Playmates as Colleagues

Playmates as Colleagues

The idea of working with a playmate has been the subject of many a fantasy with a secret rendezvous at lunch or sneaking a cheeky look, a kiss or even a spank throughout the day. It can be a huge turn on; having to sit across from someone you are highly attracted to and not be able to… well, you know what I mean. Although if it was really a fantasy, I’m sure there would someone bent over a desk or pinned up against a wall at that point (surely it can’t just be my fantasy, right?)

Having a playmate as a colleague can also pose different problems, which may not be such a fun experience and are often not thought about. So whether you are about to take a job where you know there is a playmate in the house, or you decide/discover a colleague in the scene and are considering making them a playmate, here are a few things to consider.

Going forth with some of the fantasy (mine at least) and actually playing in the office is usually a bad idea (I’d like to point out that I said “usually” as there are cases where it’s easy and possible to do making it a great idea!). Most offices have cameras and while I’m sure you’d make the security guard’s shift a whole lot more interesting, you just never know who else is going to see it, who’s going to upload it to the Internet or post stills of it on sites your workmates frequent in the privacy of their own home. On top of that, you just never know who is going to head back for an impromptu visit because they forgot or need something.

It’s quite likely you will get in some hot water with your employers about “inappropriate behaviour”, and I’m pretty sure most people who have a job, need it and it would be a shame to jeopardise it for the sake of a little fun, even if it was mindblowing! Besides, who wants anyone walking in when you’re about to have an earth shattering orgasm?

Now, if you were to carry on the play outside the office, there is nothing they can do about it. Well, unless you get caught by the police having sex in a public place, but that’s a whole other problem (get a room please).

Apart from the obvious, other things to consider are partners. While they are ok with you playing with other people when you are in the scene together, working with them and being in the same space as one 5 days a week might be a different story, so it’s best to sit down and chat to your partner about what they feel comfortable with and what they don’t. While you may be able to carry on with a little hanky panky during the workweek, the boundaries for what you can get up to might be determined by the partners, not you two.

If you have the ok from partners for lunchtime kisses and a spank here and there, it’s time to chat with the colleague/playmate and find out what is ok with them. Some people are really black and white in that they are playful outside work and absolutely not while at work. Me, I’m playful either way but tend to act more professional at work, although the innuendo can tend to fly thick and fast (got to have some fun!)

The beauty of having a playmate at work is the fact you can’t play with them but you can see them and flirt covertly. It can be a real tease, creating sexual tension and making the workday so much more fun. On the flip side though, seeing them every day in a work context can take away the spark because they are always there and all of a sudden you are seeing them in a different light.

It’s easy to be attracted to someone when you see them in an environment where it’s all about sex and fun, but seeing someone in their everyday life, or how they are at work, can definitely impact their attraction factor (not always but you have to know it’s a gamble in that way). This is where it will up to the 2 of you (or the 4 of you) to keep it spicy and fun.

You also need to think about what happens if you get to a point where no longer want to be playmates. Could it affect how you feel about your work place? Will it be uncomfortable? I highly recommend having an open conversation at the beginning and both table the fact this can happen and how you will communicate if and when you get there. Partners are for life, playmates are usually temporary (even if they last a few years) so have your exit strategy to enable you both to still work together!

Apart from that, enjoy whatever you can within the boundaries of your partners and your colleague/playmate, and feel free to share any raunchy stories that you both get to live out since the rest of us will never be able to do the whole sex in the office fantasy (although the CEO’s office doesn’t have a camera…. Hehe)


  • willinged666 Photo
    More than a month ago

    it does not end good all the time

  • Zamboon Photo
    More than a month ago

    I have done this a few times before and luckily nothing has gone awry but I know of a number of really toxic situations that occurred and usually it was the lady who ended up worse off so to be avoided ....and of course we have to look no further than the gossip mags and newspapers where hi flyers have been undone.
    I started a friendship with a lady at one company , there was a bit of banter but I was on my best behaviour and I thought she was a real lady - we developed a relationship through email afterwards where things became a bit saucy, and we ended up meeting for lunch in a high end restaurant in Milton where I fingered her under the table, it went from there - she was a Mum and a wife she was involved in the Brownies with her daughter and ran the Soccer club for her son, but I found out that after hours she smoked a joint to relax and on the weekends they went to swingers parties ... it was a delicious shock , she also introduced me to amm and we still see each other for a session every 6 weeks or so although her husband has lost the swinger appetite and believes she is out to movies with friends. While she was at work I found out afterwards she bonked 4 guys fairly regularly without them knowing that the other guys were involved - what a glorious woman ... one in 10 thousand I’m sure....

  • RealSydCouple4u
    More than a month ago

    Its a very bad idea. Period. Look at whats going on in the news.

  • dav6191
    More than a month ago

    I worked with a girl for a few years and the whole time we had a quiet relationship and I was 32 years her senior the second was amazing

  • SassySandy Photo
    More than a month ago

    MMMM had my own office in my 30's, also had quite a few hunks on the go at the same time at my workplace, we'd sneak in a few HOT sessions during lunch time..and a few very naughty ones while working (very short and sexy)....then left the country to come to Australia.....those were the good old days!!!! hehe

  • allinmymind
    More than a month ago

    Most fantasies seem the same. Always facing walls or kneeling or bend over.

  • mrbood
    More than a month ago

    Ive Had the pleasure to both Flirt, Meet & have hot passionate sex at work, Was a Few years ago and i was working a 2nd job as a security guard in one of the shopping centers. My Supervisor was hot as fuck and wasnt untill one night after a few drinks at the local she reached out under the table and begun to stock my dick under the table.

    Yes we flirted more at work, Yes We had Sex in the control office, Car and in the fire escape at work. Yes we got caught. The experience was amazing until things went sideways and well it became very awkward (especially as i had been promoted due to fucking the boss)

    i would do it again for the thrill and sheer pleasure!!!

  • Funniceguy01
    More than a month ago

    Can be fun at first, but my wife entered into a relationship at work , yes it was wild knowing she was enjoying her office more than ever while I was at the other end of the state. But when your work colleges by accident get a hold of your emails, then it can very very embarrassing. Took some time to move on for her.

  • 1easygoin1
    More than a month ago

    Theres an old saying that simply states "Dont screw the crew"

    • Que5tor Photo
      More than a month ago

      Elegant in it's simplicity. They are words to live by.

    • useful170 Photo
      More than a month ago

      Another saying is "Don't get your meat where you get your bread"

  • mars62 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I am lucky enough to have had just such an experience myself about 25 years ago. It was such an adrenaline rush. We met in a back room and did the deed. We still work together 25 years later, still very much flirty with one another and still very much intimate when the oportunity arrises. Neither one of us regrets a second of our liasons over the past 25 years. And neither one of us feels uncomfortable around the other in front of other colleagues.

  • friskypuz Photo
    More than a month ago

    I used to work in a motel and found it interesting how easy it was to flirt with the guest to the point of offering room service...a couple of times I had the pleasure of playing with a guest, while on work hours.
    it also put an interesting spin on guests checking into the motel especially when more than one couple checked in together :)

    • nortycplxxx Photo
      More than a month ago

      Mmmm nice girlfriend . That's hot and would've been fun

    • david2641
      More than a month ago

      I hope to check into your motel soon

  • mrmeaner39
    More than a month ago

    i reckon a workplace fling would be awesome!...ah if only...

  • quietguy1967
    More than a month ago

    I shouldn't bite a what may be a "baited hook", but I never asked anyone to compromise professionalism.
    The workplace relationship question is at the core of this article, so the only unprofessional behaviour I may have committed was to enter the relationship. It takes "two to tango" and I certainly don't bear that responsibility alone.

  • Fussygirl665
    More than a month ago

    funny how it's the guys who are boss and the women who leave the workplace in a couple of these scenarios... it's not a level playing field out there. Quietguy might want to rethink whether insisting on compromising her professionalism would really have been a good idea.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Chill babes, we,re all adults here!!

  • quietguy1967
    More than a month ago

    I struck up a relationship during training at a new job. We tried to keep it as quiet as possible, but that was ineffective.
    It did give us a lot to share "after hours", which was great, but any suggestion of a course of action in the workplace was interpreted as me "pushing her around". It was a few years ago and I don't remember any workplace hanky panky. Maybe that where I went wrong. Tread carefully guys - men come off second best in the postmortems.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      1. Pushing around sexually equals sexual harassment, Pusher Man.
      2. Traditional workplace affairs model: powerful man surnames to subordinate woman.
      God, I decry the stupidity at times.

  • rubicon4 Photo
    More than a month ago

    A few yrs ago i had a fling with one of my casual staff, it was great while it lasted, she'd stay back after work to 'help out' and during the day we'd 'accidentally' rub up against each other, but things got serious outside of work and she didn't want to pursue the relationship further, this led to animosity at work and her eventual departure - so tread with caution!

  • Marriedinbrahma
    More than a month ago

    It's happening at the moment at my work, my assistant is so hot and was constantly flirting with me. So a few weeks ago when she made a mistake, I told her how dissapointed I was and how I would have to spank her to teach her a lesson. She jokingly said sure no problem and was shocked when I asked her to face the desk and put her palm down on the desk and bend over. After telling her I was serious she did it and without hesitation I gave her a spank on her hot ass. I told her to count out the spanks and continued till I had done 5. I told her next time her punishment will be more severe. She left my office very flushed. I called her in my office later that day and discussed what had taken place. She admitted that she enjoyed it and that it had turned her on.
    Since then we have been having regular hot times together, with her not forgetting who is boss

  • TheWildrider
    More than a month ago

    I would say don't do it... (Unless you see them very infrequently).
    They don't say "Don't mix Business with Pleasure" for nothing!

  • milf1959
    More than a month ago

    having ventured in2 this arena for the second time in my life
    first time was a one nite stand after i'd resigned from that particular job thank god
    he was a dud root and that was over 25 years ago lol
    but 6 months ago i hit the jackpot sexually.... but alas things have become complicated because of my bf at the time (we had been together 13 years)
    i still pine for him (work collegue) but fortunately we dont work too closely together might see him once a day if im lucky or unlucky, he's just a courier for the company i work for and married with kids
    me im trekking overseas for 6 months next year
    hopefully get everyone out of my system
    going euro slut wild lol
    might turn up in the latest euro porn lmfao
    my advice is dont do it especially if u have to face that person day in day out for the rest of your working career and things go pear shaped
    unless u r both single lol
    who knows whats round the corner

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