10 Reasons Why Being a Bi-Female Rocks!

Being a Bi-Female Rocks!

In the swinging lifestyle there are some distinct advantages to being female, but the advantages increase when you are bi or at least bi-curious as well.

  1. You become a hot commodity! Couples want you to join them if you’re single or can go play alone as many couples join the swinging lifestyle so that she can explore her bisexual desires, and there aren’t too many men who don’t get off on that to some degree. So you get a whole lot more choice and you are in demand!
  2. Group scenarios are a whole lot more interesting when you are attracted to people of either gender because the options are almost endless. You can jump into a threesome scenario and be able to enjoy both partners, or if it’s an all in orgy then there is a whole lot less no go zones (assuming the other women in the mix are also bi-something which is so much more fun!).
  3. If there are no sexy men, there are often sexy women so either way you get to enjoy the company and pleasure skills of someone in the room. Bi-females are rarely left with no one to flirt and play with!
  4. It’s not unusual for you to be hit on by a guy in the room who is really not that attractive to you, if you wish he would leave you the hell alone then you can always tell him he’s the wrong gender for you! Then when he sees you kissing a girl later, it’s confirmed! That said, it might be a real turn on for him so better be careful how you play that one.
  5. If you’re single you’ll be fantasy material – there are men out there who want a partner who is bisexual (or at least bi-flexible) so he can do the whole “2 women and me” scenario. Whether that is the reality is a whole other thing but still, they want you!
  6. Women tend to teach other women how their bodies work so they can have an amazing sexual experience, and in that training and exploration we learn other ways our own bodies are stimulated so we can experience even more pleasure. If this were a course I’d be saying, “sign me up now!”.
  7. You get to enjoy the soft sensual and passionate experiences, which are more a feminine way to sexually connect. Men can be hard and rough during foreplay and sex which is great if you like it that way, or even just like to do that occasionally, but there is something so much more fluid and sensual about being with another feminine woman that most men just can’t do.
  8. You get to point out the sexy women or have girl crushes on female characters with men. You can even compare notes on the variety of sexy attributes different women have. Men love a woman who can appreciate the beauty and sexiness of other women because it means they don’t have to bite their tongues! So you’re easy to be around because they can just be themselves, and who doesn’t want that?
  9. You can give up on chasing men or women but not have to give up on the whole dating thing completely – you have choices! It might even be a very temporary thing where you are in the mood for a woman one night and once you’ve satisfied that hunger, head over for a bit of man love. Personally I love the variety so being bi works for me.
  10. Bisexual people tend to be more open-minded and accepting so you’ll find all kinds of people will easily be comfortable with you, which leads to more friendships, playmates and relationships if you’re up for one… or two, no judgment there!

While there are parts of the world and everyday life that is less accepting of our bi nature, the swinging lifestyle is generally very accommodating and even supportive (particularly for women) of our exploration and involvement with other women.

For this reason, it’s one of the best places to be able to let go and just enjoy who we are and enjoy whomever is giving us the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm be they male or female. Ahhh, it totally sucks to be us… NOT!


  • Bi-Love-Julie
    More than a month ago

    I have been bisexual since I was 18 and its been a part of my swinging lifestyle since
    I find most other girls are willing to do at least try it and most go beyond being curious after the 1st time.
    I also have a sister that's bisexual and she is very happy in her married life as well
    Being bisexual is not a sin its a lifestyle of love .
    If you have not done it don't knock it.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      I love this comment thank you for sharing I totally agree

  • younganddumb13
    More than a month ago

    I think it sucks that its so much more acceptable for girls to be bi than guys.. Especially in society's eyes. If a guy plays with other guys, hes usually labelled as "confused" or "gay" when thats not the case at all. Why wouldnt you want the best of both worlds? I think if people were more supportive of "bi or bi-curious" guys, it would entice more hot guys into giving it a go, and make it more fun for everyone! ;)

  • minnibinni
    More than a month ago

    I think we are getting better with excepting the gay community .... It will be like everything not every one will ever but that's ok ...... I love being open minded and have explored alot and its been great .... I have to say love ladies way more lol xxx

  • AMM.Events Photo
    More than a month ago

    @hotcplplus1 check out Chantelle's article about attracting the elusive single female which is also on our blog.

  • nawtycol
    More than a month ago

    Nice article and I agree completely. So why is it so hard for our society to accept bi sexuality among men? Everything women do is seen as nice and natural (women have a natural tendency towards bi sexuality even if they don't always act on it)but every thing men do sexually is criticized and often condemned as unnatural.

    In past great civilizations, bi sexuality among men was normal and sexually active older men were greatly admired, but now we can't be virile and sexually active as seniors because we are then condemned as dirty old men.

    Bisexual play between women is accepted and encouraged at swinger clubs but bi sexual contact between men is discouraged. What happened to equality.

  • hotcplplus1
    More than a month ago

    Great article.. However in noting all said.. We're finding it difficult to find a bi female without having to go to the swinging parties as we'd rather not attend these. We'd prefer to be private about finding a bi partner with a view to form a polyamourous relationship with...

    Any ideas?
    Thanks :-)

  • latex_lady Photo
    More than a month ago

    Could not agree more. I have a young (22yrs) gorgeous female who I have initiated into the joys of bi sexuality, she is most receptive & is becoming a suitable partner to my Alternative Lifestyle activities.

  • KaifraDuet
    More than a month ago

    LeoLady is beautiful to watch with another willing woman - and it is gratifying that she likes to touch her partner occasionally to let him know he is still wanted. I believe that a relationship with a bisexual woman is more fulfilling. Just wish we could see each other more often!

  • pleasingcple Photo
    More than a month ago

    I had a 3 sum with my man and a bi chick it was lots me fun.

  • Playwithmywife
    More than a month ago

    I get turned on when hubby watches me licking pussy before joining in. Bi is best:-)

  • TriSexM
    More than a month ago

    Being a bi guy rocks too !!

  • abcplus1
    More than a month ago

    We love them. It is fantastic to be able to make one person the centre of attention of the other 2, it is so mind numbingly delicious. Who happens to be at the centre, well that changes constantly lol.

  • hotpussy80
    More than a month ago

    I love being what i am love giving to a lady and it is much better than a guy. I am looking for a lady and show her how to be treated and love her all the time and make her happy. Well tell u now i love holding and kissing her

  • hookupatnigth Photo
    More than a month ago

    nice to see I love bi woman I get so hot

  • funplaytime4all
    More than a month ago

    I love being bi. The thought of a guy watching two or more females having a good time together and getting turned on by it is a huge turnon for me. I also love the soft sensual touch of a female. I think woman know how woman like to be touched and treated. Dont get me wrong....there are some guys out there that know exactly how a woman likes to be touched etc but its different with a woman.

  • Rob2200
    More than a month ago

    Great article, good for both woman and men to read:)

  • Dangermouse8
    More than a month ago

    I'd luv to have an encounter with the 2 girls at the top of the article and yeah fuckin two bi girls would be great from a single straight guys prospective coz once ya done you can either lay there and let them keep playin and enjoy the show or join in till it arises again hehehehe

  • ImaSexyAngel Photo
    More than a month ago

    Well written and I agree the world is our oyster. I knew I was interested in all genders from primary school as we had a mixed-gender child there. He/She was accepted by the group of girls I played with. I'm proud to be just simply a very experimental and playful Sexual Being and not limited or boxed into being Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Straight. I don't believe we need labels anymore.

    • iPlaywithLoki Photo
      More than a month ago

      Well said...no labels, boxes. Simply people being people. Girls being girls, guys being guys.
      Respect and love the one you are with!
      I am proud to be a sexual being, also!

  • Leolady727
    More than a month ago

    I just wish that people weren't so "Ageist" - I am above many people's age limit, yet I'm still young (at heart) and interested

  • pinkrus
    More than a month ago

    We both love it he can watch or i can but to see my partner having a good time is all we need.

  • strapon385 Photo
    More than a month ago

    It's the best of both worlds I love being bi

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