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Over the years of social conditioning and shitty sexist humour, foreplay has sort of built a reputation as being optional and a chore for poor men who just want to get their end in. But, as sex is far far more than just putting a penis in a vagina, and some of the sexiest, best, most awesome things about sex play don't even involve putting a penis in a vagina, I find the idea of “foreplay” a bit of a misnomer. It doesn't come “before” sex. It “is” sex, and if you're the kind of person who doesn't appreciate the subtleties and reasons for arousal and foreplay, your partners are probably going to have a bad time.

So with that in mind, here are some great ideas and tricks to get your heart pumping, your breath quickening, and all those delicious juices flowing.

For Her

It's absolutely necessary for a woman to be aroused for her to have enjoyable and comfortable sex. Arousal helps the clitoris grow and tingle and helps the vagina lubricate and expand which, if you've ever gone down a water slide without any water flowing, should explain the discomfort a woman will experience if her vagina is not lubricated well. To get her super wet and aching for more, here's our top five tips.

Sexy Texts

Before you even get in the bedroom, before you even get home, warm her up with some sexy, delicious text messages. Nothing crass or too over the top, at least to start. But stuff you know she likes to hear, stuff you've been thinking about, stuff you'd like to do. Get her mind racing with sexy thoughts and her body will follow.


Seen Monty Python's Meaning of Life? The sex education scene was always (and still is) a fast favourite. When Cleese's character asks the students what to do to warm up a woman before sex, one of them suggests “rubbing the clitoris”. The response has always been one of my favourite lines, and educational points ever: “What's wrong with a kiss, boy? Why not start her off with a nice kiss? You don't have to leap straight for the clitoris like a bull at a gate!” It's absolutely true. A long deep passionate kissing session is one of the best ways to start arousal.

Sensual Massage

Get the oils out and pamper her to an all over, luxurious rubbing of skin against skin. Start on the back and shoulders and slowly make your way down. Pay special attention to her butt and thighs. Tease her with almost-but-not-quite strokes to her intimate areas. Whisper to her your appreciation of her shape, her skin, her sexiness. 

Undress Her Slowly

Savour the moment of reveal, by slowly taking off her clothes and exposing her beautiful skin. As a shoulder is revealed, kiss it lightly, trace your fingers along the shape of her neck. It's all in the deliberate, yet soft, determination of your hands. Take your time. Make it sensual and breathless. And, whatever you do, make sure leave her knickers til the very last moment.

Showers and Baths

Hot, steamy water, soapy, slippery hands, closeness of bodies... Oh yes. A shower is a great way to get you both warmed up and ready for more action. Same with a bath. Fill the tub with hot, bubbly water, drop in some essential oil, and light some candles. Take turns soaping each other’s bodies and savouring the feel of shin and water.

For Him

Even though guys don't really need to prepare their bodies like women do (I'm talking about lubricating the vagina, not any sort of grooming aesthetic stuff) it's still important (not to mention awesome) to be aroused and turned on and horny, even more so than just having an erection. Here are some ways to steam up your man!

Build Up The Tension 

Just like above in the tips for her, sending him sexy texts throughout the day can really get his motor running. As men are often also more visual creatures than women (not always), sending him sneaky pics of you throughout the day can be great too. It doesn't have to be pornographic or anything. Just a hint of your breast and bra, a glimpse of thigh. Little subtle show and tells that hint at more later.

Dress Up To Dress Down

Wear something super sexy and slinky and hot. Something you know he will love, and then sit him down in a chair or on the bed and slowly strip for him. You don't have to be professional or dance or do anything too complicated... Just let him watch you remove your sexy lingerie, hold his gaze as you slip out of your things, tease him and show him with your movements and your eyes how much you want him.

Dirty Talk 

You don't have to be crass or sound like one of those phone sex lines, but talking dirty to your guy can really turn him on. Tell him how beautiful his cock is, how wet you are, how much you want him to lick your pussy. Whisper in his ear what you'd really like him to do, or what you'd like to do to him. If you've not done it before, it can be a bit awkward to start, but it does get easier the more you do it, and it can be really, really hot.

Blindfold Touch

When one sense in cut off, our other senses kick in and become stronger. Blindfolding your man, and then massaging and stroking him all over is a great way to get him harder than rock. Run your fingertips over his back, his chest, his legs. Tease him with the way your hand starts to move downwards... But don't quite touch his most intimate spots. The anticipation of your touch on his cock will drive him wild.

Hot and Cold BJ

Giving head is a great way to turn him on. Make it a sensual one where the end result isn't for him to come, but for the both of you to enjoy and savour every moment. Putting an ice cube or a cold mouthful of water in your mouth will add so much to the sensations on his cock he will be squirming and begging for more. Try something carbonated for a fizzy version, it’s very tingly! The same goes with something warmer in your mouth like hot chocolate or coffee. Just remember that it can get a bit messy, so if you're using something that could possibly stain bedsheets like hot chocolate, maybe pop a towel down. This can also be incorporated into the blindfold play to really blow his mind.


More than a month ago
Even if your not a drinker both women an men I have found that a spirit in your mouth Aka scotch vodka or some such with a light bite neat can be fun for the other person being stimulated it has a slight tingle sensation hehe and guys if you like you partner to lick your ass rub a little flavour just in and around that they like even a bit of mouth wash after you've cleaned down there that can be heaps of fun for both and a nice surprise as well
More than a month ago
Ice cubes ; never thought of that one and what happened to going down on a womens pussy;kissing touching rubbing is great I always do and have loved foreplay and considere it part of sex, great article; Im going to try the hot and cold thing on my next partners pussy??
More than a month ago
We also published an article on temperature play on 22 August with even more icy suggestions. You might want to check it out.
More than a month ago
Hmmm. I'm kinda disappointed the article didn't feature 'head' for the woman and very specifically, not men. I suggest this because, in my experience, far more women are going down on their lover than vice versa. I mean it stands to reason when a chick porn possie is dick in mouth, pussy and/or arse. Learned behaviour and men with no comparable sex education tool when it comes to us.
More than a month ago
The article was to inspire men to start turning a woman on before you even get to the bedroom. We totally agree than men are not reciprocating as much when it comes to oral sex and we've covered that in previous articles.
More than a month ago
Love all forms of role play and dressing up or not for the scene ,,,it can all be in fun and both partners fully enjoy ,,yes can be abit weird for first timers but once u keep doing it now and again it can be very sexy ,,,,,yes there is no need to rush sex it is most enjoyable with hrs of role play and forplay first ,
More than a month ago
I had always thought that foreplay is a great start, bit of a intermission and finale to a good session with a lady. Soft gentle licking of the clitotorus followed by a gentle finger inserted in the vsgina, and a rubbing of the base of the anus is a good start along with gentle nipple kissing and slow massage. Half way through a more rapid rubbing of the clitotorus followed by a deep tonguing and well it keeps going on. By the end in the doggy position with a gentle pussy massage and rimming usually seals the deal at all time gentle passionate kisses all over helps along.
More than a month ago
I agree. Undressing slowly and kissing, especially on the back of the neck and slow sensual massages does it for me.
More than a month ago
Ice cubes don't work for everyone. First time ever I had an ice cube blow job, I nearly hit the roof... and not from pleasure! The feeling of the ice cube on my knob was excruciating and not pleasant one bit. Maybe my knob is very sensitive but that's a real turn off.
More than a month ago
Another ice hater here ! I hate the cold, in general - an ice cube would be a good way to kill the mood entirely.
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Thanks for the heads up. Haven't tried
More than a month ago
I had the ice melt in my hand and let it drip slowly onto his cock, then used the wetness to give him a hand job and dribbled more ice as the water evaporated.
He loved it.
More than a month ago
Used to think of foreplay as simply that, to lead up to more interesting things. Got this idea from many articles, sexperts, etc. Personal experience is completely different. I don’t consider it foreplay at all, it’s part of the fun and tease in its own right. How about wearing things that make you look and feel good, especially in front of your partner? Agree ‘foreplay’ is sex, not to mention the attraction and anticipation it can build. For couples, it can be a reminder for how they feel about each other. Hands & lips over the neck and shoulders, over each others entire body.

Variety, doing different things for different days, surprises. Great examples in this article. One day sensual, another with dirty talk, kinky. I enjoy giving massages. This stuff can last a heck of a lot longer than jumping into penis/dildo into the person. Nothing wrong with quickies either ;-)
More than a month ago
Teasing is the best form of foreplay, isn't it? I love it.
More than a month ago
One of the best articles I've read. As a woman I can vouch that all five tips are 100% right.
More than a month ago
Totally agree with your comment.
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