10 Amazing Skills Swinging Can Teach You!

10 Amazing Skills Swinging Can Teach You!

I bet most people don’t sit down and write a checklist of all the sexy skills they could possibly learn or develop from enjoying threesomes, foursomes and moresomes but this scene can absolutely be an educational institute of orgasmic proportion.

My husband and I have actually learned a lot of new skills, new techniques and tricks (of the pleasurable variety), or honed skills we already had by playing with some fabulous people who had different skills, talents and more experience in areas we didn’t. You don’t know what you don’t know until you meet someone who opens your eyes… and then some!

Here is just a small list of the potential courses of education you could get by jumping into the swinging lifestyle:

How to become a squirter

I have to be honest and say I had zero interest in squirting until I hung out with a couple of women who were squirters at a house party. Once they told me about how much more intense the orgasms were then I wanted to know more! Where else can you have such open conversations while naked and get practical demonstrations?

How to make a girl squirt

Of course there is two sides to this education and thankfully my husband got to learn how to do it from women who could and men who were talented at it… Win-win!

How to escalate from flirting to fun

Most of us come into the swinging scene having some skills in this already but it gets more fun as you get more comfortable with asking someone if they’d like to kiss or just get naked and see how the night unfolds.

How to deal with rejection

When you’re looking for your life partner there is a whole lot more riding on the “would you be my girl/boyfriend” question. Here it’s just about sexual adventures and if someone says “no thanks”, no problems! With so many fish in the sea it means plenty of opportunities to try again. Sooooo… NEXT!

How to be an adaptable lover

This is something that happens as you play with various people who have different hot buttons and erogenous zones, or techniques that work for them. You learn how to adapt to the person you’re playing with which makes you so much more fun to be with! Can we all say “SEX GOD/DESS!”?

How to ask for what you want

This seems an easy one but many people who come into this scene are used to their partner just knowing how they work and when they play with others who don’t, it can be a seriously “meh” experience. You learn very quickly to speak up and tell them what actions or techniques take you from lukewarm to “OMG… F#*K ME” status. You also get good at asking your partner for new adventures you want to try, or experiences you want to have. Having even more open communication means no secrets and a stronger relationship, yay!

Fingers and tongue techniques that WOW!

Yes it’s true, there are numerous techniques for each, or both of these together, and you’d only need to ask a handful of people what works well for them in giving and receiving to have enough information for a handbook on pleasure! Not only do your playmates reap the benefits of this education but you become an even better lover for your partner. How brilliant is that?

The art of covert communication

When you want to share your super sexy and amazing adventures or ask swinging related questions while in a crowded public space, you get very good at creating your own language to both confuse people around you and amuse yourselves. This is also a great skill to have around children and family members who would die if they knew what you got up to behind closed doors.

How to KISS and melt someone!

Everyone has a unique way to kiss but not everyone has got this skill mastered. You can learn to be an amazing kisser by practicing and learning from your playmates if you dare to ask how else you could do it better so they enjoy it even more. Up for the challenge?

How to spice up your sex life

Ok, we’re not just talking about “igniting a spark” here but throwing rocket fuel on it to create a bonfire! The swinging lifestyle is the number one place to find out about ALL the different things you could possibly do, try, experience and the various other playgrounds that are out there for you to get lost in! It’s the entry lounge into various other halls of ecstasy that you haven’t even thought of yet and this is just the beginning of your adventure.

There is so much more you can learn here or master while enjoying the plethora of options available for you, so what do you want to try or get better at? If you’ve been in this lifestyle a while tell us what skills you’ve learned or mastered and we’ll put together another list!


  • lustyangels
    More than a month ago

    Have you ever heard of Bhairavi Puja, an ancient tantric rite that involves a circle of participants, MFMFMF in an even number up to 8 and an initiatress goddess in the centre...the concept is simple, sexual energy is channeled by each person taking turns with the person next to them with the help of the goddess, while everyone else watches and waits...this is done in stages of foreplay until the sexual energy peaks....this is my secret fantasy...!!

  • pleasingcple Photo
    More than a month ago

    I introduced my partner to the swinging lifestyle. Thought if I give him this there will be no need to cheat on me. We have boundaries. Which we both respect. Would like to form a group of playful ppl.

  • Iween1 Photo
    More than a month ago

    You are so correct. It is all about timely and good communicating. I speak more often before and during foreplay - less time is wasted (can teach how to get to the right spots more efficiently), and more there is now more intensity and sexual success. I like variety and helping others in their sexual journeys. Enjoy your journey

  • lesyeux57 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Great article Chantelle. Your so right about having a check list. Id love to publish all my adventures how i feel and its all in my head. I keep saying one day im going to write a book and i never do but you have inspired me, so thank you.

  • HornyGirl1976 Photo
    More than a month ago

    It is not just about respect for ladies, men deserve respect too. We live in an egalitarian society....

  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    And most importantly ....RESPECT .. for the ladies and their partners!

  • mmfbimale Photo
    More than a month ago

    Chantelle, you are one wonderful and informative woman. Love reading every thing you write, and so does my wonderful partner. We are still very new to this, and there are some minor emotional issues we are dealing with.... and your write ups always help.

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