Make Every Second Count With These Five Minute Quickies

Life. It’s a gift, right? Well sure… But sometimes between the working and the studying and the providing and the caring and the “we’ve run out of milk” and “pick your damn towels off the floor” we kind of forget about the gift bit and concentrate on the crap stuff. When it comes to relationships and sex, so often, without even realising it, we’ve forgotten the gift of love and intimacy we’ve been lucky enough to score, and barrage through the days of all the above stresses without taking the time to connect.

Ah time. Yes, it’s bloody elusive to so many of us who work and study and yell at the kids about their towels, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, finding hours of spare time to indulge in slow, sultry sex sessions might be a bit of a stretch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in smaller amounts of time too.

Here are five little ways to get a sexy, five-minute quickie into your day which will, in turn, make the day move easier, help you reconnect with your partner, and just make a shitty day a little bit nicer.

1. Five Minute Sex

Okay what? But it takes me more than five minutes to take my damn clothes of and get in the mood and then warm my partner up and uurrgg, it’s just too hard…. 

Not so, my friends! You see, if you spend the day before, or the week, or even a few hours before warming each other up… Sexy texts, sneaky selfies, little erotica stories for them to read during a quiet time at work… By the time you get in each other’s presence over the lunch break, or that moment you send the kid to the shops for a bottle of milk, or any alone moment, you’ll be ready and raring and desperate to go. Trust me… When you’re that horny and pent up… Five minutes is perfect!

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be Your Orgasm

Spend the entire time you have concentrating on your partner. It’s not about you in that moment. It can be your turn next time. Find out what’s the best and easiest way to help your partner orgasm, and then make it all about them! Do they want you to use a toy on them? Use your mouth on them? Just talk dirty to them while they masturbate? Whatever it is, your job in that quickie time is to make it all about them and their pleasure.

3. Keep Your Clothes on

How fucking sexy is it when she lifts her skirt and pulls her knickers to the side for you to touch her? Or the slight unbuckling of a belt and pants to reveal a nice hard cock. Less can totally be more, and sometimes the act of touching someone while they’re still mostly dressed can be a super naughty and exciting moment that can be even sexier than being fully naked with someone.

4. Don’t Forget To Have Fun and Laugh

So you’ve got that five minutes, and it was all perfect, and you were both horny and waiting in eager anticipation, and then it comes to the moment and your hair gets caught in your top, and you trip over the pants around your ankles or you can’t get erect properly because of the nerves, or you suddenly remember that report that’s overdue and everything just goes wrong… Relax. Laugh. Sometimes no matter how much we plan or don’t plan shit goes wrong and the best way to deal with it is to laugh and remember how silly the whole thing is anyway, and isn’t it nice we got five minutes alone together to have a laugh

5. Seize The Moment

Quickies are about speed and spontaneity, so when you see that opportunity grab it! Ten minutes in bed before the kids start screaming? Quickie Time! Partner having a shower before bed? Quickie Time! Rare opportunity to have lunch together? Quickie time! Kids out playing with friends? Quickie time! Seriously, for people with not a lot of time, but a desire to play with their partners, sometimes it really is a matter of grabbing the moment where it arises. Yes, you should always have consent, and if your partner isn’t in the mood, then it’s obviously not gonna happen, but for a good, healthy sex life it’s super important to communicate and assess each other’s needs and find the time to satisfy each other… Even when you don’t have time.


  • FiftyOneShades Photo
    More than a month ago

    Just a quickie: I love this article!

  • AugustusSeizer Photo
    More than a month ago

    The long boring road trip. Or you're off to The Dreaded Lunch With The Family.

    Make it better in an instant.

    Pre-pack the glove box with a small towel and a mini-toy (I cannot recommend enough the horribly named but spectacular "Womanizer").

    As long as the person-to-be-delighted is in the passenger seat all is well. Driver can tell passenger to open the glove box and find what the driver pre-packed. Or Passenger can open the glove box and express "surprise" at the contents she planted there earlier..

    Either way, an entertaining and delightful interlude will result and change the boring/dreaded journey into a a wicked secret that you can both giggle about later.

    Driver... Even if the passenger doesn't want to play be sure to deliver the message "you are hot and I love pleasing you". And don't take your eyes off the road, OK?

  • cowgaluvoldrmen
    More than a month ago

    Lol makes me giggle , but the lead up is the hot part ! The part that makes it feel awesome
    If it was a quickie with no foreplay well it would be boring ! The intensity of the tease is best

  • Leolady727
    More than a month ago

    However much we like to say that sex is about connection, etc. (and I often do), sometimes an illicit quickie can be so exciting and fuel one's fantasies for weeks to come.

  • Zamboon Photo
    More than a month ago

    Hmm I think men are more into quickies than women - unless the lady has been fantasising or is flirting with someone new then the foreplay has already been done ...

  • speedstick
    More than a month ago

    Lots of very valid points.....mmmmmmmm.
    But I thought anything under an hour was a quickie..!!.....lmao

  • Wildewillsy76 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I loved having quickies with my manager at work. Usually they would occur when I would have my monthly catch up with her, but became more frequent our feelings for each other became stronger.

  • qick-e
    More than a month ago

    best quickie time for me was on board the Emirates A380 between Melbourne and Dubai , it was hot quick sex lol high altitude sex yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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