10 Reasons Why Being Male in the Lifestyle ROCKS!

Man in a suit with a woman's red bra held between his teeth

There are a whole of lot amazing advantages to being in the swinging lifestyle as a man or woman but we’ve already highlighted why being in a woman in the lifestyle ROCKS, so it’s time you guys got some spotlight attention on why being in the lifestyle is the ultimate for you!

  1. Well hello!   You get to flirt, play with and enjoy having sex with women other than your girlfriend/wife/mistress, while the average guy out there is in the classic ball and chain scenario; getting slapped or glared out just for looking at other sensational women that happen wander past, show up on a TV ad or magazine cover.  Yeah, you are one of the lucky ones for sure!
  2. How many other men get to go to big events where the women all walk around in sexy lingerie, sometimes naked, or in those sexy costumes that for many regular couples, only ever get worn in the bedroom?   Oh and without getting slapped by your woman (if you have one)!   Rooms full of eye candy and often leading to live porn!
  3. What other men have in the fantasy bank (and spank bank), you get to live and experience, and probably more than once!  MFM threesomes with two girls, orgies, random and spontaneous head jobs, sex at lunch with a stranger… What else is on your list? Tick them all off as you go.
  4. You get to stroll around in your underwear and no one bats an eyelid… Well that’s not entirely true, there is likely to be quite a few eyes on you but only because you’re on the menu!
  5. Your sex life will never be boring again!  How many men do you hear complaining about not getting any sex for weeks, months or even years?  How unhappy are they?  And if you’re single, how often do you find women who just enjoy having sex and don’t want a relationship?  Even if you are a married/attached/committed man, this is also what you want, right?
  6. Your relationship won’t get boring or stale in the bedroom and sexy stakes so you are a whole lot less likely to be tempted or need to cheat (and nor is she).  I hear this a lot in the work that I do with men who have ended up cheating on their partners, they weren’t getting their sexual needs met (sometimes for decades) and while they loved their partners, there was no discussion or resolution to the lack of sex in the relationship.  You won't need to worry about that because you get sex and stimulation regularly and from more than just your sexy woman, or any one sexy woman if there is no Mrs. 
  7. You get to learn even better ways to get a woman off, turn them on, rock their worlds and leave them begging for a bit more of you.  All this sex with multiple women and you start to learn how to do things differently for each one (because we can all be so tricky in that way), which turns you into a flexible and amazing lover for more than just one woman! Woohoo!
  8. If you’re a good boy, your partner (or best mate) might organise a surprise orgy for your birthday!  Or is that just what I do?   Nah, I have been to many a birthday party which has resulted in many ways of being spoilt as the birthday boy… Girls stripping (note:  have a pole handy), head jobs, random passionate kisses and sometimes there is a whole lot of oil, spontaneous intimate attention and even birthday cake being served on female bodies.  Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?   As my husband says, “it’s good to be the King!”
  9. You start to realise that size doesn’t matter as much as you think and that there is always a woman that will love and totally get off on what you have to offer.  Whether you are smaller or larger than the average, straight or bent in some direction, thick or thinner, it isn’t so much what it looks like but what else you do to go with it.    
  10. You’ll get to the end of your life and be able to say, “I got to do it all!”  How many men get to say that?

Of course a lot of the rock-star type perks aren’t afforded to every male that chooses to grace the lifestyle with his presence, it’s those who are respectful and equally giving as willing to receiving, who are invited in, accepted, shared around well, get to fuck and be fucked a LOT! 


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  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    Yes it's all a journey as we develop our own style and interests, they do get a bit kinkier as we age and noticed this with both men and women. I seem to be meeting more ladies as time moves on so I am very happy about that.
    As a maturing male I have experienced many things and becoming more aware of my softener side and the needs for a lady. I take a slow approach now and like to give a sensual and erotic oil massage initially and then anything that consensual develops from there, being with fingers, oral, body to body slide, vibrator, didlos and penetration. I focus totally on the ladies having pleasure first that lead to a highten sexual intensity and usually they experience an explosive orgasms on my massage table! My rewards is giving now and of course gives me a lot of pleasure and like to have my own fun towards the end.
    Plus I am pretty open about age of a lady 30-70 married or single and most sizes are indeed welcome skinny to BBW but I do insist on discreetion and always like to meet new ladies so things are good.

  • maturemale


    More than a month ago

    Try being a 68 year old single male and see how you get on. No ones interested. Most woman in my age group set their age preference at 55 or even younger than that. A few might go as far as 60. Good luck if you're over 60!

  • monstercockdom


    More than a month ago

    It's for anyone that can get overthemselves and realise they don't own anyone and that its sexual monogamy that is indeed unnatural. Remove jealousy and there is no reason not to enjoy the enjoyment of others ... Especially your partner ... That is in its essence the deepest commitment u can make as its true unconditional love ... After all what is so called cheating other than a clear condition of someone's love ... Good little article indeed ;)

    • LUV4FUN69


      More than a month ago

      I agree with what you have to say. Wow I thought I was big, but I'm not worthy to stand in your shadow.
      I'll have to get the Brick out again I think.

  • Michelle112


    More than a month ago

    Smiling because they are awesome :)

  • ohsocurious2no


    More than a month ago

    Interesting reading!
    However as per some of the previous comments, a pipedream.
    Also the fact the single guys need to meet a criteria with certain established clubs.
    I will also mention age restrictions.
    Have a look at some of the Melbourne club sites rules.
    Of what I can find out from speaking to people that are couples involved guys are also numbered.
    Then you have location restrictions e.g. living in a country town/city.
    So if you had to put a % to guys that actually having the opportunity to get involved in swinging you would have to go the bigger percentage 90% to not.
    So for the majority its like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest without a guide/rope & oxygen (mission possible)

    • AMM.Editor


      More than a month ago

      But then 50% of swingers are male, ie. the male half of a couple, this article isn't specifically about single guys.

    • ohsocurious2no

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      My apologies
      Yes I can see how the article referred to couples but also (see below)as per 10 Reasons Why Being Male in the Lifestyle ROCKS!
      How many men do you hear complaining about not getting any sex for weeks, months or even years? How unhappy are they? And if you’re single, how often do you find women who just enjoy having sex and don’t want a relationship?

      So I was referring the larger male population of in Australia.
      Also reading this & referring it to my situation being single.
      I do understand that in the swinging community that if you are referring to a percentage that males would make 50% of a couple.
      Please don't misunderstand my generalised comments it would great to experience such sexual freedom/fantasy on a regular basis.
      I think if people could let go a lot of the insecurities/ideologies & there are so many of us as humans hold on to.
      More people would experience what the base point of the article is (sexual experiences).
      But sadly in the real world there is only a small number of swinging people compared to the amount of people that aren't which was sort of where I was going.

    • 2Orobas2

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      Ohsocurious2no hope all is well for you my friend,
      I could not resist commenting on your example ( Mt Everest )
      The bottom of Mount Everest, without guide/rope or oxygen........
      I can,t imagine the impossible mission seeing as at the BOTTOM one needs not such things lol
      im simply Breaking Your Balls buddy :)
      Take care.

  • Bigheartedgirl


    More than a month ago

    Hey size doesn't matter it's how u use it lol

    • hauman2u


      More than a month ago

      Yes i do agree that size doesnt matter its all in the mind.. i will say this its how you use it.

  • Vicfunluver


    More than a month ago

    yep pipe dream about covers it. A LOT of single guys wont even get a glance. i see it all the time in chat. It depends on the mood of certain people ( in some cases the color of the underwear they have on) for people to even acknowledge a single make when they say hello in the room. Doesnt bode well for confidence moving forward to any party they might go to

    • rhysloveslife


      More than a month ago

      From experience, everyone has a sleaze metre,if your open,honest,and there 4 the right reasons,......be respectful and dte then noo-one gives a fuck what underwear you r wearin.dont be self concious,,and all colors cum off!,.!,,,,lol

    • DynamicCouple

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      The ratio of "single" guys to females, on these sites, is huge - probably 90 to 1.

      We are often in the "chat rooms" and from our experience the vast majority of "single" men, who have whispered/private messaged us, have been extremely crass and disrespectful from the onset.

      If they were more subtle in their approach and not opened a conversation along the lines of "hot pix wanna fuck?" then perhaps they would stand a better chance ... but they dont read profile wording fully, nor do they learn from their mistakes...

    • 2Orobas2

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      Hi Vicfunluver,
      Let not those who are wanting in regards to simple, not to mention Normal Human Behavior ( Normal: according to who,s criteria right? )
      Cause you discomfort my friend,
      T,is they who lose the chance to meet YOU,
      Not the other way round :)
      Now, Underwear? You could try something different like Footy Shorts!
      You most definitaly will cut an iteresting image in them,
      Take care.

  • allinmymind


    More than a month ago

    You should define lifestyle if you want the article to make sense. Especially when point six comes along.

    • Leolady727

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      "The LIfestyle" is generally understood to mean the swinging scene

  • johnandaimee


    More than a month ago

    And you will definetly win the lotto if you play. Maybe true for a small percentage but for most men it only a pipedream

  • 1easygoin1


    More than a month ago

    About time Chantelle. You have hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the great blog. :)

  • Halilu


    More than a month ago

    Fuk yeah bring it

  • NoHarmInAsking


    More than a month ago

    It looks like I picked the wrong lifestyle !

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