Eva Sless is an award-winning Australian writer who specialises in sex with a focus on education and pleasure. For twenty years Eva has been entertaining, educating, and amusing audiences with her unique style, her tongue-in-cheek humour, and solid advice.

Her recently published sex education book titled "A Teen Girls Guide To Getting Off" is essential reading for young women and parents of young women with the aim of changing the world, one sex-positive conversation at a time. 

From sex toy reviews and personal anecdotes to researched advice and education for women, Eva is often referred to as the Indiana Jones of sex: Wild and exploratory and a little bit silly... With a classroom element.

Recent articles

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The vagina and all its bits are a curious and delicate system of folds and nerves and skin and deliciousness and requires far more care than a bit of rough poking! Here are our sexpert’s tips on how to best finger a woman.

Spice Up Your playtime with Role Play

Spicing up your playtime with role-play can be a great way to add variety and horniness to your sex life, and you don't even have to spend a lot or be an international Cosplay star to do it properly, all you really need is imagination and the desire to have fun!