Ice Breakers to get the Play Started!

Ice Breakers to get the Play Started!

In this excerpt from The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples are 7 options you might like to try to move things along from getting-to-know-you into full swing.

Your playmate/s arrive and you all settle into some conversation and perhaps a few drinks, and the conversation is great but there is an underlying “let’s get to the playing” feeling or desire but no one is saying anything or making moves to go in that direction.

Now sometimes this can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first play date together. To assist you, or to extend your options, I’ll be sharing a small number of suggestions that we’ve done to help get things going in the naked direction:

Strip Uno!

Actually, “Strip !” is good. For fair play (so everyone has a good chance of being naked sooner rather than later), determine the rules before you start, such as:

Everyone starts with the same amount of clothing. Shoes and socks are considered 1 item!!!

The first one naked still plays but if they lose, they select another person to remove an item of clothing off (usually the person you want to see naked next!). Eventually you have just one person with clothes remaining and everyone else ganging up on them to get them naked.

This can be a nice way to break the ice and then the winner gets to direct who does what to who first! Ice broken!

Variations: Any game where someone can lose and take some clothes off works, we’ve even done it with Xbox Guitar Hero before!

Spin the Bottle

An oldie but a goodie, and particularly good with larger groups. You can use this to get people naked AND to get things started. If you don’t know how to play, here it is:

You need: A bottle and some playmates. Good for 4 people to… well, as many as you can get in a circle!! Our record is 14 I think…

Determine what the action is, and to start with you could say that the first person it lands on gets to remove an item of clothing from the second person. Then it can progress to kissing the other person or playing with… use your imagination and go wild!

Best to determine beforehand if the bottle lands on 2 people of the same sex whether or not the action is still required (only good if the whole room is Bi!) or if the bottle lands on another person of the same sex, you just go to the next person on the right that is of the opposite sex.

Keep going until you’ve all had enough or it becomes an all in anyway!


We have a massage table (highly recommended) but otherwise offer someone a nice massage, crack out the oils and start slowly. It’s a nice sensual way to get things going because someone has to get naked (usually me) and enjoy! Everyone in the room can assist, a 6 handed massage is more fun than a 2 handed one.

Just make sure you warm the room, there’s nothing worse than freezing your nipples off or being seen for the first time with shrinkage (apparently). We’ve found with this one that things seem to naturally progress to all sorts of shenanigans!

Drinking Games

There are a thousand drinking games, you can just Google them. It’s social and alcohol does tend to relax most so any sort of drinking game is always a good way to start! Although don’t spend too much time on the drinking and not in the playing… That said, this is my husbands secret weapon – a 6 pack makes him outlast most but just know your limits!!! You want to be able to perform when you’re needed to especially if it’s your first date!


What better way to get in the mood than watching others getting in and doing what you know you want to do! Everyone is getting hot and horny and ready to play plus you might get some additional inspiration for things to do while you watch!

Just be aware that not everyone is into porn, particularly some women but we’ve noticed that most people in this lifestyle aren’t really prudish. It just might be safe to suggest it first and see if the suggestion is welcomed with opened arms… or legs…

Spas or Pools

Here are 2 environments where you are required to have almost no clothing and that’s a great start. Things can happen rather naturally once you’re in a spa, and sometimes in a pool but if they don’t happen to move as swiftly as you’d like, you can play Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare

A great one to do as it requires nothing but the people involved and an imagination, which I’ve found in no shortage of in the people I’ve met that are into swinging. So if you are in the pool, the spa or anywhere really, you can play this game.

Basically a dare is set, and it’s best to start with some of the more benign dares such as having to kiss another person in the room (hint: you want them to choose the dare) and then a question is asked, usually of a personal nature. The receiver gets to opt for truth or dare, although the game might just end up being called “dare!” Either way, one person asks, the other one either tells the truth or does the dare. If they opt for telling the truth but someone in the group can say they are lying, then they have to do the dare anyway…

Hint: To get things going rapidly, opt for the dare every time! Actually, we’ve found that most swingers are more inclined to just do the dare so get creative!

That’s enough to start with, go forth and play!

This excerpt has been taken from The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples


  • serg685
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    A party goes well and chicks get naked when is a PARTY ATMOSPHERE AND OBVIOSLY ENOUGH GROG,,,the rest? GOOD LUCK BOYS!!

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    very good suggestions, we have played spin the bottle and it works a treat, a good ice breaker

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    strip uno! great idea :)

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    all about having fun keep that in mind when you decide to start swinging great article :)

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    We just greet our guests at the door a treat.

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    Sounds like a few teenagers on there first date,spin the bottle,truth or dare ?cmon are we adults or kids.

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    Strip Uno, will be giving that a go with porn in the back ground, thanks

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    Awsome !!!!!!!

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    heeeeyyyyy I like it,,,sounds good

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    Good stuff!

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