How to anal douche

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Q: I'm keen to try anal stuff but also a bit nervous about the mess and stuff. I've heard that douching can help. Can you give any advice on the best ones to use and also on how to do it properly?

After the nervousness about discomfort or pain, probably the most common worry when it comes to anal play is the mess.

For the most part, a healthy bowel is usually pretty clean anyway, but that doesn't stop people worrying about it, and it's perfectly normal to want to take that concern away and make sure it's a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Douching is great for that. Not only does it clean out the whole area just in case, it also helps in easing the mind and making sure you focus on the fun and pleasure of the activity, and not be constantly second guessing yourself about the cleanliness of your butthole.

Using them is pretty straightforward. There isn't anything too complicated involved at all and for the most part a douche is a douche is a douche. The main differences will be in the size and materials they're made of. Some will come with solutions but warm soapy water is perfectly ok.

All are made of body safe materials, some are just a little more comfortable to use than others. The cheapest ones will have a hard plastic tube that doesn't have a lot of flexibility, and as you go up in price the systems will get a little more flexible or curved, and a little softer to use. Obviously most kits are re-useable and between uses just clean them as you would your sextoys.

For using them, the instructions will always be on the box, but basically there will be two sections. A bulb and a tube. The bulb is what you fill with water and the tube is what you put into your butt.

It's best to do it in the shower and, while I did say it's not complicated, it may be a little fiddly the first time you try. Firstly you'll want to pre lube the area with silicone lube. You can use water based, but it won't last as long and reapplying can be slippery and awkward. Make sure you get some lube inside your butt too, it'll just make it easier when it's time to insert the tube.

Next, fill up the bulb with lukewarm soapy water (some people like to take a bowl or bucket of warm soapy water into the shower with them for easy filling). Then it’s time to attach the tube. Smear a bit more lube onto it, and then put the tube into your butt (not too deep but deep enough to feel that it is inserted). Squeeze the bulb slowly but firmly and you will feel the water bubbling inside your butt.

It will feel weird - like your butt got real big and now you're having a bit of a runny poo, but that will pretty much only last while the water is running out.

The water will be a bit murky as it cleans out your anal passage, and it's often recommended to do it a couple of times until you see the water run out clear.

Just as a final aside please be aware your butt is a sensitive area so be gentle, don't squeeze too hard, and if you are worried that you might have hurt yourself please seek medical advice.

It really is important that everyone is in the right head space for awesome sex, so easing your mind with a quick douche is the perfect ingredient for an amazing time!

Good luck, and Happy douching my friends!

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  • SydneySunLover


    More than a month ago

    This is great advice, not enough people know that butt play is better as a multi stage process and a good enema is the perfect first step 😊

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