfbimale Photo
    More than a month ago

    Agree with it all
    Only wish we had done it sooner

  • bobman22 Photo
    More than a month ago

    we have been swinging as a couple for 22 years and still love swinging and we are both still mad about each other. it has been a great life style for us.

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    More than a month ago

    In order to go swinging both have to b open minded is like a knife can cut and hurt you really bad so careful don't paly with fire

  • partnerpal
    More than a month ago

    I agree with what the 10 points are about entirely,we have found a new intimacy to our relationship which has taken it to a heighten level and greater trust that we don't have to seek extra sex without each other knowing....Our sex life is Electric after our swinging encounters.It has definitely improved our life.

  • swingingcple
    More than a month ago

    I enjoyed reading the 10 pro's to swinging and cannot disagree with any of them.

  • OzandViet
    More than a month ago

    Thanks I liked reading it and I agree with all of it.

  • Vanessa.N.Steve Photo
    More than a month ago

    Was interesting reading Thanx

  • AMM.Events Photo
    More than a month ago

    @g34127 Chantelle already has a range of articles which deal with some of the downsides such as Dealing with Emotions, STIs, What if my Partner falls for a Playmate, My Partner Broke the Rules, and Jealousy. They're all in the blog. If there is a particular topic you'd be interested in let us know.

  • 1hotchilliwoman Photo
    More than a month ago

    Great reading and so true,,,,

  • g34l27 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Chantelle, would be interested to hear what you think about the downsides of swinging too!
    Thanks for the read :)

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