Nude Yoga Girl is Inspiring Body Positivity

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga naked

Since 2015 when she launched her Instagram account an anonymous model, yoga enthusiast and photographer has amassed over 770,000 followers using the pseudonym Nude Yoga Girl

Her nude shots which are carefully positioned to keep within Instagram’s strict guidelines, generate the usual comments from men such as “show some pussy” but she rises above it all and documents her own journey towards self acceptance through yoga. Her motto is “you are beautiful exactly the way you are”. And she encourages her followers to share their own stories of body positivity. The result is yoga devotees around the world are stripping off their clothes and taking up complex positions au natural using the hashtag #NYGYOGA or #nudeyogagirl.


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In an interview with The Cut back in 2015 when she started her Instagram account she said “I’ve been working in an industry that is purely based on looks since I was 15. Yoga has taught me that the most important thing is how I feel, not how I look from the outside. During yoga classes everybody just concentrates on their practice; people don’t compare each other or care how anybody looks.”

“My biggest issue in the past was that I saw faults in my body all the time, and that made it impossible for me to love myself fully. The way you look doesn’t matter — anybody can see faults and have that feeling of not liking themselves. With my account I want to inspire people to realize that everybody is very beautiful and capable of [doing] amazing things with their bodies. Yoga helped me accept my body exactly the way it is. Nowadays people can easily get a very false idea of ideal beauty and what nudity truly means because it’s shown mostly in a sexual and unrealistic way.”


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Naked yoga isn’t new. In fact it’s been around pretty much since people started practising yoga. 

Michelle Flynn founder and Director of Lightsouthern, Australia's most reputable adult production company told us, “We incorporated a naked yoga scene into Momentum, Vol.3 because we believe that sex positivity is the gateway to personal pleasure, so supporting healthy living and a fun attitude towards sex and the female form is an important part of what we do. A part of our ethos is being unpretentious, bold and sexy, comfortable in our own skins, and we want people watching to be too.” 

So Nude Yoga Girl isn’t the first yogi to go naked but her account goes far beyond gratuitous nude photos, it’s the thoughts and musings which go with the images which are having such a powerful affect on women around the world.

On one post she wrote, “You have to remember that the point of yoga is not to be able to stick your foot behind your head. The point is to connect yourself to the deepest part of you. Which is the beauty of naked yoga. It's a literal shedding of clothing, baggage, judgment - anything that might hold you back from being in the moment and appreciating your body for what it's capable of, not what it looks like.”

We confess Corpse Pose – the body is prone and still and the mind is relaxed – is the only pose we’ve mastered but we’ll keep following Nude Yoga Girl for daily inspiration. 


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Follow Nude Yoga Girl on Instagram to view her beautiful photos and be inspired by her messages of positivity.


  • Metta2015


    More than a month ago

    I agree with Masterplussub. I've practised yoga for almost 20 years...and she isn't using any asana I recognise. Also she isn't toned in the way serious yogi often are....she is however painfully and unhealthily thin.

  • MissThatTouch


    More than a month ago

    I love yoga...such an amazing feeling deep inside myself and my body, whenever I get on my mat at home...which is almost daily.
    Even though Im not naked when I do it...and my poses may not be 'textbook' sometimes...the essence and connection of it does feel as if I am naked - stripped right back to the raw connection of this body of mine (which isnt societal 'perfect' so receives judgment from some in todays society) and the universe around me, and what life is really about. When on my mat..nothing else matters...least of all, what my body 'looks like'.
    Yoga absolutely brings about body positivity...if you're prepared to let go and just embrace 'what is' instead of 'what you wish it would be'.

    (As an aside..this womans body is amazing! My body will never be like hers..but that doesnt matter to me, comparing mine to hers would be doing mine a Im not her..I am me).

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    I agree with Leolady 727

  • Austphil


    More than a month ago

    Just stripped off all my cloths, bent over in front of the mirror, please reassure me again, or was that not a Yoga pose? If so what position will I look fantastic in naked? Also tried what I think was the lotus, for god sake would some one help me up.

  • Leolady727


    More than a month ago

    Excuse me - HOW is showing shots of a perfect body encouraging positivity? More likely to make women look at it and think that they can't possibly compete with that. What she's doing is exhibitionism, pure and simple.

  • Conservativebi


    More than a month ago

    Her body is amazing

  • Masterplussub


    More than a month ago

    Sorry none of the above pictures are yoga except the lotus, (note no extension through Achilles) and she is not working her body the way a yoga student should. Lovely to look at but she is more a gymnast than a yoga student . As a yoga master for over 30years I like to see postures done correctly. Yes i to do my private practice naked .

  • Petitenudist123


    More than a month ago

    I always do my yoga in the nude.

    • Fenreer

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      The only way to fly!!


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