A Day in the Life of a Pole Dancer

Adult Match Maker
04 January 2018
Welcome to our blog series where we chat to successful women in the adult industry. Introducing Chilli Rox, a professional showgirl, emcee and pole dance instructor.

Aussie Ethical Porn You Should Be Watching!

Adult Match Maker
22 October 2017
Porn can get a bad rap but it’s becoming more ethical and female focussed, and some of the pioneers are Australian women. Here are five Aussie ethical porn makers making us sit up and take notice!

A Day in the Life of an Adult Film Director

Adult Match Maker
05 August 2017
Introducing Anna Brownfield, an award winning Melbourne-based feminist erotic filmmaker who has achieved international acclaim for her films. Her latest feature, The Bedroom, explores the exciting changes to sex and sexuality in Australia over 6 decades.

A Day in the Life of a Pro Domme

Adult Match Maker
02 June 2017
Welcome to our new blog series “Chicks in Charge” where we chat to women who have carved a successful niche in the adult industry. First in our series is Mistress Servalan, one of Australia’s most respected, and successful Pro Dommes

How are you Celebrating Masturbation Month?

Adult Match Maker
30 April 2017
So maybe every month is Masturbation Month for some of us but officially it's May. And with well documented health benefits aside from the obvious pleasure let's all "flick the bean" or "fap" and join in the celebration.

Inside the Orgy Dome at Burning Man Festival

Adult Match Maker
06 April 2017
For most of us, getting down and dirty at a festival is more to do with energetic dancing and a lack of shower and toilet facilities. But for visitors to Burning Man Festival in Nevada desert’s Black Rock City, the term has a far more sexual connotation.