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Rach has been a Relationship Coach and Mentor since 2006 for people who are new, curious or stuck in an open style relationship (swinging through to poly), and a Life Coach from 2003. She is the Author of The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples (as pseudonym Chantelle Austin), a Speaker and Relationship Trainer.

Rach is regularly sought after by the media to speak about open relationships and swinging internationally. She’s been seen in multiple national magazines such as Grazia and Take 5, she’s been on The Circle, The Project, Can of Worms, The Morning Show, Studio 10, heard on Nova FM, Mix101.1 Fox FM and Joy FM among dozens of international blog talk radio shows, regularly sharing the positive aspects of swinging or open relationships.

She has been married twice, currently to her soul mate; together since December 2000, married since 2003 and in an open style relationship since 2006 (officially) so she has extensive personal experience as well as professional expertise making her a non-judgmental and compassionate relationship professional for all non-monogamous people.

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