Increase Your Sexual Connection through Masterful Touch

Couple fondly looking at each other in bed and touching their partner gently

I wanted to call this article ‘5 Tips to Touching - so they don’t feel like you are patting them like the dog’ only it is far too long! What It does do is give us very clear picture of how you don’t want to touch or someone to feel when you are touching them. 

Firstly, we are mammals and desire connection, touch and intimacy. I often make the joke that if I am coming back in reincarnation, I want to be a dolphin… they spend 75% of their day in sensual play… oooo la la that sounds delicious for me, frolicking in the ocean, riding the waves, playing, touching, - no wonder they are happy and we chase them up and down the coast for a glimpse of their fun. 

Touch is incredibly important, we underestimate the value and the need for touch – good touch, quality touch.  Is there a difference? Isn’t touch just touch –  no No NO! it is NOT!.

  • Good touch can make us relax, enjoy and be present.
  • Bad or poor or rubbish touch can trigger creepy feelings, create untrusting feelings within us and the body often moves away – if you have ever moved toward someone and they have moved away even before your touch landed… they felt creeped out and their body does not trust you. 
  • Great touch can make for a synergy of connection, communication, pleasure, sensation and ecstasy.

Which would you prefer?
As long as you are getting what you want does it matter? 
Did you make an agreement for mutual pleasure or just for one person? 
Did you even make an agreement? 

Would you like to know how to have good and great touch with everyone you are intimate with -  sex or no sex.

Tip #1 Slow down

I remember meeting someone for the intention of having sex, as we were beginning, progressing, I said “Slow down…” they turned the tv on…. they thought, I meant that things were moving too fast… No, just their hands, I felt like he was vigorously patting the dog. I did communicate that I meant “slow hands” (this was before the Niall Horan song, otherwise I would have played it). If I am honest it only helped a little as this was a new concept and not their normal habits and behaviours.  I slowed myself down even more so we could find a sync, so I could participate within my own consent and boundaries. 

When we slow our touch down, it allows the body to notice what is going on, the body builds trust of the person touching which allows the body to relax, we need the body to relax for arousal to occur and for engorgement (blood flow to the genitals). When we have more engorgement we often have more sensation, arousal, pleasure and you guessed it – Orgasms! 

I am not suggesting it needs to always be slow, however particularly in those first moments, that first contact - if you can slow down enough to notice what you are touching and experiencing yourself as well as in the other – YOU are off to a great start.

Slow down your breath to match your touch, to allow yourself to take in this person or people with you. 

Tip #2 Be present

It is everywhere, mindfulness this - mindfulness that, and I am a huge advocate for meditation and mindfulness especially considering I have been doing it since I was about eight years old. Over the years I have added to my erotic practice by being mindful and meditative – yes, I consider body-shaking orgasms to be very fucking mindful (sometimes mind blowing) and meditative! 

What is presence… for me it is: 

  • Being in my own body – feeling centred
  • I can feel my own body – my toes, pelvis, genitals, torso etc
  • Out of my own head thinking and worrying – what is going on with them? 
  • Noticing what is happening with the other person
  • Listening to them with my ears and my body

What is it for you?  
How do you know someone is present with you? 
Do you remember how you felt?

Do you hold that space and presence with yourself and someone else?

Bringing presence to our touch, if this is the only way you change your touch it will go from blah to ooo la la -  guaranteed!! 

and yet there is more…

Tip #3 Ask questions about the touch

People say talking during sex, ruins the mood… and yes lots of high level long verbal conversations might be out the window particularly as the intensity and arousal build. For myself at different stages I have little or no actual words yet plenty of sounds, smiling, grinning, moans and groans but not coherent language. As a bit of a stir my Lover will ask me in those moments… “and what are you noticing now Myola?” funny, everyone’s a comedian, often I have no words… I save them for after and tell them then… when you asked the question – I was experiencing this and this… this keeps the moments alive when you can speak about it after, allowing more depth and integration. 

You can ask questions in a curious way, sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.  Experimenting with different styles and ways, allows us time to see what we like or don’t like.

Asking with curiosity could look like this:

  • What would make this better?
  • Is it better if I use lighter pressure / heavier pressure?
  • Finger stroking or whole of the hand – You might just do the movements, is it better like this….. or this…… ?
  • Is it better if my tongue goes round or down… 
  • The tip of my tongue or the flat.

When we receive answers and feedback it is always nice to say “thank you” sometimes for some of us it is difficult for us to speak up, when comments, suggestions are welcomed and thanked, this gives permission for more. It encourages greater feedback, questions and curiosity. 

Tip #4 Use all of the hand and include all of the body

We create habits, our touch is another one of them, often the same way all the time, and usually we touch people the way we like to be touched… Do you do this? What happens if the person you are touching prefers touch other than what you like? How will you know? What do you do if you only have one or two touching moves? 

You can use hands:
Our hands are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, there are 2500 feeling receptors in the finger tips alone. 

Our hands have many parts including: 

  • Fingers, finger tips, pads of the fingers, insides of the fingers
  • Finger nails
  • Whole of the hand
  • Palm of the hands, back of the hands, sides of the hands
  • Knuckles 

 Learning and practicing touching someone with different parts of your hands, creates different sensations and the opportunity for unknown pleasure to be revealed. 

You can use your body:
Our bodies are one big sensory play machine with our skin being our biggest organ, we are able to utilise all of it by including and possibly starting from the extremities of the body and moving in - you create, anticipation and sexual tension and oh-how we all love sexual tension.

Changing your repertoire and not going straight for the traditional hot zones (genitals & nipples) may surprise your Lover and add suspense and allow the play to build for a while. 

We can include the whole body in different ways:

Using our weight on someone else gently or holding. Pressing them up against something… a wall, door or kitchen bench using what we would call when I studied massage a zillion years ago… - ‘positive pressure’ enough body weight for a feeling of safety, security and smoothness and NOT too much hurting or painful or too little to feel creepy, unsafe and annoying. Play with pressure, holding, pressing, pulling and pushing to the degree you have consent. 

Spreading your fingers out and taking them from as far as your arms can reach and slowly dragging them over someone’s body in a pressure that they like is able to include the whole body in play and if they enjoy it is very sexy -  the energetics of the body open up the meridians, the bliss lines and allow for more sensory awareness. 

Touch with different parts of your body, using your legs -  where could you touch someone, what about hair (long or stubble) which can create different sensations over the whole body. Let your imagine run wild.

Tip #5 Notice the reaction in the other person

What’s happening in the person, is their body moving towards you or moving away from you? Is it leaning in, is it moving you away from an area to towards another.

The sweet spot can be found, when we are slow, present, questioning (not intensely), using more of our hands and bodies and noticing… there is a sweet spot or sweet spots that are willing to be played a long time – these take us deeply into our arousal and pleasure. 

Imagine the dog, the difference between mindless vigorous patting is being present with them, notice the spot, we can put them into ecstasy, we stay present and we notice the nuances and the slight adjustments that need to be made to hold that sweet spot, hold that ecstasy and they are usually happy and grateful. 

Another part to great touch is us knowing ourselves, what we like and don’t like generally speaking – I know I don’t like poking on my body or pain. Every person we play with is different, they bring new skills, experience and texture to the way they touch and we interact together.

Try this on yourself (first) 
Place one hand on your forearm or mid thigh, sit comfortably and begin to notice your body, intending to be present with your arm, noticing your breathing, noticing what is happening in your hand and the part that is touching… warm, cool, texture….
Begin slowly exploring and touching this part of your body like you have never experienced it before, 
Slow your touch down even more – what are you noticing?
Try touching with different parts of your hand, your fingers, finger nails, insides of your fingers, backs of your hands, palms of your hands…

Slow your touch even more… what do you notice? 
Can you feel the touching hand and the part being touched – are they different?

If you touched your partner this this much presence, curiosity and noticing… what do you think might happen? How might your interaction might change. 

Touch in play is so important, because when it is great it creates an atmosphere of trust and wellbeing, allowing for deeper states of bliss and pleasure to be had. 

I would love to hear how your touch has changed and if you noticed any differences. 

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  • Affection1957


    More than a month ago

    I joined this site in the hope of meeting someone nice, to enjoy and Experience some loving lntimacy !
    I have always wanted to feel close to someone and have a genuine connection with them.
    lt is often said that Women enjoy having sex through lntimacy. Where as men ONLY get to experience intimacy through having sex?
    As a guy. I have always wanted to express loving affection and feel being intimate with the person that I am with.
    I would absolutely love to be able to enjoy and experience a wonderful girlfriend experience with a lady that I could get to meet.
    But I get the feeling that women on this site , think that when a guy mentions intimacy they think that you are too needy or to Clingy?
    lt is so much different for women. Women can share their feelings etc and have an intimate relationship with both men and women.
    Guys don't have the luxury!
    So a guy can ONLY get to experience and enjoy some honest genuine intimacy with a woman.
    We all have our needs and desires. So why shouldn't a guy need some intimacy just like a woman?
    We all need to feel a connection with at least one person on this earth.
    lf you don't have a connection with someone it is a lonely life?

    So. Just because I would like to share some intimacy with someone on here.
    Doesn't necessarily mean that I want or am needing to Fall in Love? I would be quite happy to enjoy a wonderful girlfriend experience with someone nice.
    Being able to kiss and cuddle and to be able to show some affection as well as some passion love making.
    But would be more than happy to enjoy c such an awesome experience and know that it would be strictly No Strings Attached.
    Are there any women on this site that would like to enjoy such a thing as what I would like.
    Or are you ALL on here just wanting hot raunchy sex with a younger guy so that you can just get your rocks off; without any of the foreplay etc?
    No kisses or cuddling,

  • Lexecutie


    More than a month ago

    I love the article, very well done.
    Touch became my biggest fascination after I was diagnosed with Marfan's syndrome, basically on top of the classic symptoms(being tall with longer limbs, creepy looking ;) I also have zero reflex response and little to no sensation in most of my extremities and my poor circulation gives me cold AF hands.
    So getting past all that was my challenge I guess, but not all hope is lost, even if my sensations are diminished I'm still a Reiki Master :)
    I've tried almost everything when it comes to me being touched, good, bad and borderline torture but most of it had no effect(besides being kinky). So I prefer to be able to give fantastic touch, as bringing pleasure to another is how I get my rocks off(selfish of me I know ;)

  • friskypuz


    More than a month ago

    To be blindfolded and touched, not knowing from where, when or how your to be touched is very erotic, or even who is going to touch where, if more than 2 involved..

  • Ifuwannadome


    More than a month ago

    if someone touches me and rubs me all over, im soooo gone

    • gocrow

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      Being sensual and the caressing a woman's body is something I have missed for a long time. Being in the shower and soaping her body is so erotic.

  • cowgaluvoldrmen


    More than a month ago

    Yep affection and pampering never killed anyone
    Myself I think affection is very important
    Make a gal feel wanted

    • Ifuwannadome


      More than a month ago

      yep i lov it, its better than anything

    • cowgaluvoldrmen

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      I do have to agree :-)

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    the undressing of your partner and all the touching involved is just so sensual , and very very sexy i love it

  • XxxVIPxxX


    More than a month ago

    i love it

  • Satisfy you

    Satisfy you

    More than a month ago

    I find the key to having a good sexual session is this.

    Approach what is happening with a sense of wonder, awe, reverence, and respect.

    The permission your partner has given you is a very special privilege that will open the door to a beautiful and ecstatic world of intense shared intimacy that will refresh and renew both your bodies and souls.

    Treat this time with respect. It is not a license to rush towards your own climax without caring for your partner's needs.

    • Lexecutie


      More than a month ago

      I couldn't agree more, you've pretty much word for worded my parent's "sex is sacred" speech. I've gone into every encounter with this mentality, makes for the best experience together.

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