7 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Sex Toy

05 September 2017
Choosing a sex toy can be a bit daunting! There are so many different ones out there and they all do such different things! Our sexpert and sex toy guru, Eva, breaks down the steps of finding the best toy to suit your horny needs!

Revenge Sex: Have you gone there?

30 August 2017
Hooking up with someone new not long after a break-up can be a good way to “get back in the saddle” and regain confidence, but it can also be a mine-field of emotions and misplaced desires. When is rebound sex revenge sex, and how do you know if it’s a good idea to go there or not?

How to give the perfect hand job

24 August 2017
Penises can be just as complex and sensitive as vaginas and it’s important to know how to play with and touch them to give the most enjoyment to their owners. Here’s some tips on how to give the perfect hand-job!

Can I make my dick bigger?

Adult Match Maker
17 August 2017
There are so many products and implements out there that claim to give you a bigger dick... But do they work? And are they worth it?

A Day in the Life of an Adult Film Director

Adult Match Maker
05 August 2017
Introducing Anna Brownfield, an award winning Melbourne-based feminist erotic filmmaker who has achieved international acclaim for her films. Her latest feature, The Bedroom, explores the exciting changes to sex and sexuality in Australia over 6 decades.
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