Our first visit to a Swingers Resort was the sexiest holiday ever!

Have you wondered what happens at a swingers resort, and maybe wondered if it was something you would enjoy?  Every couple who enjoys this type of holiday has experienced that first time walking into the resort.  For most couples their first time at a swingers resort is a challenging and scary experience - for about the first 10 minutes.  Let us explain by telling you about our first swingers resort experience.

About 6 years ago, we decided that we were going to have 7 nights at one of the largest swingers resorts in Mexico.  We had been married about 19 years and we were looking to add some spice to our relationship.  We came to the conclusion that we were going to push some boundaries.  We were not interested in swinging, that was a boundary which was too far to be pushed at this stage.  We just wanted to do something which was sexy and would help us reconnect in a strong way.  Keep in mind that we had never been naked in front of anyone else since we started dating.  This was a very big step for us.

The booking was made about 4 months before the trip.  It was exciting and very sexy researching and discussing what we thought would happen.  Then we realised that there were "Theme Nights".  After much confusion and research, we worked out what was expected and had a wonderful time purchasing various sexy outfits. 

In the weeks leading up to the holiday, we had a number of conversations about what we expected, what we hoped for and what our boundaries were.  The clear articulation of our boundaries was definitely the smartest move we made.

The holiday finally arrived.  We endured the dubious joy of long haul flights to the States and flew down to Cancun.  The experience of walking into the foyer of the resort was surreal.  Looking back on what was going through both our minds, it's a wonder we didn't turn tail and run.  We think every first timer goes through this process.  The images that you are fat, your suntan isn't right, the fear that other people will ridicule you, the fear that you will be required to have sex with people where you are not interested.  Basically every insecurity we had ever harboured came out with a vengeance.  

We signed in and had our welcome champers.  It was about 2pm, so the receptionist suggested we have lunch before we go to our room as the lunch service was about to finish.  We walked to the dining room, fully clothed, sat and enjoyed our lunch.  Everybody inside the dining area was clothed, everyone outside was naked.  Having lunch was probably an error, because it was more time for the brain to run through all the potential disasters which awaited us once we were sans clothing.  We finished our meal and left the restaurant to find our room.

As we left the restaurant, we were greeted by the sight of a naked woman running towards us.  She was holding two fingers (pointer and middle fingers) over her nipples.  At the time, it struck both of us as odd that she would cover her nipples, but not her pubic area, if she was trying to cover up.  She stopped about a meter in front of us, looked us up and down and said, "First time here?".  We answered yes (we really must have looked like rabbits in a spotlight).  The woman smiled and in a very commanding voice stated, "Get naked, get in the pool.  I will see you there in 5 minutes."
Her actions were friendly, welcoming and broke the tension for us.  We dropped our bags in our room.  We got into our swimmers for the walk to the pool and headed out.  Pulling off the swimmers at the pool in front of everyone was intimidating.  Of course, no one looked and no one cared.  5 minutes later, plastic glass of whiskey in hand, we were totally and utterly relaxed.  We both felt completely natural and were being welcomed by people who remain our friends to this day.  The people around us ranged from early 30s to their 60s, some in their 70's.  There was every conceivable body shape.  Nobody judged and everybody was respectful.

We still look back on that week as the sexiest holiday of our lives.  Nobody made inappropriate advances or comments.  We did not feel pressured in any way.  It was an amazing experience and a very powerful way to reconnect as a couple.  We had not been this turned on by each other since our honeymoon.

Our advice is simple.  If you have not been to a swingers resort, give it a go.  Make it about you as a couple.  Make sure you discuss what you are hoping for and clearly define your boundaries.  It is sexy, it is naughty and it is so much fun.  If the only thing stopping you is body image and fear of how other people may react to your body, put that out of your mind.  EVERYBODY is beautiful when they are naked!!!!  Nobody will care, everybody will be encouraging and respectful.  Have a look at our website, www.aineevents.com.  If you take the risk, you will surprise yourself at how much you enjoy it.

One last thing.  The lady who covered her nipples and ordered us into the pool.  Turns out she wasn't covering up.  She was covering he nipples to keep them warm because they ache when she is wet, out of the pool and running to the toilet.

Have a swinging day!


  • fantasyfun78
    More than a month ago

    This was an amazing experience for my husband and I, everything is so true in the story above i felt it all, but going to the cove has changed my life. Can't wait to go back and see all our new friends.

  • hotbajan
    More than a month ago

    Great article!! It can be quite intimidating going to a swingers resort initially. It does help sometimes to go with other likeminded friends as a group. I was lucky enough to go to Hedo with a former swing partner more than 10yrs ago when I still lived in the Caribbean. We went with a US swingers group and not only did it make it a lot cheaper, but it helped to go with folks who have been there before to help give us pointers. It was the trip of a lifetime and certainly you should stay on the nude side.

  • LadyDragon Photo
    More than a month ago

    Hey Aine lovelies!!!
    SOOOO looking forward to our catchup AGAIN!!! Sun, sex and sensual surroundings, spectacular people & great food, accommodation & staff... not to mention the fun theme nights! My profile pic shows my naughty maid's outfit from January... as usual THAT didn't stay on for long!
    Anyone wanting a wonderful experience, nude sunshine & all of the above should check out Aine Events... you're certainly missing something special. No judgement - except that it's a wonderful place to share a great time...
    Hugs to A & N x

  • fuckmonkeys Photo
    More than a month ago

    Hi guys, We just came back from Desire Resort in Cancun and it was amazing. I was wondering if that was the same resort you described in your article. We were asked numerous times whether there was anything similar in Australia so it's great to see that there is now somewhere closer that can offer a similar experience. Hopefully we can get there in the not too distant future.

    • aine.couple Photo
      More than a month ago

      Hi Guys

      It was Desire Pearl and, like you, we had an amazing time. That is why we started this - it was so frustrating (and expensive) to have to travel all the way to mexico or europe to have a holiday like this.

      We hope to see you down the track :-)

  • Supman88
    More than a month ago

    Very well written nobody worries about body image or shouldn’t it’s about having fun ????

    • aine.couple Photo
      More than a month ago

      Our guests are all different body types and shapes. Nobody cares and everybody has a great time

  • Desire16 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Agree with the views
    We have just left Desire Pearl in Mexico and also spent 4 days at Hedo in Jamaica - big holiday!!
    Very comfortable environments and people talk to each other whereas at many vanilla resorts people stick to themselves
    Highly recommend but make sure you discuss boundaries before hand - beware that those boundaries may have to be reviewed as you spend time there
    Ps we packed more clothes for the clothing optional resort than for the rest of the holiday due to all the theme nights lol

    • aine.couple Photo
      More than a month ago

      Really great comment and great advice

  • qick-e
    More than a month ago

    sounds like a lot of fun , must look into it

    • aine.couple Photo
      More than a month ago

      Just keep in mind that it is a couples only getaway. You are more than welcome if you have a lady friend to bring with you :-)

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