Book Review: a life less monogamous


For those of you who don't know Cooper S Beckett, he is the host of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast and author of My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory, a mix tape of his own adventures into the swinging lifestyle where he shares his insights and wisdom.

His brand new novel, "a life less monogamous" tells the story of Ryan and Jennifer as they discover swinging and declare "Today is the day we change our lives".

Their seven year old marriage has hit the wall, and while Jennifer makes diary notes of their dwindling sex life, a chance encounter with seasoned swingers Bruce and Paige opens their eyes to the possibility that there is more to life than monogamy. The thought of sex with other people recharges their desire for each other and they literally leap into the deep end of the pool filled with sexy girl on girl and full swap swingers party encounters.  

It's a thoroughly enjoyable and titillating read, with plenty of "ah ha" moments for those in the lifestyle who will recall the nerves and expectations from your own early swinging encounters. And for curious couples it provides a valuable insight into some of the unexpected issues which can arise for swinging newbies.

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EXTRACT: a life less monogamous


“You’re a quick study,” Paige said, as another gasp escaped her lips. She grabbed at Jennifer’s head, moving between her legs with such enthusiasm that Paige’s fingers could barely get purchase. She caught a clump of hair. Jennifer said something like “unf” and increased her vigor.

Her enthusiasm reminded Paige of the day the floodgates had broken for her, the day she finally felt she could like girls. On the 8th floor of her dorm in Normal, Illinois, after a tearful admission of her feelings and inclinations toward Trina, her floor RA. Trina had responded with a kiss, and as Roger Waters might say, the tigers broke free.

Jennifer’s aim and focus may have been erratic and sloppy, but that hardly mattered when she approached her task with such enthusiasm. There were moments here and there when Paige wished that she would just focus on a spot and stick with it a while, but to complain that this lovely woman was eating too much of her pussy? Nah.

She had not expected this, no siree. Maybe a fleeting kiss that lingered, perhaps a drunken game of truth-or-dare that would get the tits out, but not this. Her left hand gripped the top sheet of the bed. She flung her head back to emit the loudest moan of the evening thus far as the orgasm began anew, building and building and building. Paige’s head fell between the two stacks of pillows, and the decorative ones tumbled down atop her as the orgasm poured over her.

Holy fuck! And Jennifer was just improvising!

“Okay,” panted Paige.

Jennifer did not abate.

Paige realized that was because she’d clamped her thighs tight around the poor girl’s head, covering her ears. She rectified that, though another shudder made her instinctively ball up and giggle. She tapped the top of Jennifer’s head as she tried to roll with her.

Dedicated, too!

“Okay, sweetie, honey, darling.”

Jennifer paused, eyes up to Paige’s face, nose obscured by fiery pubic hair, tongue still planted inside.

“I need a moment,” said Paige.

She lifted her face away from Paige’s vulva. “No good?”

“Are you kidding?”

Those beautiful wide hazel eyes blinked, and Paige knew what she needed to hear. “You did amazing. Now come here.” She tapped the bed next to her. “Lie down.”

“I can do more,” offered Jennifer, a grin breaking out. “I liked it.”

“Well, I’m glad for that,” said Paige, “And while there will be many more opportunities for you to do just that in the future, at the moment I may be orgasmed out.”

That had the desired effect, and Jennifer hopped up on the bed next to her, flopping down hard, hurling the pillows away. Her face beamed with satisfaction in her work. Paige even saw her lick her lips.

“I wager that you’re now more comfortable.”

Jennifer nodded.

Paige ran her fingers around Jennifer’s stomach, and just under the waistband of her panties.

Jennifer looked down.

“Think I could have a turn?”

Her nod was emphatic.

Paige lifted the band away from her stomach and planted a kiss just over her trimmed patch of dark hair. She slid the panties down and inhaled Jennifer’s scent, staying at this angle, kissing her thighs, the inner tendons, then along her vulva.

Jennifer’s head flung back almost immediately as a full body tremor pulsed through her.            

Paige felt a moment of wistful nostalgia for Emily. Emily had been a gateway for her and Bruce. Young, but experienced and experimental, polyamorous, not a swinger. Dating two men and a woman. Wanting to be in their lives. Giving of herself to them, so fully, so deeply. They gave all they could back as well, but priorities changed, as they often did, all around, and while the three of them never “broke up” by any means, there was a time where she’d been a daily phone call, and then a time where she wasn’t any longer.

Paige wasn’t foolish enough, or getting so far ahead of herself, to assume that void could be filled with Jennifer. In fact, she’d be quite surprised if anyone came close again. There’d been something about Emily that she’d probably never recapture. In the intervening years, on the back half of the second decade now, she’d popped up very occasionally and then vanished again like smoke. For now, Paige could revel in the similarities that Jennifer offered, the little twinge of melancholy nostalgia.

And Jennifer could revel in the orgasm building thanks to Paige and her tiny bit of private reverie.



  • bruce132 Photo
    More than a month ago

    can you buy a paperback Bruce 132

  • Profile invisible
    More than a month ago

    Any ideas how to buy the paperback version...Amazon is Kindle only

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      They should be appearing on Amazon shortly. First print run sold out the first day via Cooper's website.

  • allinmymind
    More than a month ago

    Given the fact that very few of people my age are still married it seems kind of a mute point. From my school friends I wouldn't be able to count that many.

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      But then the book is very relevant, this couple explore swinging to save their marriage. If people had the option to explore non-monogamy rather than have affairs or leave marriages because they feel they missed out on something, wouldn't the world be a better place?

    • allinmymind
      More than a month ago

      I negotiated a hallpass three years ago after some men used facebook a bit like we use amm and a couple of coffees (with one guy) that went somewhere I didn't want. Another guy wanted a coffee and sex he said and hubby lost his composure and it was difficult for awhile. I learnt that not all coffees have to be sex, it is all about talking.

      Affairs is such a negative thing. My doctor was helping me with sti tests and then says but you are married, and now is trying to cure me of a healthy libido, not that I am interested. She even had the cheek to ask if I was doing a local guy. I haven't got that far, nothing is that black and white these days, is it?

      My husband was very clear he didn't want to be set up to join in in sex. He looked seriously worried.

      I am not sure that it is sex I am missing out on, it is a dramatic route when it may be something else, from a judgement point of view. I am one of the few that could say I might have missed out on something, a virgin when I met hubby and only doing this chatting to men for four years max.

  • Profile invisible
    More than a month ago

    Tried to order but cannot USA and Canadian residents only, will try via shipitto

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      We've changed the link to Amazon which should work. Thanks for letting us know.

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