The COVID19 dating terms you need to know

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Being in the midst of a pandemic has certainly been stressful for singles where many felt isolated due to lockdown and coronavirus threatened to derail not only their social life but their sex life for months. We’ve had to change some of our dating patterns and, as a result, we’ve seen some COVID19 dating jargon emerge. So if you’re dating in 2020 here’s our rundown on the relationship and dating terms you need to know. 

Iso Buddy

Back in 2011 an Isobuddy was a digital imaging processing tool but in 2020 it means a fuck buddy but more importantly someone you have let, perhaps exclusively, into your iso bubble. Not restricted to those in lockdown the idea of an iso buddy came from those horny Dutchies with their government suggesting you could get your sexual needs met whilst keeping your risk relatively low.

Quarantine & Chill

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Netflix and chill” which has nothing to do with actually watching The Queen’s Gambit or Schitt’s Creek  but everything to do with cosying up on the couch for a sex session. But in 2020 there’s a new term for those who want to be locked down for love. 


Sexting had to turn up the volume in 2020 and get a whole lot more creative. If you’re having virtual sex with your socially distanced significant other you better get those vocal chords ready and learn how to turn your partner on with your words.  

Situationship or Corona Bae 

Best described as a relationship-ish which may not progress post coronavirus, ie. someone you met online, who you’re dating virtually but due to coronavirus you haven't met them in real life. It’s like a relationship but only really exists because of the situation. Be warned that this may not progress to an IRL relationship. 


No, it’s not dating for pansexuals but nice try! Bored, lonely and horny? This is like the prequel to turbo relationships, ie. you are dating at warp speed to find a soul mate mainly through fear of having to lockdown solo again.

Sexually Isolating

For most of us abstaining from hook ups during the height of the pandemic was the socially responsible thing to do. After all, the message was you are your safest sex partner during a pandemic. So celibacy or at least sexually isolating (because self love is important) meant you were one of the cool kids. 

Corona Zoned

You were happy to flirt, chat, virtual date and generally have an online relationship during lockdown but once the world returned to a semblance of normality with freedom to go more than 5k from your house you find that you quietly relegate that other person to the friend zone from where they are unlikely to escape. 

Corona Roamers

Those willing to ignore lockdown laws and breaking self-isolation to satisfy their sexual urges. 

Iso Dating

It’s dating as we know it … but different. Abiding by social distancing and self isolation and lockdowns as mandated or suggested by health officials. Pre-date questions are a little bit different with concerns such as “who’s in your bubble”, “do you use public transport” and “when did you have your last covid test” commonly asked.


Being dumped over a zoom video call.

Post Rona

It’s the dating life we dream about post pandemic – filled with sex parties, bar hook-ups and a queue of potential sex partners. But with no idea when this is likely to become a reality or if life will ever return to pre-covid “normal” it’s become the subject of our sexual fantasies.

Turbo Relationships

Singles have spent more time talking and getting to know potential partners and this has seen more couples changing their Facebook status, moving in together or getting engaged than ever before. The pandemic has accelerated or turbo charged relationships with relatively new couples quickly taking their relationship to the next level. It’s not surprising as when we’re confronted with uncertainty it’s natural to crave support and intimacy and to have something in your life which feels certain.

Virtual Date or Vate

A face to face virtual date held on Zoom, Facetime or in the Adult Match Maker video chat room for the naughtier singles amongst us.


Working from home, unemployment, home schooling and uncertainty have pushed many couples to the limit resulting in an increase in divorces.

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