5 Tips to Up Your Sexting Game

Woman sexting on her mobile while lying in bed

Whether you're a sexting novice or a black belt of bawdy texts, there's always room for improvement.

Perhaps you've only barely begun to get your feet wet in the realm of NSFW messages, and now you're tired of repeating the same canned responses ad nauseum. Or maybe you thought your game was on point until you started dating a professional writer. After all, there are only so many who will swoon over your "I'm so horny" texts, and probably fewer who will continue to respond with enthusiasm.

Whatever your reason, you might find something useful in these tips as you endeavour to take your sexts to the next level of complexity.

1. Experiment

Sometimes, dirty talk falls flat because it feels too "safe". It's not detailed enough to really raise any eyebrows, but it's also not subtle enough to capture anyone's imagination.

Rather than play both ends to the middle, why not opt for extremes?

If you're going for the less heavy-handed approach, think about what good poetry does. It doesn't spell everything out for the reader, because the reader's mind tends to fill in the gaps, usually to even greater effect. What's a good example of this? Maybe instead of talking about your huge hard-on, you could say something about how tight your pants suddenly feel. It's the same idea, but the cock is implied.

To bring details to your aid, don't stop at "I want to pull your underwear off with my teeth." How do you get to that point? By sucking on your partner's neck, then possibly grazing their stomach with your lips, and maybe licking the errant thigh or two.

2. Engage your senses, and theirs

Think of yourself as George R. R. Martin describing a feast. Not that you want the texts to run on for five pages, but your audience should be able to feel that grape (or something else) burst in their mouth.

So you're going on and on about how much you like your playmate's cock. What does it look like? What does it feel like when he's pounding you like a jackhammer? How does it taste as it’s sliding in and out of your mouth? Make it vivid and sensual for maximum effect.

3. Bring out the fantasies

Everyone has a fantasy or two up their sleeves. But if these things excite you, who's to say they wouldn't excite someone else?

If you find yourself falling back on generic sexts about calling in the handyman to clean out the pipes, try reaching into your own arsenal of workday escapes. You know, the one where you both fuck each other madly in an empty church.

4. Role Play anyone?

You don't talk to your boss the same way you talk to your friends, so why would sexting be any different?

Maybe you feel awkward exchanging dirty texts because it seems a little, shall we say, "off-brand".

Forget your brand - be someone different. Be a dom, or a sub, a slut, or a sexpert. If it helps to separate yourself from your sexting persona, so be it!

5. Technology is your friend

The eggplant emoji will live on forever, but if you feel like branching out, there are apps made specifically for sexting. Flirtmoji is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a set of sexually explicit emoticons. Much to our delight, they include sexual health, kink and gay pride emojis.

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