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German hotwife

A True Story by readyforlust

This happened many years ago. I was for work with 3 colleagues in southern Germany. We stayed there for one night. After some drinks and dinner 2 went to the hotel. My buddy and myself decided to look for a bar to drink some more. We found this local pub, it was a Wednesday night and there were not…


Nice weekend

A Fantasy by Sxcpreston

Hi. I’m Rajat from Pune. I got busy with some work so wasn’t able to write my sex experiences story. But now I’m back with another new story. It is my first pick up sex experience. So, It was Saturday and my friends and I planned to go to some club. At 10 pm, we went to a club. I drank some beers and…


Private party and the girl three doors up!

A True Story by Primetime2020

I have hosted several swinger parties at my house. One of the challenges with hosting these parties is making sure the neighbors don't find out. Sure it's not the end of the world if they do, but I would rather they didn't. So I arranged a party for a Saturday night. About ten couples were coming and…


Unveiling the Veiled: A Journey into the World of Swingers

A Fantasy by kanji82

In the neon-lit alleys of a bustling metropolis, where the cityscape rises like a forest of steel and glass, lies a clandestine world hidden from the ordinary eyes. This is a realm where the rules of conventional relationships are shattered, where desires roam free, and where the boundaries of intimacy…


My wife wants a gang bang

A Fantasy by Kath37

“I want cock. Lots of cock.” It might seem to some a strange way to start a conversation over breakfast with your husband of 20 years, but fortunately he knows it doesn’t mean I don’t love him or fancy him. He knows I’m just a slut who loves cock. It’s one of the things he loves about me. “I…


The Unicorn and the private party!

A True Story by Primetime2020

Let's face it we all love unicorns. They are a hit at any party. They are by far the most confident, outgoing girls you could ever wish to meet. For a girl to turn up at a sex party on her own, chat to a bunch of strangers, get naked and play, well let's just say it takes a special girl to do that! We…


Shopping for random sex

A Fantasy by Kath37

Ever have one of those days where everything you do just feels sexual. I have more than my share. Yesterday started normally enough. Get up, do some chores, have a shower. It was after the shower that I started getting that feeling – I need sex. And I was leaning towards random, anonymous sex. But…


20th wedding anniversary

A Fantasy by sweetguy8698

We are in our 40s and It's our 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to spice things up a bit. I wanted to try something that we have never done before. Me and my wife have constantly discussed our fantasies in the bedroom but we have never acted on them, so I thought that I am going to bring one…


My friend gets a blowjob

A True Story by BBWMFM

After I witnessed my wife and friend John fucking behind my back, to my surprise I found it to be a very erotic experience and after the initial shock I realised that I didn’t want to stop. The fact that they were treating me like a fool pissed me off, but the combination of the vision of his cock…


A Quick One While She's Away

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I were at Debauchery's orgy and it was beginning to wind down. Most people had left and there were about eight of us standing around talking while a couple were still fucking on the mattress-covered lounge-room floor. A new couple, John and Theresa, arrived and after a few minutes of conversation…

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Ex becomes voyeur

A True Story by Amusedwell

Back when I was married my ex wife and I took in a friend of ours as a boarder to help pay the mortgage. Bron was studying at uni and wasn’t particularly my cup of tea. But she was a friend of my wife so I was just glad of the extra money at the time. We would often sit around at night the three…


Her First BBC

A True Story by BeYou2024

My girlfriend Claire explained to me how she ended up having a threesome with her ex named Ed. She had met Ed at the running club she ran with and fancied him from day one, he was very good looking and quite promiscuous by all accounts and didn’t want an exclusive relationship with her. She said she…


Dream fantasy photoshoot

A Fantasy by foostar

One of the things that I`ve contemplated was the idea of my wife taking another cock. Only problem was that she was quite conservative, and when I had floated that idea in previous years, it never seemed to go very far. For sure, she never would do anything behind my back. However, I knew she was really…


Hotel Threesome Quickie

A True Story by BeYou2024

This happened when I was 35 after Claire and I had been together for just 3 months. Claire was 32 at the time, she was 5ft 6 with blond bobbed hair and quite athletic because she was a runner. For some background, I met Claire through a mutual male friend who told me that Claire was very sexually active…


Putting on a show on the busiest truck route in Australia

A Fantasy by Kath37

“You’ve been a bit bratty this weekend. I think you need to show me some better behaviour.” We were packing up to go home from our long weekend away, and those words made me tingle. I thought I knew what was coming next “Take all your clothes off. I want you naked for the drive home.” The first…


Walked naked through town

A Fantasy by RosieBloom

I just woke from a very sexy dream which is the inspiration for this story… I was being walked through an old time town on a lead and my hands tied. I was naked and had caught a glimpse in a house window I was fully naked and had some dirt on my bottom and my leg where I had fallen. A man came out…


A kiss with the one

A Fantasy by SaphireTRANS76

I can tell you from past lovers, that I have always enjoyed sex. What I could get that is. I seemed to have lovers that were quick on the draw and leave me hungry for more. But I was pleased in those relationships, because I was. It was simple. I served my lovers and they gave me what love they could…

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Just maybe us

A True Story by AreYouLikeMe

Apologies for any errors and grammar :( Slowly undressing you before gently pushing you onto the bed. I gently get you to lay face down so I can give you a full body massage. Straddling you as I start with your shoulders, down your arms, across your back. Leaning forward I slowly kiss your shoulders…


My Punishment

A True Story by NaughtyScarlet

I love my husband's leather belt. I only have to see it lying on the nightstand and I immediately become aroused. I love the smell of leather, the way it feels when I stroke it. But more than anything I love the pain and pleasure it gives when he punishes me with it for being a bad girl. Every strike…


Geen woord

A True Story by Evelien1970

Het was wel even geleden dat ik Dominant Wilco had gezien. Wel wat stout contact maar meer niet. Ik ken hem van wat jaren terug toen ik nog braaf met vooral veel burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid. Veel was ver van mijn bed maar hij heeft er wel voor gezorgd dat seks weer bovenaan mijn verlanglijstje kwam…