Can I make my dick bigger?

Q: I keep seeing ads and products in sex shops etc that say you can make your dick bigger. Do these things actually work? How? And are they worth it?

A. Ah yes... The good ol’ marketing ploy of body shaming and telling you you’re not perfect, all with a view to (surprise surprise) sell you something. With women it’s usually about how skinny you aren’t and how much prettier you could be, and for men it’s all about how big your dick should be and how powerful a man you are.

Firstly I want to say, to beg, plead, and beseech you to not let it get to you. To any of you reading this.

No one looks like a picture in a magazine. No one. Even the model whose photo it is doesn’t look like that in real life. They’ve been photshopped and airbrushed to within an inch of their reality, and the same goes for every single thing you see that is designed to make you spend money.

No one has the perfect body, or the perfect penis. There is no perfect size or shape, because every single person is different and likes and enjoys different things. 

But you have asked a specific question, and so I will reply to that as best I can.

Do they work? Yes and no.

The most common dick grow products are pumps and creams. These both work differently but the results etc are often quite similar.

Pumps work by creating a vacuum and drawing blood into the area. Erections work by having blood pumped into the penis and causing it to grow, so creating a vacuum and pumping even more blood into it will definitely have a larger result than a regular erection. Most pumps come with cock-rings to slip around the base which, in turn, keeps the blood in the penis longer and therefore bigger for the period it is hard. 

This, however, is not permanent. As soon as your erection goes down you’ll go back to being your regular size. If you use it frequently you can sort of “train” your penis to taking in that much blood in every erection, but it’s sort of a chicken and egg thing. It won’t last if you don’t keep using the pump, and too much use of a pump can end up putting too much pressure on, and eventually bursting, the delicate blood vessels in your penis, and that can be super painful!

The creams also work by drawing blood into the area, which can absolutely create a larger, thicker penis… However the feedback I get from these is mixed. Many guys have said yes, it definitely made it bigger, but it ALSO made it really sensitive and therefore unable to last as long in the bedroom, so it was a bit of a toss up as to what was more important to them… Most of them gave up the cream.

Apart from surgery (and I really don’t recommend that) there is one device I have come across that claims to give permanent growth up to a few inches. It’s a pretty crazy thing, though, and kind of looks a bit like a torture device. The best way to describe it is to compare it to those leg braces that some young women in Japan use to lengthen their legs (another completely unnecessary procedure to try and make people into something they aren’t). Basically it’s a clamp/vice that you wear on your penis (like for days) and you slowly twist the knobs to stretch the penis. It looks heavy and cumbersome and rather uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, but, like I said, the research and testimonials do say it works.

As a woman who has had a lot of fun with a lot of penises over the years I really really need to reiterate that size is mostly irrelevant. What counts is how you use it, and every other single thing that comes attached to it… Meaning the man himself.

Don’t get so hung up on size. Become an awesome man, and, for the right person, your penis will be perfect.


  • cristiangar2020
    More than a month ago

    Hahaha it's funny to read these kind of articles that motivate you, telling you that size doesn't matter hahahahaha, Common we are in a site where your penis is your face profile picture, where women write in their profiles that they prefer well hung man preferible more than 8 inches, and they write and article about this bullshit that size doesn't matter, super LOL.

    • DeliciousEva Photo
      More than a month ago

      Its almost as if... Shock horror... Some women like things differently to other women.

      I know... It's a hard concept to really fathom...
      But imagine it!!??
      Women with different tastes and personalities and preferences in their sex play...

      Just like men. Amazing but true.

  • ccoastfunguy
    More than a month ago

    Can you recommend some of the creams that work? Being a long stayer, sometimes ridiculously so, I would quite happily take a shorter period of time to reach orgasm, especialy if it was for a larger erection. That would be a double win

    • DeliciousEva Photo
      More than a month ago

      Probably the one I get the best feedback from is one called (unfortunate name I know) Mr Thick Dick.
      The NLarge cream is very similar too.
      In fact most of them are.

      Would love to hear back if you do try them! It's always good for penis owners to let me know so I, a non penis owner, can pass on the info to others.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Thanks Delicious. Will investigate the availability and let you know if I am able to locate some.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Not sure about Eva's experience.

      There are sensitising gels around, herbal and clinical. Ask your doctor about it.

      As best as I know there are only 2 types of cream that may help make you bigger.

      1. A transdermal cream containing DHT. Apparently this is only effective if you have active androgynous receptors to respond to DHT which decline after the mid 20's in males. This is why it is used to assist under sized genital development of pubescent males during teenage years.

      2. Vascular or blood flow improving creams, maybe! Quite a variety out there and all seem to be the magic cure according to marketing but real medical studies cast a lot of doubt on their effectiveness. When you look at the ingredients many seem to be the same as hand creams so at least you will have a nice smooth skin to your dick :-) There are evidence based herbal creams around that do stimulate small blood vessel blood flow and may help with penis size maintenance but not growth. Yes your dick can shrink as there needs to be a certain level of DHT to maintain penile structure as well as good blood flow.

      If you investigate the Jelqing forums, using a vascular support cream whilst jelquing apparently does help but as to evidence based studies, none have been conducted that I can find any reference to.

  • eden229 Photo
    More than a month ago

    well said!

  • Aseasyas123
    More than a month ago

    Thanks. Always wondered and you've convinced me unequivocally. No change for me. If a woman wants an eight inch minimum they can ... Go elsewhere.

  • LifeIsFleeting
    More than a month ago

    Good article as usual thank you.

    You have not mentioned "Jelqing " which is where you basically stretch massage with pressure your semi hard erection much like milking a cow teat daily. You do it so it is not quite painful for any result. Plenty of info on the net with some specific sites where the routine is better explained than my simple comments. It seems to work better for teenagers but has diminishing returns as you get older. Sort of along the same lines as the penis traction device mentioned in the article.

    The penis size argument will always be around for at least a couple of reasons IMHO;

    (a) Male competition - mines bigger than yours so I am better - like the male had a say about their inherited genetics! This ego driven argument is as always a part of human nature and the same happens on the female side boasting about the big ones they have had. BTW my family males are much bigger than average, I am the shortest :-o

    (b) Quite a few woman consistently advertise they want 8 or 9 inches minimum for males to even "apply". Well that is fair enough as there can be a few drivers here;
    1- The psychology of male domination/virility etc which forms a part of the submission head space, a big subject in it's own right.

    2. The woman may well have a larger vagina and need the extra size. I had an excellent partner for quite a while who was focused on anal penetration because her vagina was so "Very Roomy" as she put it. She definitely was and I was quite pleased to assist her in discovering the joys of her inheritance rather than being embarrassed :-)

    This touches on another subject that is almost taboo, Vagina sizes. Whilst I happen to love a big or stretchy vagina, many guys seem to believe the mythos of a virginal tight pussy being a most prized female attribute. Such Stereotypes abound in this type of discussion!

    3. Size versus Girth - How many woman actually want the extra girth and associate a longer penis length as providing that.? There are a few 9" x 1.5" and even fewer 9" x 2" yet there are many more 6" x 2" and 7 x 2.5" around. Real 10'" and plus are fewer again statistically even in Australia and we do better than many other nations. BTW, If you want statistically big look at the Nordic derivative groups where men and women are well above most other racial group statistics in genital sizes.

    There are quite a few variables that enter this discussion quickly and I look forward to reading many other comments on the matter.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Don't mean to offend any woman who read this but my ex was against anal sex cause she had a tight vagina .Mainly because she couldn't give birth through her vagina.So yeah it was very tight; sometimes too tight and I don't have a big penis . My penis falls into the average sized range. Anyhow my ex always said if you have to have anal sex then the woman's vagina is too lose ! We had no trouble pleasing each other in bed !!

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Which goes to the other subject of vagina sizes which vary as much as do penis sizes! But the research on this subject is almost non existent. There is a lot more gynaecological research on Pelvis sizes but that does not always equate to vaginal size. We are human with all the unique variations that encompasses!

    • DeliciousEva Photo
      More than a month ago

      I really don't want to say anything other than your ex had no fucking clue what they were on about. Vaginas don't work that way.
      But thanks or playing

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