4 Fitness Essentials You Can't Ignore!


Does being super fit make you an exceptional lover? Of course not but it will certainly help. 

Having muscular endurance and stamina coupled with flexibility and lasting energy will always have appropriate applications in and out of the bedroom.

It's already well documented that sex burns almost as many calories as a 30 minute jog. In fact the physiological changes that happen in the body during exercise and sex are interchangeable. Let me give you an example…

Picture yourself in a dimly lit room, the music is set to a welcoming volume and tone. You know why you’re there, you know what is about to happen and the anticipation gives you an injection of adrenalin which make your heart beat stronger and you lungs fill with air. There is a familiarity with the person and an undertone of mystery. You start to feel internally warm and your skin starts to glisten as a light sweat starts to form over all over body. Within only minutes your heart is racing, the volume and intensity has escalated and the endorphins kick in as the rhythmic beat of the music matches the movement through your hips and vibrations through your chest! Over the next 30 minutes you are taken through waves of intensity, building to one final climax.

As your heart and lungs start to recover and normalise the lights in the room are turned up and you come to the reality that your the session is now over. You smile to yourself as you leave euphoric on an endorphin high knowing you that was your best performance yet. You can’t wait for your next spin class next week…

I'm going to share the 4 Fitness Essentials with you

No need to go to your gym and ask for a sex specific workout program. Follow these guidelines and you will find yourself having a command over your own body and physiology that is specifically applicable to your next sexual rendezvous.   

Build strength internally and externally

Strength in relation to your bodyweight is one of the best indicators of fitness. Three of the best strength movements you can do are lunges, push ups and pull ups. With these 3 exercises you will effectively work every muscle in your body. These are all classed as compound movements, which also stimulate your body to produce testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle development, raising your libido and giving you ego and confidence. Use progressive overload techniques including increasing load weight, increasing repetitions, increasing set and reducing rest period to progress your strength gains.

Build staying power and get cardio fitter

Having effective cardio fitness means having a strong effectiveness of moving blood around the body. At arousal blood flow is elevated and much like high intensity exercise, maintaining a heightened state of arousal is determined on how effective you can keep blood flowing to all the right areas. Interval training can be fantastic for building cardio fitness and also is effective for reducing recovery times. Spin classes or boxing sessions are perfect!

Getting more flexible is the key to moving

Your ability to move through a wide range of motion comfortably is a skill that is highly sought after in a number of different scenarios. Lasting flexibility only comes with a time commitment to stretching. A large focus must be given to your hips as they are the largest joint in our body surrounded by the largest muscles of the body (glutes, quads and hamstrings). The most effective way of committing time to stretching is attending a yoga class. Fluid movement through the hips and smooth range will reduce your chance of injury particularly through the lower back. A regular stretch/yoga session will keep you supple and limber ready to perform

Energy and passion are created, not found!

What is energy? Where does it come from?

The food we eat, is a source of fuel, but is NOT the source of energy.
Sleep is the way we recover and recharge, but is NOT the source of energy. 

Your energy comes from within your mindset and mentality. Happiness, confidence and passion. The more you move the more you want to move. The more energy you generate the more you will have. And like a self fulfilling prophecy you will attract people that have energy and you will be attracted to people that have energy. The contagious nature of energy is why rock concerts are electrifying, why night clubs and bars are hives of activity and why gym fitness classes push you beyond your limits.

Your energy and passion makes you more desirable and will elevate your confidence allowing you to experience with no fear.  

Playful, Erotic, Passionate, Unique, Daring, Intimate, Loving… our encounters with other human beings are experiences that can be enjoyed to the fullest when you have a strong command over yourself physically and emotionally.

So get strong and fit, limber up and go change someone’s life, one mind blowing encounter at a time!


  • CuriousGentAB
    More than a month ago

    If this helps, can say from personal experience that fitness can improve a lot things with sex. Another thing is it can make you feel better about yourself e.g. how your muscles and body look and feel, feeling happier and more energetic. Sexually, the confidence that can come from fitness helps a lot. Even small exercises like kegels. Me being a guy, can imagine things being similar for women. Getting strength from kegels can lead to much stronger orgasms for the guy. If you enjoy receiving anal, relaxing for pain free is a lot easier.

  • Justme19687
    More than a month ago

    I'm a prifetional dancer , I recommend dancing , for 3 good reasons : 1rs is fun 2nd is a good cardio and 3rd in this is the most important part you will attract more ladies :-)

  • Slimshaddy
    More than a month ago

    As a PT instructor I would recoment metafit classes; as it has high interval training; its got the squats, burpies;jumps etc; to build your cardio vascular indurance as well as promote testosterone levels .

  • Looklustlick
    More than a month ago

    Well as a fit active man this is no news and I must say the active women I have known certainly prove this correct;-)

  • EroticTouch2017
    More than a month ago

    So true....if you love sex and want to be able to perform.....GET FIT!

  • Countrylad89
    More than a month ago

    Bike riding and squats done ...

  • KinkyGirl101
    More than a month ago

    I think you get to a point where you realise you have to start "adulting". Staying fit isn't as easy once you pass 40. I've been back at the gym for 6 months and feel younger and more energised than I could imagine. A timely article to remind us all that you need to work on both your body and your mindset to stay healthy and passionate about life.

  • Leolady727
    More than a month ago

    Oh, so nice to know that only young, fit people can have great sex!

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      That's definitely not what the article says. It's a reminder that you need to move it or lose it and that goes for confidence as well as your overall stamina and energy.

    • Leolady727
      More than a month ago

      Well, the illustration is a young guy and this article seems to be aimed at young people. I do appreciate that one needs to keep fit - I swim at least 20 laps every morning - but I baulk at the idea that fitness is the be-all and end-all and (as a chef) HATE the fact that this article describes food as "fuel"!

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Probably as written by a younger guy with a younger photo you may get the wrong impression, but it does read that its a broad article for everyone. I'm 54 and have eaten organically for last 16 years and feel better than in my 20's. I do use food for fuel for sex and stay clear of high fats and high protein so can have a great time no bloating etc. Of course there is the wine and dine scenario too and that can lead to a hot passionate time but being fit is the answer to the best sex. If you aren't fit you are just using excuses why you're aren't. Ultimately if you're not fit you will never know what the ultimate sexual pleasure can be achieved.

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      All the illustrations are your people , no
      Just this article , but I'm with the editor

  • Sextraordinary
    More than a month ago

    Fucking is just sooo much fun, being as energetic as you can get is a great workout! Much better than jogging ;o) I'm not known as the eveready pussy for nothing! At 66, thankfully (ta mum & dad for the genes) I'm relatively fit and flexible... also thanks to the constant workouts with my playmate! And of course the swinging couples, etc that we meet. Keeps ya mind occupied and fit too!

  • 50shadesoffun66
    More than a month ago

    awesome ideas everything we know already but not implementing in our lives lol

    • allinmymind
      More than a month ago

      I found it quite informative, great article. I am not so down on yoga classes now. I have watched a spin class from NZ on youtube, I think they are having sex in class at least in their minds lol

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