Is Swinging the Answer to Relationship Monotony?

02 October 2014
As much as we’d love to stick our head in the sand at times and go for the shiny object, in this case swinging, it could be the abundant oasis of adventure or it could mask real trouble in paradise. Chantelle Austin tells us if swinging really is the answer to relationship monotony.

Diary of a Swinger

Adult Match Maker
15 July 2014
The true story of Scarlet Black and her explorations of the swinging lifestyle in Australia!

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Swinging Life

24 April 2014
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When you start into the swinging lifestyle there are so many things and new sexy people you haven’t experienced so it’s uber exciting! But what do you do when you’ve done all the “normal” swinging things couples do? Here are just three things you can do to spice up your swinging life.