Foreplay and Be-Foreplay

02 February 2011
As the famous quote from John Cleese in “the Meaning of Life” goes: ‘You don’t just go barrelling on down to the clitoris! What’s wrong with a kiss?”

An Honest Look at the Risks of Swinging

27 January 2011
Engaging in swinging doesn’t increase your chances of being harmed in any way, but it does have the potential to supercharge your sex life and create a deeper connection with your partner. But with some negative press about the swinging lifestyle, what do people need to know?

Ditch the Myths

27 January 2011
Our society is full of myths about sex. It’s because we don’t talk openly about the details of sex and because there have been so many moral issues associated with sex for so long that so many beliefs are taken for truth. There are many aspects to moving forward sexually, one of the key ones is to ditch all the myths that plague us.

Am I a Slut because I Swing?

20 January 2011
The thought of being labelled as a slut is something that many women struggle with when they consider swinging, or engaging in wilder sexual acts. This article looks at what the word “slut” means and discusses the validity of that meaning and hopefully it will make some women feel a lot better about letting go and enjoying themselves.

Expanding your Sexual Play

19 January 2011
There’s a veritable smorgasbord of sexual possibilities, so why limit yourself to meat and three veg (with vanilla ice-cream as a special treat!)? Unless of course all you actually like is meat and three veg. I keep stressing that there are no ‘shoulds’ in sex, the important thing is to find out what is real for you and honour that.

Evolving your Swinging Relationship

12 January 2011
Not all couples will evolve to be able to swing but if you think about it, it really is the ultimate evolution when you can have the capacity to love, and be loving, to more than one person at a time.

10 Tips For Your Vagina

10 January 2011
A friend asked me recently what my top 10 tips for a vagina would be. Good question! So many women feel disconnected from their genitals. So read on and find out my top 10 tips for your vagina.

The Sexual Glutton vs The Sexual Gourmet

05 January 2011
Someone who’s a connoisseur of sex is interested in savouring sex, whether it’s a late night cuddle under the covers or a weekend of erotic delights. It’s the quality that counts, not the quantity. They know how much is enough because they’re in tune with the subtle aspects of sex.

What Dr John Gray doesn’t know about Swinging!

23 December 2010
While reading a book written by Dr John Gray Chantelle Austin was surprised by the introduction where he described an encounter with a rather bold lady who gave him an indecent proposal. For a moment she thought he was considering swinging!
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