Will a GSOH get you laid?

09 February 2017
Research has shown that we tend to find men who can make jokes and women who can appreciate them more sexually attractive. But “GSOH” means different things to different people - does it mean “will you laugh at my jokes?” or “are you hysterically funny?”

7 Things Gay Guys are Sick of Hearing

27 January 2017
Being gay can be a pretty scary thing when attitudes and the law often class you as a second-class citizen. We've come a long way in Australia... But there are still a bunch of casual things people say that can be really hurtful or super offensive.

25 Crazy Sex Laws Around the World

Adult Match Maker
14 January 2017
You would assume that what you do behind closed doors with another consenting adult (within reason) is your own business. Read the 25 craziest sex laws we discovered and be very grateful you live in Australia.

BDSM Basics: The Kink Dictionary

06 January 2017
Language is constantly growing and changing, and even more so in the kink community, as it finds some mainstream acceptance. This is a fairly comprehensive beginner’s guide to the 100 most common words in a kink conversation.

Vanilla Etiquette

04 January 2017
Is it OK to openly flirt with playmates in public when you’re out with vanilla friends? This article explores acceptable behaviour when you're out with your non-swinging or non-kinky friends.
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