7 New Sex & Relationship Terms You Need to Know

Adult Match Maker
01 May 2017
There’s no escape from the proliferation of handheld electronic devices as we live in the world now accustomed to words like “selfies” and “sexting”. So here are seven sex and relationship terms you need to know!

How are you Celebrating Masturbation Month?

Adult Match Maker
30 April 2017
So maybe every month is Masturbation Month for some of us but officially it's May. And with well documented health benefits aside from the obvious pleasure let's all "flick the bean" or "fap" and join in the celebration.

How to Survive a Sex Drought

Let’s get real, sex droughts are common in long-term relationships - indeed they’re normal. And anyone who tells you differently is lying and/or selling something. The good news is you can stoke those fires of passion once more if you’re prepared to work at it.

What if My Partner Breaks the Rules!

This article goes into some of the reasons why a partner might break the rules, and the best ways to handle it, recover and move forward together. It’s not an easy topic to talk about regardless of if you are the one who broke the rules or the one who didn’t.
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