Lights Camera Action! Make Your Very Own Sex Tape!

Sex Tapes aren't new. They've been around for decades! Jimmy Hendrix had one, Paris Hilton too. Even the dude who played Screech in Saved By The Bell has one (yeah, probably not the most searched words on Google I'm sure), and we all know how Kim Kardashian became famous. And now, with the invention and mass popularity of file sharing, smart phones and webcams, this practice is becoming more and more popular among couples and hook-up buddies. It's even the main theme of a new box-office smash hit movie, Sex Tape, starring the very funny (and super sexy) Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal.

Making your own sex tape is heaps of fun

Making your own sex tape is heaps of fun. It's sexy and naughty and can be a fun moment to go back to with your partner and watch later. It's fairly easy to do too. You don't need to be Spielberg or Scorsese, all you really need is a working video camera, a naughty streak and a good sense of humour. I added this last point because it's absolutely imperative to be able to laugh at yourself and the situation because let's face it, as I've said in previous articles, sex is a bloody funny thing and the watching of it and laughing at it, especially yourself doing it, is one of the keys to a healthy and happy sex life.

Getting Started

Firstly, and this is absolutely vital, disconnect your device from any file sharing sync-type apps. Seriously. If you've seen the ads for Sex Tape you'll know why. Uploading this very private video to The Cloud or Facebook or similar could have completely devastating and embarrassing outcomes. Next thing is to choose your setting. Bedroom? Kitchen? Shower? Have a play with your video device (whether that be your smartphone, tablet etc...) and see where it catches the best view of where you'll be. Prop it up with books or a tripod if you have one. Hand-held POV stuff can be okay but you will most likely get distracted and move too much for it to be watched later.

Lighting is super important. You don't want it too bright so all you notice are the bits you don't want to see, but you don't want it too dark so you can't see anything when you decide to watch later. Lamp light can be good, as can enough candles. If you have a dimmer switch play with it til you get the soft light that makes everything look smooth and sultry.

Doin' The Do

You need a good balance here of remembering you're filming, but immersing yourself into the play as well. If you're too mindful of the camera you will end up looking kind of staged and “scripted” but if you get too distracted by the play you may end up moving to angles that you didn't want or don't like yourself in, or even moving out of shot completely.

Angles are everything. Trust me. As someone who posts a lot of selfies on social media and has many YouTube videos and similar I can tell you angles are super important. Test shots and warm up videos are a great way to work out which bits look best from which angles and where you'll look the most sexy.

Play sexy music in the background so there's a soundtrack to your own noises. Music helps set the scene, gives mood and also can be good for rhythm and pace.


This is absolutely the most important factor. You really need to trust the person you are making the video with to not share it, post it, email it, broadcast it or do anything with it that has not been previously discussed and agreed on. It is absolutely NOT cool to send pics and videos of someone else without their consent and the aftermath of such things can be life changing. Be respectful and do nothing with the footage except watch it together and re-live the experience shared.

All in all, making sex tapes can be a fun and extremely arousing experience. So get your directors cap on and put on your porn star smiles and go have some fun!

Happy filming and don't be shy about commenting on your own experiences below.


  • CoupleLooking2U Photo
    More than a month ago

    We use a cheaper version of go pro strapped to 4 poster bed post
    Makes great movies , controls by iphone
    So u can ply back later

  • Juicesqueeze
    More than a month ago

    Why not get some use out of a old video camera, VHS anyone?
    For me it's not about the "record to watch later" it's the appearance of a movie set with cameraman and director making cheap 80's style porn;)

  • fwb2570hotcum
    More than a month ago

    There is a good story about this in members stories :)

  • lochness22 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Professional porn has good looking people but I myself love the sight and sound of real people with real bodies doing all the right things.

  • dmb1968
    More than a month ago

    I don't waste my time watching professional porn. Real people in real situations is all I'm interested in, it also helps that my play time is enhanced by a play mate that also likes all natural amateur photos and videos.

  • Lola72
    More than a month ago

    Making home made amature movies are fun. My wife totally trusts me as there is no way I would upload them to any cyber world. That 100% trust enables us to try anything. Would be great for someone to film us and then me film my wife with a strange and handsome

  • Playwithmywife
    More than a month ago

    Where's all the girls to have some sexy play on cam. :-)

  • MarsBar269 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I have lots of movies and photos.... great to look back on and remember the fun times with those special partners who have copies as well...still talking movies of course...

  • YouAsYouAreYou
    More than a month ago

    who wants to make one?! ;)

  • ken500 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I must say you are right I like old mature amateur videos and would like too be one this end that would be fun

  • serg685
    More than a month ago

    My personal opinion is that porn movies are in the past today guys prefer amateurs movies I myself find them more interesting and natural.
    Older ladies or men,pantyhose or stockings films are very popular,,,so for me AMATEUR IS THE GO!!

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