Swingers are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Swingers are a Girl’s Best Friend!

I tell you what; the women in the lifestyle are generally in the best position to get what they want and single women even more so! By the way, we call them “unicorns” because they are almost mythical creatures and they are very much in demand!

When you go onto any dating oriented website, the ratio of males to females is almost astronomical. The ladies really do get to pick and choose. Couples are close behind and the poor single guys have to prove they are better than their competition just to get a look in (that’s a whole other article). But it’s the single gals that really can get a lot from their swinging playmates and the lifestyle in general, so to the curious single gals out there, this article is for you.

I may have an ulterior motive on this one but meh, I can write what I want!

I get a lot of requests from couples for single women. They want to try a threesome, the female of the couple is generally bi/bi-curious, and most women I know have tried it or continue to enjoy it. So they are looking for that special someone who wants no-strings-attached play dates with at least a woman (in most cases) and potentially a man too.

Couples find it harder, at times, to find another couple where they are both attracted to the other two. Often there is only one person that a partner is attracted to, so it takes more time to find the right people. For that reason, a single lady is ideal (and it’s not always about the girl on girl action).

Being a single lady in the scene means that you often get free entry into couples events (that sometimes cost couples over $100 to attend), invitations to come back repeatedly, referrals to other clubs/events/couples (as a playmate) and single ladies get to pick and choose who they play with. You could quite easily fill your phone contacts with couples you can call on to enjoy a night of no-strings-attached raunchiness.

The swinging scene is a playground that creates quite a safe space (no pressure environments and with the right people), for women to explore their sexuality, and to explore what sex has to offer with it’s various positions, a multitude of playmates who all have different skills and techniques, and a bunch of sexy people on the menu. I have personally learned more about how my body works, and discovered new ways to enjoy sex by being in the lifestyle. Oh and have met some very sexy people along the way!

The majority of couples have a very solid relationship so as long as your intention is purely physical; to have fun and then move on eventually, whether that’s after the first time or years from now, then couples are looking for you (no, really, they are… and lots of them!) For the same reason, they are safe to enjoy that physical fun with if you aren’t ready to settle down because they are already very happy in their relationship.

The best part is that couples generally treat their playmates with respect and are keen to have a single female join them on a regular basis; they will do their best to impress and take care of you. Some fantastic friendships with benefits have started this way… Sometimes couples even have a beloved single man in their friendship circle and cupid gets a look in. You just never know when you’re going to meet a special someone!

The majority of people in the lifestyle are committed to playing safe, and many couples have children so they are not likely to engage in unsafe sex. Many also get regularly tested and treated if anything shows up. It’s very important to the couples in the scene to be disease free and hygienic. Word can get around about who to avoid just as easily as about who to enjoy. For single women who want to play as safe as possible, the swinging couples are at the top of the list!

So if you are a woman who really enjoys sex, is open-minded, isn’t intentionally looking to settle down into a relationship, is curious or exploring sexuality, likes meeting new people and sometimes just wants some one-night stands without having to pick up some random in a pub/club, then this is the scene for you!


  • marriedcurious7 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Great reading, I hope we have the courage to go to the next step

  • Jayne2901
    More than a month ago

    Really good reasoning; you've won me over :)

  • Phototime
    More than a month ago

    So hard to find these unicorns, especially as we don't want to go to parties or 'scene' events. We prefer a more private and personal relationship with a partner and we have had a couple of these last for several years.

  • Mistressfun555 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Enjoyed the article- unfortunately lots of fake couples out there but I getting better at seeing through their profiles.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Indeed there are. I get way more single guy "couples" than real couples. I think out of about 15 couples maybe 3 have been actual couples. My first line now is - "i will only play with couples as couples, especially the first time, so if you are a single guy you need to know i won't meet you."

  • NortiBiCpl Photo
    More than a month ago

    We agree also...we have played with two single woman and both times were mind blowing...pity they were out of owners.

  • maggie62
    More than a month ago

    The article is spot on, we have played with 2 single women now and have had a great time. with both single women now being friends.

  • Blueeyedcouple2
    More than a month ago

    Great article and very well put, we could not agree more.
    We are a couple that is interested in adding a huge multiplication factor to great sex. Having another female join us is so very exciting to us and would be very well looked after.
    Even if she is just looking for female action this fine, come and get to know us you will be glad you did. :-)

  • fullfiguredfun Photo
    More than a month ago

    As a single female I have been to many swinging events and have made some good friends in the process. It's generaly much safer than the pub/night club sean and the people hosting these events tend to treat you very well and look ofter you. At a well run party the guys know to be respectful and treat a lady right. There is no presure you can say "yes" or "thank you but no", or "not right now".

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