Do your Research!

06 September 2011
Sex is the one thing in life we seem to think should just happen ‘naturally’ without any focused attention and study. Which is completely absurd, and one of the reasons why people don’t have good sex lives!

Men Need a Muse

30 August 2011
To a man, his beloved is so much more than just someone to have sex with. She is his inspiration, his reason for being, she is what gives him meaning and drive in life. When a man connects deeply with his woman, when he makes beautiful love with her, he feels all-powerful, as though he could conquer the world - and he does!

Your Sexual Makeover

Essentially a makeover is when you realise you’re not living up to your potential in some area of life and set about changing that. Can you makeover your sex life? Of course you can!

Moulding Your Brain for Better Sex

16 August 2011
When two people’s brains are wired sex-positively, they come together in openness, not anxiety/resignation/annoyance/fear of rejection, etc. The more you come together in this way, the stronger the wiring becomes and the easier it is to enjoy love-making.

Social Media Strategies for Swingers

08 August 2011
The era of social media is great for connecting and sharing with friends and family. But if you're a swinger that loves to share it can also be a recipe for disaster if you don't have a strategy for keeping a few things private.

Our first Threesome!

Are you and your partner talking about having a threesome? It's a dilemma if you have a hot, sexy friend that you'd like to join you but perhaps finding someone online is the way to go! This article looks at the positives and negatives of each and shares some of the fears and concerns which come up.
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