What are nipple clamps and how do you use them?

Pair of metal nipple clamps beside a pink lacy bra

Are you someone who loves having their nipples played with? Touched? Pinched? Squeezed? Do you like experimenting with fun bedroom accessories and spicing up your playtime? Maybe you should give nipple clamps a try! They're fun, discreet, easy to use little items that can totally take your sensation levels up a notch or two and they're usually pretty inexpensive to buy as well.

What Are Nipple Clamps?

Basically, as the name implies, nipple clamps are devices you attach to your nipples to apply squeeze and pressure, and sometimes even vibration to the area. They come in heaps of different sizes, styles and varieties and can be as vanilla or as kinky as you want them to be. From soft, gentle squeezes and vibrations, to hardcore pinching and twisting, there's definitely going to be one out there to suit your needs. 

Easy Peasy Nipple Squeezy

Nipple clamps are, for the most part, pretty easy to attach but some are definitely easier, depending on the size and shape of the nipple itself, and the intricacy of the device. For the purposes of this blog, however, we'll just be talking about the slightly easier and less confronting ones as we know beginning your journey into a new kink or sexual activity can already be a little nerve-wracking, and the last thing you want is to be scared off by something that looks painful or too complicated to use.

Tweezers Clamps

Probably the most common and the easiest of clamps to use are the tweezers style clamps they look pretty much how they're described, like a small pair of tweezers, or kind of like a bobby pin. They are flexible and have rubber tipped ends for nipple comfort, and come with a small slide that, as you slide it up or down, tightens or loosens their grip on the nipple. Having them there just on their own is a great way to start experimenting with pinch and sensation, however a lot of these styles come with a chain that links from one to the other and these can be a great addition for a few different reasons.

Rub and Tug

Probably the main benefit to having the chain link is the added weight and additional pressure they can create just by being there. Every movement you make swings the chain and gives little tugs and pulls on the nipple adding new sensations as you play. Having your partner play with the chain also brings out new feelings and excitement, and, if you're so inclined, some products offer extra attachments to add even more weight and pressure to the area.

Bring on the Bling

Another awesome reason to add the chain is aesthetic. While some people may find that shallow, I don't think it is at all. The thing is, sex and sexiness so often comes down to personal confidence and self esteem, and the sexier you feel, the sexier you are, and the sexier you will be. It's fact, trust me. It's why we wear sexy lingerie and make-up and why we work out at the gym and take special grooming care when we know we're going to be hooking up. So yeah, a sparkly, pretty chain tugging gently on your sensitive nipples can do amazing things for your sexual confidence.

Buzz and Tickle

Some nipple clamps have the super fun addition of extra sensations to add to the fun! You can get ones that have little bullet vibrators on them that buzz and tingle against the nipple and areola, you can get ones that have light, tickling feathers to brush against your skin. Some have screws and teeth for that painful BDSM kick, and you can even get nipple suction devices that, like a tiny scale penis pump, create a vacuum and suck and swell up the nipples if that's the sort of thing you're into.

Safety First

Of course, as we always say in these blogs, make sure you have informed, enthusiastic consent before you start adding new additions into the bedroom and always be aware of your partner's comfort level and enjoyment and check in regularly. While using nipple clamps isn't dangerous as such, it's a good idea to use them sparingly and give your nips a chance to recover and go back to normal before you go too hard on them again. Because they are restricting blood flow to the area it's a good idea to massage the nipple both before and after using them, and even stronger if you can. If you're using super hard clamps and are super restricting the blood flow, it's usually recommended you don't use them for more than half an hour at a time, but that's also subjective to each individual. While yes, for some people the whole point of using nipple clamps is to cause a bit of pain, if they get to the point of wincing or, on the other side, if they go completely numb, it's recommended to take them off and let your nipple recover for a while.

Also please be aware that afterwards, and for a little while too, your nipples may become uber sensitive against your clothes. Some people love this reminder sensation and others can find it a little painful and overwhelming... So just be aware that that could be the case after the first few times you play.

No matter what your sexual proclivities, your gender, your kink levels, or your sexuality, nipple clamps are a pretty great beginner step into the world of fetish and kinky play and you never know... They could just become your vice! (I'm sorry. I had to. You all know I had to.)


  • yolandakinky69


    More than a month ago

    I LOVE tits play! heavy duty! yam!! love clamps

  • flamincrazy


    More than a month ago

    I have pierced nipples and enjoy nipple play, so can see the advantage of nipple clamps

  • Bunnings4u


    More than a month ago

    Love it, , can cum with nipple play, clamps, especially when played with right.

    • Zamboon


      More than a month ago

      Me too Bunnings - once had 2 ladies play with my nipples and I orgasmed without them touching my penis - it took about 40 minutes but it sure spurted ...

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