Period sex is an awkward topic to discuss

Q: An interesting topic came up in AMM chat the other day about sex with women on their period. Is it a fetish? Are many people into that sort of thing?

A. Having sex while menstruating is an interesting and very divisive topic. It’s definitely an individual thing, like all things to do with sex, and, like all things to do with sex, can range from just a sex thing to a fetish.

One of the great ironies of being a woman is the strange contradicting messages our bodies send us when we’re menstruating. Like, you can be curled up in a moaning ball of cramps and bloating and hating every little thing ever, and be so freaking horny it’s ridiculous. Research also shows that the contractions our bodies go through when they are orgasming, as well as the chemicals and endorphins that are released, can be really good for helping take away the pain of cramps… But you can also feel so disgustingly gross that the idea of being touched in any way, let alone intimately, can make you want to punch, even with the possibility of feeling better afterwards.

There are ways to have sex on your period that don’t include blood (sponges are your friend!), but I don’t think that’s what your question is about, so let’s stick with the blood...

The idea of blood, for many, is a big turn off. The mess, the smell, the staining etc, and for others it’s not an issue at all. Sex is messy anyway, so what’s a little bit more mess? Just pop some towels down… It really is an individual thing.

As for fetishes, yes, there are period fetishists. Just like Rule 34 states that if you can think of it there’s probably porn made about it, the same goes for fetishes. Anything and everything has the possibility to become someone’s be all and end all of sex, and menstrual blood is no different. It is called “menophilia” (from what I can tell it’s a relatively new-ish word made up to describe this fetish so you won’t find it in many dictionaries, but it’s all over the internet) and although it’s not as common or spoken about as something like foot fetishes or BDSM it is definitely a thing, and can be an incredible turn on for some. And in fact men who have a fetish for period sex are called Blood Hounds. A lot of the time the fetish is about tasting the blood, so an oral sex thing, but it can also be about the look of the blood, the smell and feel of it, and even the actual scientific/biological process behind it – It being the ultimate expression of femaleness, womanhood, and feminine power. It is most commonly men who have the fetish, but it isn’t unheard of in women.

Just like any sort of sex it is important to be aware of safety, and the fact that there is blood involved can up the risk slightly, so be very aware of any sort of open cuts or areas where blood and bodily fluids can come into contact with you.

As with all things sex and fetish, it is important to openly communicate your needs to the person you want to indulge with, and when it comes to fetishes it is really important to not only be aware that something you love might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but also to support and be respectful of someone if they openly confess theirs to you. Remember, you never have to do anything you don’t want to or are uncomfortable with, just as you should never try and push someone into something they don’t want to do. 

In saying all that, sometimes it can be a little bit fun and exciting to step out of your comfort zone with a trusted person, so it is also important to keep an open mind and open lines of communication.

Until next time, may all your sex be amazing, and all your fetishes indulged.


  • christiano1000
    More than a month ago

    A good pirate sails the Red Sea

  • 4Erioed Photo
    More than a month ago

    Sex is great while on period. I've found most guys are pretty relaxed about it but a handful would be freaked out. Nothing weird.

  • John1501
    More than a month ago

    Blood is a natural lubricant, makes it really slippery

  • More4fun71
    More than a month ago

    It doesn't bother me. Put some towels down and don't worry about it. It helps with the cramps and pain.

  • maddoo Photo
    More than a month ago

    scientifically speaking...... period blood is highly toxic and in some countries women actually use it to harm others North afric and far and middle eastern country..!!! however i could be wrong but i know i am not, in addition some period blood have very unbearable smell depends on the personal hygiene and the like.

  • triXXXi66 Photo
    More than a month ago

    i have found it to not only be totally arousing to have sex when in menses but the orgasm is worth the clean up! heheh

  • hotaussie74
    More than a month ago

    Never been an issue for me. If my partner wants to have sex during her period it is perfectly fine with me. Put some towels underneath and the bit of mess is cleaned up easily

  • azurekingfish
    More than a month ago

    ive had sex with my partner during her period she was worried about getting blood on my cock but that was of no concern to me just washed the blood off having a period is natural but there may be a risk of infection as far as the lady is concerned

  • FoxyOne001
    More than a month ago

    menstruation is natural, sex is natural............. never been an issue for me

  • Lolliesluvlace Photo
    More than a month ago

    Its an interesting comment..everyone to their own..preferences..
    I think that's another reason why..younger guy prefer older woman..for they don't have that period thingy everymonth also to avoid being for having sex while ovulating..for me..I have experience it when I was younger..but hygernically speaking..not adviceable..Regards

  • FullMast
    More than a month ago

    Can attest to the fact that my partner feels better after punching someone! :)

  • 1thatlikesthat
    More than a month ago

    It's messy embarrassing and not the best way to have sex.

  • Henmvy2
    More than a month ago

    I once had a female Chiropractor who recommended orgasm, chocolate and wine for pain relief. She advised that which one, what order and the frequency of use was up to me.

    All 3 helped with period pain. Often orgasm good in pre-menstrual phase. Used to crave this as much as chocolate. We all work out if we want to share or go solo.

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