MisKnickers is a Melbourne-based writer and educator with over twenty years professional experience. Published in some of Australia's major newspapers and magazines, MisK also spent time as a scriptwriter for both film and television, focusing mainly on comedy, but dabbling in soap, and sports reporting, and trying her hand porn. Her educational know-how is a unique blend of her formal training and experience as a University educator, and her own trial and error from many years of developing and running writing workshops. Currently, MisK is working with OurKink in creating an alternate education and communication hub for the kink and sex-positive communities, using Melbourne events and experts to celebrate and elucidate on a range of topics relevant to the lifestyle. 

As someone who loves variety (identifying as a gender-fluid, pansexual, switch!) her passions are always changing, but a strong sense of social justice keeps her committed to the sex-positive movement and striving for sexual and gender equality. She specialises in enabling sexual self-expression, improving communication skills, and inspiring confidence.

Articles by MisKnickers

7 Ways To Get Kinky In Public

Are you ready to take your kink off the leash and let it out of the bedroom? Although some would argue there’s no practical way to play consensually in a public space there are activities that can be incorporated into some public fun.

BDSM Basics: The Kink Dictionary

06 January 2017
Language is constantly growing and changing, and even more so in the kink community, as it finds some mainstream acceptance. This is a fairly comprehensive beginner’s guide to the 100 most common words in a kink conversation.

BDSM Basics: Impact Play

06 December 2016
Impact play is simply mutual gratification (sexual or otherwise) from repetitive contact to the body. It’s about loving the sensation of the hits, swats, lashes, spanks, floggings, whippings, wallops, smacks, whacks, thumps and slaps, the high it can elicit and the marks it leaves.

Beginning your Kink Journey

10 September 2016
Have you recently discovered you have a fetish? Are your inner kinks begging for an outer expression? Time to get your kinky curiosities from headspace to reality with our ideas and advice on beginning your kink journey.