Exploring the fascinating world of Sexual Fetishes


One look at Adult Match Maker's Under the Covers Sex Survey of 7600 Australians will tell you that most of us like our sex mostly from “Column A” - heterosexual, one on one intercourse, fairly “vanilla” if you like. But also a little from “Column B” - perhaps a little swinging, maybe some anal sex or the occasional facial - the fun stuff, that can be hot and dirty - but still reasonably common.

But then there is “Column C”. The things we may not tell too many people about. Our fetishes - also known as paraphilia - are the things a little bit out of the ordinary that for one reason or another bring us to climax even though they may not even be a sexual object. 

Most of us also have something from Column C. And this is perfectly healthy! It might be a foot fetish, latex, super hero costumes - as long as it's all amongst consenting adults, there is absolutely no harm in fetishizing just about anything.

I have pulled together a list of some of the more interesting, and some of the more common items that you may come across on your or your partner’s sexual fetish menu. Let’s take a look….

Podophilia / Trampling

Foot Fetishism (also known as Foot Worship or Podophilia), is the strong sexual interest, and arousal from feet. Foot fetishism is also the most common of all the paraphillias for something that is otherwise a non-sexual object or body part. 

Foot fetishists come in all shapes and sizes, and may prefer just one, or maybe all forms of foot worship. Think foot massage, toe sucking, foot washing - even shoe fetishists and stocking fetishists can all fall under the title of Podophile.  Some podophiles may take a particular interest in a specific feature of the foot, like smelly feet, or painted toe nails.

Taking it to the next extreme there is the act of Trampling. The person performing the trampling will concentrate their efforts on standing , squashing, piercing and crushing their partner's genitals and other body parts with their feet  - with or without footwear - usually as a form of Cock and Ball torture (CBT) often associated with BDSM.
Die hard Tramplers also organise Trampling parties and public displays of Trampling! So next time you are in a crowded bar and you get stepped on - it might be worth taking a closer look to ensure your perpetrator hasn’t enjoyed the experience a little too much.


This is one of my favourites - and I don’t mind admitting I definitely possess a very strong fetish for all things black and shiny - especially when stretched over the human body, even more especially mine!  Latex and Rubber fetishists sometimes refer to themselves as rubberists, or in the gay community - Rubbermen - and their inclinations can also extend to leather - especially patent leather, and PVC.  These fabrics can illicit many erotic sensations – both visually and to the touch, plus many get off purely from the smell of the rubber. Wearing Latex and PVC can also look like a second skin, as if you were naked, coated in body paint.


Also known as WAM (Wet and Messy) Sploshers love to incorporate food into their sexual play and the messier the better. Think cake batter, custard, cream, chocolate sauce, there is nothing like being coated in edibles to wet your appetite. “Cake sitting” is also a common element for sploshers - when your partner sits on a cake - crushing it with their butt, for the sexual arousal of themselves and their audience.

Dogging (Sex in Public Places)

Involving elements of both exhibitionism and voyeurism, dogging was originally just a slang term for having sex in public - but it has gone a little further than that now. Dogging groups have now been set up in many parts of the world, and they deliberately seek out locations where they will get an audience, realising that half the fun of having sex in public, is having someone see you.  

Related to this is Agrexophilia: A fetish for having other people know about your sexual activities. This can include people with Agoraphilia, those who like to have loud sex, and other general exhibitionists, people who like to put their homemade sex tapes online, or those who simply like to brag about their conquests.


Mechanophilia is the sexual attraction to vehicles, including bikes, cars, helicopters and airplanes. I’m sure most of us know someone who might be very fond of their vehicle but this takes it a few steps further. “Hard Car” pornography is now available on most major pornography sites - but be careful gentleman - let that exhaust pipe cool down before you get too excited!

Furries  / Plushophilia

The furry community is fascinated with anthropomorphic (human featured) animals! Many furries wear fur suits (kind of like very elaborate onesies) and adopt their own “fursona” for sexual role play with other human animals.  Dressed in these suits, they groom each other’s fur and participate in orgies known as “fur piles”.  

Not surprisingly, this fetish is often formed in childhood, from a steady diet of Disney and cartoon films.  Some furries are even attracted to plush toys like teddy bears and make modifications to them in order to be able to have sex with them.

It gives the term “heavy petting” a whole new meaning.


Objectophiles experience sexual attraction to inanimate objects. For some it is so strong that for them it is classified as their sexual orientation - so instead of being hetero or homo sexual for example, they call themselves Objectum-sexuals. These fetishists experience a genuine romantic connection to objects, some even going so far as to marry the Eiffel Tower (yes, this has actually happened, and I can kind of see the attraction - it's quite a phallic monument when you think about it!) , or believing they can communicate with their musical instrument. 

Macrophilia / Microphilia

Macrophilia is a fascination or sexual arousal involving giants, actually, mostly giantesses (female giants) . Microphilia is the opposite - sexual arousal from miniatures.  This is also quite popular in the world of porn. Macrophiliacs, typically men, particularly like images of women’s feet crushing model cars and miniature figurines as they imagine that the woman on camera is an actual giantess, and they take on the smaller, submissive role, being crushed or even eaten by a much larger, dominant woman.  This fetish can be a fun one to search YouTube for!

There are thousands more to add to this list - some more popular, some more niche - but instead of an exhaustive list we would love to hear about any more of the weird and wonderful fetishes our AMM community are indulging and revelling in! What’s your biggest fetish?


  • Morgan26 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I'm sort of a weirdo.

    I change if a fetish or kink that once never even appealed to me In the slightest.. But the person I'm with is turned on by it... I usually get aroused and turned on by it..

  • stevo4u
    More than a month ago

    I love sucking toes, nicely painted is even more of a turn on, before and during sex and even love her watching cum over them. do women get turned on about having it done to them or is it just me.

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      You should check out the blog post published in July - Dipping your Toes into the World of Foot Fetish

    • DDdelite Photo
      More than a month ago

      Oh no it's not just you. It's one of my very first fetishes - over 20 years now. I get so turned on when someone who sucks my toes knows exactly what they're doing and get off on it too. Feeling their hot sticky cum shoot all over my pretty toes and then it being lapped up, is sooo freaking hot!!!

    • stevo4u
      More than a month ago

      Thanks DDdelite
      Wished you were in Sydney,I'd love you to watch me Cum on your toes

  • Michelle112
    More than a month ago

    Thanks Mistress Jane, we look forward to more of these type articles. I would like to read about your dominant side though, how you got into it, the people you meet and the trust of play they give you. I'd like to read what you do and how they react. Have a great day :)

    • MistressJane Photo
      More than a month ago

      Thankyou Michelle - and you are welcome. There is definitely a lot more to come in 2016.. And I can certainly look into writing more about being a dominant female if that is what the AMM readers want to learn about ;)

      Have a kick ass new year ;). Xx Jane

  • WellhungGuySyd.
    More than a month ago

    I've always been into dogging, from way back when I was a teenager, my girlfriend and I at the time were still living from home so I think my fetish for dogging started back then, more out of practicality rather than by choice. Not being able to fuck around in our homes meant we had to find other ways and places to do it. In the car was a favourite, as well as on the train after school. We would sit at the back of the last carriage and when it wasn't busy would give each other oral. My favourite was when we went to the movies, we would sit at the back of the movie theatre, there wasn't a lot of leg room in those days so she would put each leg over each armrest and I'd kneel down as best I could and give her oral and then we'd swap and she'd do the same to me.

    In my 20s I had a girlfriend that enjoyed not wearing any underwear and would let me "touch" her in public places like cafe's, restaurants, in the car, at the park and loved giving me oral when I was driving, usually on the motorway.

    In my early 30s I had a girlfriend that loved to fuck as well as do oral in public. Probably because of our age, confidence and knowing by now what really turned us on as individuals we made the most of it when we were together. There were many public places in Sydney that we enjoyed. We lived in Surryhills and quite often on the way home after a night out we would make the most of an opportunity with a discreet alleyway /doorway or in the local park against the trunk of a fig tree being hidden by its huge flowing roots. The feeling of fucking out in the open and knowing someone may see was such a turn on for us. What I remember the most was how we would use the balcony of our Bourke St apartment. Three floors up over looking the street with shops opposite and not having anyone able to see down onto us, we would often give each other oral while the other looked out at the people below. But most of all I loved the way she would stand at the edge of our enclosed balcony looking out over the street, with her legs spread having me stand behind her and casually, deeply, rhythmically fuck her.

    My current partner used to be into dogging, but unfortunately with time she's become less into it...

    Btw it wasn't really my intention to divulge as much as I just have ... I think I must also have a fetish for Agrexophilia !

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      I enjoyed you sharing your story sounds like you have had a lot of fun adventures

    • HornyUnicorn182 Photo
      More than two weeks ago

      Haha if I were in Sydney I’d think I was the woman in your story

  • jbabie Photo
    More than a month ago

    Ok..drop me in the "dogging" class..I'm guilty as charged!!!..lol

    • Bnorty4me Photo
      More than a month ago

      Can i sit beside you in class ??

  • hotguyyes
    More than a month ago

    Sploshing appeals to me :)

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Ooooh yes!

    • MistressJane Photo
      More than a month ago

      I'd be very interested to know which part :)

  • 1easygoin1
    More than a month ago

    Don't mind a bit of dogging fun myself. Keep up the good articles. :)

  • 2sexymen4u
    More than a month ago

    Some great fetishes in your article we have tried a few and looking to experience more with adventurous type of people, and of course this give us good creative ideas.

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