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Originally a stand-up comic, Emma's solo show “Fuck, A Love Story” was born of a desire to better understand the nature of sex and why we do it, over and over again (besides the obvious!) and how attitudes and morals have changed and also why some haven't. To do this she explored her colourful and at times embarrassing but almost always amusing past.

After a successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival run with “Fuck, A Love Story” Emma concentrated on her character “Ask Mistress M” YouTube “sexpert” who gave frank and honest advice on all things sexual. She did this using her powers of wit and research, sometimes even using real live books instead of Google.

A natural progression from delving into other people's problems for entertainment and fun led her to wanting to do it professionally, so she completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at Flinders University. She now would very much like to do the Masters of Sexology course but unlike Accounting Theology Masters Courses the fees are not Commonwealth assisted so unless she wins the lottery she can’t do it. And she doesn’t buy lottery tickets so it isn’t looking good.

She was writing for the university magazine, the Empire Times but now she is here instead and you may occasionally find some writing on her blog, Sex Ed with Sachsse. 

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09 February 2017
Research has shown that we tend to find men who can make jokes and women who can appreciate them more sexually attractive. But “GSOH” means different things to different people - does it mean “will you laugh at my jokes?” or “are you hysterically funny?”