How to sneak in sex over the holidays

Attractive young couple kissing in a swimming pool over the holidays

Ah the festive season. A time of joy to the world but for many the stress of returning home staying with the family or having family members stay at yours, with the real possibility of no sex due to lack of privacy, or lack of opportunity. 

But your sex drive isn't going to magically put itself on hold, so it’s time to be creative and make your own opportunities. Here are our tips for getting it on over the holiday season.

Have a Quickie

We love the spontaneity of a quickie! Whether it’s in your bedroom, a sneaky midnight visit or somewhere else in the house while the family are otherwise occupied, enjoy! Just make sure you’re very quiet. We’re told that google searches for “quiet sex” spike in December. 

Come Clean

If you’re staying with family it’s just being considerate to clean your teeth while your partner is showering so you’re not hogging the shared bathroom. But make sure the TV volume is turned up and the door is locked. 

Car Sex 

If you’ve travelled to catch up with family they will think nothing of you heading off with your partner for some sightseeing even if you only plan to travel as far as the back seat

Late Night Dash 

Whether it’s beer for Uncle George or orange juice for tomorrow’s breakfast be the first to volunteer to jump into your car to do the emergency grocery run. On your return stress how busy the store was or how bad the traffic was to cover those extra minutes it took you both to get home. 

Remote Controlled Fun

If you don’t have a remote controlled sex toy perhaps put one on your wish list to exchange with your partner prior to heading to the family. 

Nice on the Outside, Naughty Underneath

If you’re putting on your Christmas finest for lunch, what about forgetting a few layers and spending the day without underwear. It might provide a few sexy moments for your partner under the table.

Outdoor Sex

If you are lucky enough to have a secluded backyard pool then a midnight dip might be fun. A bushwalk or trip to the beach to show your partner the local sights is a fabulous opportunity to indulge in some outdoor fun. Just remember if you go to a nudist beach that there is a “no sex” rule.  

Mile High Club

If you are flying to visit family then it might be your opportunity to join this very exclusive club

Remember to plan ahead and share those plans with your partner so they can consent and watch for your cues. You can even indulge in some whispered verbal foreplay throughout the day or evening to warm you both up for your rendezvous. 

If you are lucky enough to be sharing a room with your partner nothings kills the mood more than thinking everyone can hear you having sex. Opt for face to face positions or spooning and save swinging from the ceiling fan for when family aren’t in close proximity. Move your bed away from the wall or put towels or pillows between the bed and the wall to limit bumping. If your bed groans or squeaks then consider moving to the floor.  

With all of our suggestions please be aware of other people seeing you or walking in on you. Consent is more than just consent with your sexual partner, it’s about not offending other people who might see more than they bargained for.

So here’s to a sexy holiday season. Go forth and have orgasms, you all deserve them. 


  • abcplus1


    More than a month ago

    We once had Christmas sex in an above ground pool while talking to the extended family who were seated at ground level doing the bbq and drinking.

  • badthoughts63
    Online status icon


    More than a month ago

    I once had a quickie with the neighbours wife in the bathroom while her husband was watching cricket with his mates at a Christmas bbq at their house. No one had a clue 😈

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