The Ifs and Buts of Butt Play

Cute illustration of a hot pink butt plug looking concerned about butt play

We get a lot of questions about butt stuff here at Adult Match Maker I've compiled some of the most common ones together in a quick fire Q and A all about butt play.

If I like butt stuff does that make me gay or bi?

The short answer to this question is no. No it won't make you gay. 

The long answer is also no, but with the added head shake and exasperated eye roll that this sexpert can't bloody help doing because it's 2024 ffs. Aren't we all aware now that nothing can actually make you gay except actually being gay.

Men, please stop being so insecure and weird about sex and bums and the pleasure it creates. Your prostate is a treasure trove of pleasurable sensations. The fact that it's in your butt has no bearing on your sexuality. Enjoying anal penetration is normal. It's healthy. And it's totally not gay.  

Unless you're gay.

Then it's super sparkly rainbow gay. 

But what shouldn't I put in my butt?

Basically anything that hasn't been made specifically for a butt needs to stay out of the butt. I mean it. If it's for a vagina, forget it. If it's for eating, forget it. If it's a toy, a stationery item, a bottle of something or other, a slightly phallic shaped anything, forget it.

Basically forget about anything that hasn't been made for anal penetration. It should be made of body safe materials, and have a flared base because, as we've stated before, the butt is basically a long, long, long tube. It doesn’t have something like a cervix to block it off, and trust me, you do not want to be included in the annual "what we lost in our butts this year" list that doctors enjoy compiling.

Just use the proper stuff.

If I have anal sex will my butt hurt?

While yes, you may feel it the next day (which is often just an added yummy flashback bonus) if you take all the proper precautions, like using lots of lube and being considerate and aware of you and your partner's needs, it shouldn't be excessively painful at all. Take it slow to start, communicate with your partner, use plenty of lube, and focus on relaxation and pleasure.

If there is pain or anything that seems out of the ordinary, definitely seek out medical advice. It's always better to be safer than sorrier.

If I do butt play will I poo?

Look, being a bit worried about unexpected surprises is totally valid but for the most part anal sex doesn't directly cause sudden bathroom urgency. The sensations can be a bit different from what you're used to and it can maybe sit in the back of your mind a bit, but taking certain precautions like douching and making sure your bowels are clean and empty beforehand is great for peace of mind. 

But can you really orgasm from butt stuff?

Oh yes. Yes you can. Anal orgasms are absolutely real and awesome and can be achieved by both men and women. Not only are the anus and rectum and surrounding bits packed with nerve endings that can provide intense sensations and lead to powerful climaxes, there's also the prostate in men, as well as the ability to stimulate the G-spot and inner bits of the clitoris in women. 

I have to say though, that probably the best thing about butts is that everyone has one! It doesn't matter what your gender or sexuality is or any of that stuff is about. Just make sure you have consent and always practice safe sex.

Until next time, happy booty loving, my friends. 


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  • Jasonlovesanal


    More than a month ago

    I have tried many many things in my butt and now I just stick to a dildo. I love getting anal pleasure and I have always had the most powerful and explosive orgasm's with anal play. I started as a young adult and have never looked back well yes i have lol. I would prefer some anal foreplay during love play. I ❤️ anal

  • BiguySA2


    More than a month ago

    To me it is the most intimate thing ever, only to be shared with someone really special. I've never felt more close to a woman than during anal sex.

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    There is something primal and intense about anal. Not in a domineering/dirty way, but a heightened level of pleasure and closeness that can be totally intoxicating! Would love to enjoy more of it....

  • Campbelltown1


    More than a month ago

    My partner says to me "are you gay" if not then why do you want me to play with your butt and play with your prostrate.

    She thinks that i may have secret "gay" fetishes when i suggest butt play. She is def not into doing anal which i accept as its not something every one wants.

    She told me earlier in our relationship that her mother told her that front passage is two way and back passage is defiantly one way

    • Photos in private gallery


      More than a month ago

      I agree it can cause some major long term medical issues with anal tearing and loose stools and not being able to do a stool for at least a week afterwards and they are just some of the unpleasant side effects. Blood in the stool is another. Anal fissures. Some women are not tight in the vaginal area and so the butt is tighter to get more stimulation. The embarrassing pleasure of explaining what you’ve been doing to the doctor. My advice is not to do it as health is more important then pleasure. There are a lot of other things one can do. Yeah and I know what I’m talking about. I’ve had the embarrassing symptoms.

    • Campbelltown1


      More than a month ago

      My partner has said shes not interested in anal and i respect wishes.

      But i would like her to at least one prostrate massage and shes not that interested as i said in my post before She thinks i have secret gay fetishes which i dont.

      Agree would be a bit embarrassing explaining to dr what you were doing should things go wrong. I have tried anal a few times with my late wife in which she was in full control of the "event" and never had any problems. Lots of lube and condoms were always used.

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