Celebrate No Panty Day on 22 June


This is not a drill! No Panty Day is fast approaching and what better way to welcome in the working week than with a little commando action? 

There are two main perks - other than those cheeks of yours - to pass on the panties. 

The first: It just feels damn good. For ladies, there’s no worrying about VPLs, and for the blokes out there, it’s all about the freedom to hang loose and relax. 

The second: The look on your partner’s face when he or she finds out there’s one less layer of clothing between your naughty bits and the fresh air. A rather important layer, in fact. One that, when missing, conjures up images of all the possibilities, from a little finger slip to outright sex on the floor.

To celebrate this glorious day of no undies, here are some of the best ways to embrace the occasion.

Buy new undies or jocks

…then take them off. 

Sexy underwear plays a part in many fantasies, but there’s no denying that a new set can be pricey, which can mean that you don’t buy them as often as you’d like.  

Take the day as an excuse and go buy yourself something ravishing. It will feel all the more sexy when you take them off. 

Find someone to share your commando status with

Keen to get involved but don’t have someone to share the occasion with? 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Obviously we've got thousands of members who login every day who are up for a bit of panty-less fun and you can login to our cheeky Chat Rooms that evening. We're sure you'll find some like-minded AMMers keen to share their no panty experience.  

And check out our No Panty Day event on Facebook.  Last year on our Facebook event over 29,000 Aussies said they were attending so make sure you join the fun and don't get your panties in a twist. 

Come up with fun ways to let your partner know you are celebrating

This year it coincides with Hump Day so we've got double the reason to celebrate and there are plenty of enticing ways to let your partner know your day with be spent sans underwear. 

If your partner takes a briefcase or other bag (such as a laptop case) to work, you might be able to bundle up your briefs in a discreet pocket for him or her to find at the office. Just be sure you give them a heads up if they work in one of those open-plan workspaces! 

If that’s too risky, send a cheeky photo of those panties or briefs somewhere that is most definitely not on your body. Or perhaps even a pic of your bare hip bone to make it nice and clear. Why not a new photo along these lines every couple of hours?

Of course, there’s nothing quite so simple, easy, and effective as leaning in close and whispering in your partner’s ear about your little secret for the day. 

We would love to hear what you have planned on 22 June to celebrate No Panty Day this year.


  • joe2442 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Women going commando no panties is sexy!

  • funforus312 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I love no pantys but could we change the date to summer time its only 5 degrees here today.....lol .....

  • hotone15 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I like it l like to on more please l love it than you xxx

  • Eric4u
    More than a month ago

    I am finding more and more women that are not wearing underwear now day, it sure is great to see. I have done it since my teens.
    Nothing better than seeing a sexy but in tight pants with no panty line!!!! Keep up the good work girls. And boys.

    • allinmymind
      More than a month ago

      haha that could be their support underwear. The bridal/deb shops suggested it for the no stocking look of bare legs and of course to get rid of panty lines.

  • Michael4846
    More than a month ago

    Love being at a restaurant, Anne guides my hand under the table to feel a freshly shaved smooth wet pussy. Then suck my wet finger. Then on the way home oh dear. Then when we get homeeeeeeeeeee oh yesssssss

  • 123justlooking4
    More than a month ago

    I never wear undies

  • ozzyrovers
    More than a month ago

    Both myself and the better half never wear "Reg Grundies" anyhow so we will put some on and then take em off.....

  • andy0071
    More than a month ago

    I've been commando for yrs now and it's a lovely feeling and should see some of the reaction from ladies when they drop your trousers and they get treated with no undies :)

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      My BF Never Wears It, and I Love itttt....I do a Lot These Days Tooo....
      Toooo...... And Sometimes I Go To Work With No Nickers but Cum Seeping Out Slowly ... I Feel The Smell of Sex all Day Long.., I Know it's Kinda Naughty but it Feels Great ..

  • happycpl600
    More than a month ago

    Hi,love to be part of the fun,have a day off tomorrow and it's my birthday,what a way to enjoy the no panty day.

  • theseus83
    More than a month ago

    I've been a no undies man since my teens. Great to see women getting on board!! Let the air caress you! Let yourselves free!

  • MichMash
    More than a month ago

    Love it... do it all the time !! I usually wear them to work... and i have some exquisite lingerie... but there is nothing better than walking in public and whispering into your man's ear that you are pantiless !!

  • 4everlovrs
    More than a month ago

    Never wear any

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Love Itttttttttt....

  • gental Photo
    More than a month ago

    My girl leaves them behind often but gets so wet there is often a puddle on the chair when we leave a restaurant or similar, I love it

    • LadyDragon Photo
      More than a month ago

      I don't like the puddle on my clothes when I stand up! Can't go commando for that reason... too wet, too embarrassed and won't be able to tell anyone if I do! Phooey!

    • allinmymind
      More than a month ago

      Even more confusing not knowing the cause of our puddles.

  • iPlaywithLoki Photo
    More than a month ago

    Hehehe, nothing new here, WE are NPD..everyday ;-). Does this mean we have to wear them on the 22nd??? :-O

    • andy0071
      More than a month ago

      No but I wish amm'ers would advertise the fac to others :)

  • SheriffJade Photo
    More than a month ago

    No Panty Day? Why just make it one day? My wife goes 'commando' quite regularly and I love it! There's nothing better than when we're out and she quietly announces across the table that she's not wearing any panties. "Dessert", asks the waiter, "no thanks, we'll have it at home" I reply ;-)

    • weusnco Photo
      More than a month ago

      Love your work! We have a "dessert" code too, and you've inspired us to make it more public! Thank you!

    More than a month ago

    No undie mundy, I'm in?

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