Fun WTF Facts about Condoms

Recently I wrote a piece about condoms, and how we need to change our thinking about them to be more positive and, for the most part, the feedback and comments were great. Yes there was the predictable “you’re not a man, how dare you write about penises” comment, and a few telling me how condoms were the worst thing in the world to happen to sex (boo hoo, I’d reserve that prize for something like AIDS… But hey), but overall I noticed that most people were aware of not only their necessity, but also how to make them part of the flow of sex, and incorporate it in the fun. 

Because I want to keep the positive conversations about condoms flowing I thought I’d write a small list of some of the strangely wonderful, fun, and interesting facts there are out there about the number one sex essential, condoms. Some of them even surprised me!

Ancient Sheaths

Condoms aren’t a modern day invention, they’ve been around for centuries in some form or another. Early condoms were made out of animal intestines and then moved on to thick material sheaths, but one of the earliest depictions of condom use is in a cave painting in France thought to be between 12,000 and 15,000 years old!

On Display

Probably the oldest condom on display is one that dates to around 1640. It’s made of pig intestine and was reusable. All you needed to do was soak it in warm milk to soften it down and sterilise it and away you went! There’s also an item on display in Tutankhamen’s exhibit in Egypt that could possibly be a condom made of thick linen type material, but there are contentions between historians as to what it was actually used for.

History’s Greatest Lover

Everyone wants to be Casanova, the greatest lover in the history of the world! Well get this, condom haters, Casanova was a HUGE believer in the use of them. He’s even depicted in art work blowing them up, which was not only a way to test for holes… But also a bit of a “wink wink, nudge nudge” to the ladies at parties he attended. 

Condom 000

Sweden once had a condom ambulance. Yes. This is exactly what it sounds like. A door to door emergency delivery of condoms to couples in need. There’s not much else to say about this except what a great idea. I wonder if we’ll see UberWrap soon?

Protect Your Weapon

No… Not THAT weapon this time… Your actual shooty, gun-type weapon. In WWII soldiers would use condoms to roll over the barrels of their rifles to protect them from getting salt water inside them when they had to wade through water.

World Record!

Condoms have broken a few world records, like the largest one and the longest chain of them, but the one that stood out to me as completely silly and unnecessary but hilarious… There is a world record for the number of condoms being pulled through a nose at once… It’s three, just in case you want to practice breaking it.

Know Your Size

A recent study in America showed that only 39% of students knew how to properly size and put on a condom and that it wasn't all that much better for older people! Don't be part of that statistic! Check out our cool guide to sizing and fitting to make sure you have the most comfortable, and safest sex you can!

Shared Responsibility

Almost half of the world's condom purchases are made by women which is a really positive sign that women are taking control of their sexuality and allowing themselves more sexual autonomy, and the freedom to explore things like hook-ups and one night stands with the peace of mind of safe sex.

No matter how you feel about wearing them, you have to admit that condoms are one of the most important and revolutionary tools of sexual freedom and liberation. They are sex positive and supportive of both men's issues and feminism, and have allowed people to explore and indulge their sexual selves without fear of pregnancy or sickness. Seriously, from the humble beginnings of a bit of cloth or a sheep’s stomach, to the newest and most natural-feeling technology being created today, condoms truly are a life saver.

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