Swinging is the Natural Libido Enhancer!

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One thing I hadn’t expected when we entered into the swinging lifestyle was the supercharged effect it had on my libido. My husbands was already quite healthy, as most men’s are, however, me being a full time worker, wife and mother, suffered from a low libido at times and especially before we contemplated swinging.

Thankfully that all changed once we started talking about the idea of inviting someone else to join us. Just talking about it was enough to inspire some strong desires to drag my husband to the bedroom or just jump him then and there (which he wasn’t saying no to!) He was enjoying my newfound reservoir of sexual energy, and initially the fact that he was gaining most of the benefit from it was enough for him to entertain the idea of taking it further.

It obviously didn’t stop there and after talking to a number of other couples, we realised that what we were experiencing wasn’t uncommon.

The idea of enjoying a physical experience with new sexy people was a complete turn on, and the idea that we might actually get to experience some of our wildest fantasies increased our libido on its own, but then we found another very unexpected reservoir of sexual inspiration…

After enjoying a night of hot sex with playmates, no matter how many or who they were, once they were gone and it was just the 2 of us again we discovered that we were still turned on enough to grab each other for at least one more round. This seemed to be prompted by a few things; one of which was just a need to reconnect or “reclaim our territory” (a phenomenon that other couples have also named similarly), and a fresh desire to enjoy each other in the moment!

Now that alone is already more sex than most regular couples have but add to that the week afterwards where we would have even more sex, sometimes daily and then some. This was largely inspired by both the new movie-like images that we were replaying in our minds from our night of swinging fun, and from talking about it with each other.

Surprisingly the post conversations were just as inspiring as the movie-like images as they often focused on what we enjoyed most, what new things we experienced and what new things we discovered we wanted to experience in the future… the nearest future we could possibly arrange too!

Everywhere we turned, once we got into this lifestyle, led to more sex which makes me wonder why there aren’t more couples jumping on in and enjoying both the relationship bonding experience swinging has to offer, and the truly supercharging effect it has on the libido. How many other couples can boast that they have sex no less than 3 times a week and sometimes more than 10? And that’s just with each other!

A healthy relationship and a healthy sex life makes for 2 very happy people, anyone else had their dose of swinging fun today?


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  • hotkinkymelbcpl


    More than a month ago

    Good article, open mindedness and supporting and enjoying each others passion together.

  • OzandViet


    More than a month ago

    It was my husband that introduced me into this lifestyle as before I had just a normal single girls sex life and enjoyed it. But swinging has let me be more free with my sexuality and so I have done things sexually I never thought I would do. So it has definitely made me sexually open and improved our sex life greatly and it's good not to be restricted by other peoples opinions.

  • phoenix1323


    More than a month ago

    This lifestyle has ultimately freed my mind, as well as my body. When I began, I enjoyed exploring things that I had never dreamed of.. I was your typical “vanilla” woman. What I found was a way of life that I can live with.. free of the restrictions we have impressed upon us at young ages. I believe humans aren’t supposed to be monogamous, and I enjoy what I do. Thankfully, I’ve found someone who shares my beliefs, and we can enjoy this life together. Great article as usual.

  • Fuckudeep129


    More than a month ago

    100% spot on great article

  • Zamboon
    Online status icon


    More than a month ago

    Great article - there are a number of very secure swinging couples on here and good on them theyve worked it out well - Ive also witnessed some spectacular breakups with so called seasoned swingers for ? guess what? Cheating ...!
    my experience also is that in a lot of couples there is one partner who is more into it than the other , thats a potential problem and thats where Ive seen the splits...

    • Friskybeach

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      Very true, a number of times l've joined in with a couple, only to after have the M contact me wanting to see me on my own but without the F knowing..



    More than a month ago

    Lets face it, sex with the same person year after year can get a bit - 'ho hum' ..... no matter how much in love you are.
    There is nothing like the anticipation of a different sex partner, bringing a third or fourth person into the bedroom or - just different sex - to fuel a person's sex drive.
    I am currently single, but when in relationships swinging was always on the cards. Whenever the sex started to dry up or the 'spark' was more of a dull flicker than a spark - adding a third or swinging with a couple was a great way to re-ignite the sex between myself and my partner.
    But, before swinging or adding a third, always talk it out thoroughly with your partner so you are both equally on board and comfortable.

  • RockerandReader


    More than a month ago

    Just finished hosting a couple from here. Two of the most secure and genuine people I've ever met.

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