Track Your Sexual Performance with i.Con Smart Condom

There are heaps of gadgets and apps on the market which track our lifestyles – everything from fitness to sleep. But if you’ve ever been curious about tracking your sexual performance this wearable technology promises to rate your pelvic performance in the bedroom. It’s like a Fitbit but for your man bits.

The i.Con smart condom isn’t actually a condom, it’s a lightweight, adjustable ring which is worn at the base of the penis and is the newest form of wearable technology. The product took British Condoms 3 years to develop and is in its final stages of testing before market release early in 2018.

Using sensors and nano-chip technology the intimate gadget compiles data while the ring is worn during sex and then uploads the info via Bluetooth to a smart device. The performance reports reveal the total number of thrusts and the average velocity of the thrusts, as well as how often you have sex, the duration of your sessions and how many calories you burned during sex.


The i.Con website proudly declares “The future of your sex life starts here” but as the product doesn’t improve pleasure or make you a better lover that’s a bit of a stretch.
"Users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world," the product description says because, apparently, the world needs to know our intimate statistics. Perhaps we should include this in profile information on Adult Match Maker? 

And with an 8 hour battery life we’re guessing it will outlast even your longest bedroom marathon. 

Our advice, if you’re a sex nerd and can’t wait to see how you match up on the sex leader board then grab your credit card but if you want to get a rating on your performance in the bedroom, why not ask your partner.


More than two weeks ago
FitBit CockRing. What will they think of next?
Is it adjustable? Or One Size Fits All kind of deal?
More than a month ago
Does it have a targeted a pedometer aims you at 10,000 steps?? I can see it now..."OooOoOoh...cant stop yet...need to get in 200 more!"
More than a month ago
Sex should be natural. I wouldn't want to take the enjoyable pleasure out of my sex life by wearing a gadget around my cock.
More than a month ago
I would break that.
More than a month ago
Average velocity of thrusts? I can imagine a man silly enough to wear this will feel compelled to ram his cock as hard and fast as possible to “increase” his sexual performance. Qualitative feedback is better than quantitative in this case.
More than two weeks ago
Exactly! Possible ouch!
More than a month ago
More than a month ago

This has to be a joke, no?

Everyone is different when getting down and dirty in the throws of passion.

Money would be better spent elsewhere.
More than a month ago
More narcissistic twatwaffle invented to make someone with too much money even richer.
More than a month ago
what's next one for our tongue or fingers
More than a month ago
Seriously, thrust, verlosity? What ever..
Sex us not just that.. its play before and after, oral .. you use everything like your hands; tongue etc.. how does this device rate that.. wast of money i say
More than a month ago
OMFG - would anyone really use this?
More than two weeks ago
Whatever happened to the simple concept of just enjoying some good honest , sweaty , lustful passion , and sharing as much pleasure as possible ?
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