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A Fantasy by daverobertson

You don’t know why you’re here, but you came quickly when I rang you with the address. A group of storage buildings ran along the wharf, looking abandoned and intimidating to the initiated, but my regulars have come to call this dark, isolated place their haven. A place where they can let go of any inhibitions,…


My First (real) Anal

A True Story by Man4Me

Last night, I went to the club for dinner with my wife. During dinner, I caught eye contact with an older guy, who was also having dinner with his wife/partner. This guy was about 65ish, parted grey thinning hair, stocky build... and he kept smirking at me from a few tables away. My wife and…


What's next

A Fantasy by Dave6686

I undress you and kiss you passionately while doing so. When you least expect it I throw you on the bed and lick every inch then I put my dick to your mouth and go in your mouth slowly, as I caress you down to your pussy with light touches, I'm rubbing your clit and get you so wet you start to drip and…


I met a woman on a dating app

A True Story by Jordantate

Full disclosure, I'm not adept at being a writer, and this marks only my second attempt. Nevertheless, here's my tale: It all began years ago, amidst the rise of dating apps. Sceptical of baring all online, I opted for a conservative profile with just a headless photo. Enter a woman from Queensland,…


Long time longing

A Fantasy by Sylkwitch

Hayley I don’t remember much of the drive to Liam’s. I’m sure I’m not that drunk but the journey is a blur. I’m not sure what’s going on. Not the situation—me. I’ve never been turned on like this before. I start grabbing Liam on the way up to his apartment and even though he shows surprise, he doesn’t…


My New Best Mate

A Fantasy by Man4Me

I started talking with a guy from my local pub. A guy that I hadn't seen before. We got talking about women...then our cock sizes...and I was impressed when he said that he was pretty thick with nearly 8 inches. But I was disappointed to hear that he was straight, and straight only. He visited…


No Tease Toyboy

A Fantasy by Sylkwitch

Rachel had had enough. After another fight with her fat, lazy husband – over money, as usual – she had fucked off. It wasn’t something she usually did. Indeed, she usually cried into the sink washing his fucking dishes and sorting his smelly socks. He usually fucked off to Bill’s where he told…

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Work trip

A True Story by Fullbenefits

While working away filming a show in Sydney, the days felt never-ending. However, this time, we were fortunate enough to stay in an exceptionally luxurious hotel with a breathtaking view of the Opera House. I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with an attractive producer who had a sharp sense…


After dinner desert

A True Story by Hughjampton2020

After a quiet dinner and a couple of drinks, you're still sitting at the table and I stand up behind you and start to massage your neck and shoulders. After a couple of minutes, I feel all the tension release and so as I slowly slide my hands down the front of your top over your beautiful breasts, I…

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Surprise Threesome

A True Story by cattykid

My wife and I had been talking about having a threesome for a while. Then a couple of weeks back, my wife organised a dinner party for 3 of her female work friends and their male partners. It was a Saturday night at our place. It was a great night, lovely food, lots of wine, good conversation and…


Ladies and Men in the Sharehouse

A Fantasy by CheeryGuy33

So, share house living isn’t often a fun situation, you are possibly living with someone who can’t do their dishes or will finish the last of the milk and never clean. Or every week they are picking up someone and bringing them back to the flat to keep you up all night with moans and creaking beds and…


Stranger In My Bed

A Fantasy by DomGuyWanted4Us

I was at my local, enjoying a few cold beverages on my own. A nice gentleman, like yourself, approached me and asked if I wanted some company. We chatted over several beers, over several hours. Then we returned to my place to continue drinking. My wife was still out at a party, so we sat out on…

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Exploring is enriched when you watch

A True Story by KLR.Always

Naturally like most men we all say "We love to watch, we love to please" and all comments that are often true, and often used to help build the chances of a connection. In my situation its true, but this story is more about an experience I had, I enjoyed and was exciting for many reasons. I met…


Girls Night Out (True story)

A True Story by SaphireTRANS76

As much as I didn’t want to go out, leaving you and our family, my friend Robin has talked me into it. Getting ready for her, I thought of the men that would try and pick us up. Putting on my lotion, the thoughts were getting racier. I hadn’t had a lover in quite some time and knowing you were here,…


Just Another Saints & Sinners

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

It's Saturday night and we are off to Saints & Sinners. I'm ready to go but I'm sitting on the couch watching TV as I wait for Vicki to finish dressing. She finally comes into the room wearing black stay-up stockings, black leather thigh-high fuck-me boots, black mesh long gloves, a black corset that…


A night in Sydney

A Fantasy by DomGuyWanted4Us

Our sex life isn't the best. I'm not the biggest guy, but that isn't the problem. The problem is, the 5 to 10 pumps during sex when I cum that's the problem. I can literally only last up to 30 seconds and I'm done...but most of the time even less. So I organised a weekend away with my attractive wife.…


The English Dom

A True Story by Harutak808

Based on true... so here it begins with our first meeting. We met for coffee, not in a nice cafe but one that serves a carpark and cafe... attached sort of affair not what I expected...albeit by the water, where all and sundry gathered hence was the result of the electricity that invaded the air that…

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A True Story by Jezzeble1004

My first swinging experience was a surprise. We booked at a hotel by the ocean and through the day had swim and relaxing afternoon. Adding a third person was topic we always discussed always when we are relaxed. The thought of being fucked by another man turned me on but I saw it as a fantasy only.…


Warm welcome

A Fantasy by Nallen102

I'd open my front door to you, grab you by the waist as you come inside, before closing the door and Slamming you up against it , one hand still on your waist, the other holding your arms above your head as I start kissing your neck as I feel your legs getting weaker. As I start kissing down the top…


Old lady got laid on the beach

A True Story by Mrlick69

I've been talking with an old lady on an Asian app. She is quiet hot and sexy. İ can tell from our conversation she hasn't had a for long time. She finally wanted to meet me up. İ took her from her house and drive to a beach. Just about to arrival I've stop on top of the hill where you can look…