Why Post-Workout Sex is So Damn Hot

Woman with her legs wrapped around a man's waist as they make out in a gym

Did you realise that getting hot and sweaty at the gym is the perfect prelude to getting hot and sweaty in the bedroom. According to experts your libido is on fire after an intense workout so getting down and dirty after hitting the gym is just what the Dr ordered.

We know that exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being but what is it about working out that makes you feel like going a second round in the bedroom? 

Working out makes you feel sexy!

Good sex happens when you feel sexy! A study in 2016 focussed on women’s body image and any links to sexual satisfaction. It found that women who were dissatisfied with their body felt less desire to have sex and were more likely to have issues achieving orgasm. Women generally have more distracting thoughts than men during sex and it’s often anxiety about their bodies. If you exercise you generally have higher self-esteem and feel happier about your body which in turn makes you feel more desirable.

Working out reduces stress

Let’s face it, stress is a mood killer and it can affect your libido. Whether it’s lifting weights, Pilates or swimming laps exercise is sometimes referred to as meditation in motion. By concentrating on our body’s movement we reduce the stresses of the day and experience an increase in energy setting you up for a seriously sexy sex session. 

It’s pheromones baby!

Studies have also found that physical exercise can boost levels of DHEA which is a major player when it comes to sex drive, sex appeal and orgasms. Most of our pheromones, the scents which dictate attraction and mating, are derived from DHEA. A study even found that the higher levels of testosterone in men’s sweat was actually a turn on for women whilst low levels of DHEA in women can significantly impact libido. 

You’re more “loved up” after working out

Research studies have found that physical exercises increases the level of oxytocin, the love hormone, in our brains. And a study from the University of Texas also found that exercise increases “physiological sexual arousal in women". So it figures that if we’re heading home to a partner after a workout we may feel more bonded and ready to initiate sex. 

You activate your pleasure seeking neurons

Physical activity also stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, brain chemicals which play an important part in regulating your mood. Dopamine plays a big role in motivation and reward – it’s what actually helps us anticipate that sex = pleasure. While serotonin is involved in how you process your emotions, which can affect your overall mood.

Improved strength & flexibility

While there is nothing wrong with missionary – coital alignment technique, CAT, is one of our favourite positions and almost guaranteed to get her off - some more advanced positions require a more acrobatic approach. If you have a regular exercise routine chances are that you will have more flexibility and be less likely to injure yourself than someone who doesn’t work out. And after a training session and a stretch those muscles and ligaments are lengthened and strengthened ready for your at home workout! 

Working out might give you harder erections

Working out obviously gets blood and oxygen circulating throughout your body more efficiently. Lack of exercise is a lifestyle factor strongly associated with erectile dysfunction which affects almost 23% of men who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Cardio exercise improves your heart health which, in turn, gets your heart racing and increases blood circulation to your penis. Studies have shown that some men with ED can improve their erectile function with regular cardio exercise. 

So now is not the time to turn into a couch potato. Get that exercise program happening and get your heart pumping.

Do it for your lovers and your libido! 


  • Zamboon


    More than a month ago

    I dated a Spanish dancing teacher for a while and the sex was always amazing after a full day of teaching - she would sometimes call me on her way home to make sure I was available ...

    • Lusciouslips313

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      Lucky girl

  • SweetestSins


    More than a month ago

    This is all so true!
    I’m feeling at my best and wildest post workout.. and I feel a decline in my drive when I go more than a few days without exercise.

    Look good, feel good, fuck good xx

    • butteryermuffin


      More than a month ago

      Couldn't agree more, after my workout I always head out for a beach run, the Vitamin D from the sun warms my skin and pumps my testosterone, makes me feel like a fucking sexual Tyranosaurus!

  • Smthnsw33t1


    More than a month ago

    Lol no wonder the fkbuddy get harassed from me following the gym! Twice a week isnt enough for me. I keep draining him

  • KidHot.


    More than a month ago

    Exercise including running swimming and weights sure does make a huge difference. The lower your heart rate the better.I found that erections are a lot harder* and more often when your at an elite level of fitness ,than just not exercising at all. I noticed this big time when injured ,I would have an injury for months ,so not only my erections would be softer but the frequency of the erections would be far less than when I was fit.
    What the article above fails to mention is that what you eat makes a huge difference to your sex life.
    Thank you

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