5 Surprising Scientific Reasons why you should Sleep Naked


Au naturel, in the buff, wearing your birthday suit, naked, undressed, bare assed. Whatever you call it, sleeping naked and keeping your core body temperature regulated is actually the way to heat things up in the bedroom.

Check out these scientific reasons why you should sleep in the buff and bask in the glory of your nakedness. 

You'll have better quality shut-eye

To fall asleep your body's core temperature needs to drop slightly and in order to stay asleep it needs to regulate itself throughout the night.  If you get too hot your brain will wake you up to find out why you're so hot. Clothing can interfere with this natural fluctuation so wearing your birthday suit will actually help your body regulate its temperature.

Sleeping naked also means less distractions - no clothes getting tangled or twisted - resulting in a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

People who sleep naked also report less incidence of insomnia and a Dutch study found that participants whose body temperatures were lowered recorded deeper sleep for longer periods of time. 

You'll have more sex

If you're sleeping next to someone, skin-on-skin contact encourages physical availability which can ultimately lead to a more active sex life.  A naked body lying next to you generally means more cuddling which triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone which increases your sex drive and makes you feel more connected to your partner. 

A UK poll found that 57% of people who slept in the nude reported being happy in their relationships vs 48% of people who wore PJs. 

It's thought that the more time you spend naked, the more comfortable you will be in your own skin. Being more comfortable leads to being more confident which also makes you more attractive to others. 

And in our article 6 Weird and Wonderful Things That Make Men Horny! we revealed that clean sheets are actually a turn on so why spoil the moment with PJs. Bedding can feel wonderfully soft which can relax your body and encourage more intimacy with your partner.

Your pink bits will be healthier

Bacteria thrives in moist, warm environments so wearing PJs or underwear increases your odds of getting an infection.

For women, sleeping naked lets them air out their hoo-ha. Cooler, more airy sleeping conditions can help prevent yeast infections resulting in a healthier vagina.

For men, testes will remain at a cooler temperature and this helps keep your sperm healthier. In fact wearing loose underwear during the day and sleeping naked can result in a 25% increase in sperm quality. 

And in our recent article we talked about your penis needing quality shut eye and that sleeping less than 5 hours a night lowered the testosterone levels of young, healthy guys by 10% after only a few days.

Who would have thought that free balling was a healthy option!

You'll boost your metabolism 

If you overheat during the night your cortisol levels tend to stay high even after you've woken up.  Cortisol is a hormone and high levels can lead to increased anxiety and stimulate your appetite for comfort food. 

A diabetes study in 2014 found that when people slept in a chilly room they produced a greater volume of brown fat, a healthy fat that burns calories to generate body heat. So keeping your body temperature lower by sleeping in the nude can produce the same effect.

You'll look younger

While you sleep you naturally trigger the release of melatonin and growth hormones which are vital anti-aging hormones. A cooler sleeping environment (below 21 degrees celsius) helps the body regulate these hormone levels. Sleeping naked is sounding better and better!

Sleeping naked really is the new black! So ditch the PJs and indulge in some naked time tonight! 


More than a month ago
I've slept nude since I was a teen because it felt good had no idea that there were benefits to doing it besides the just being ready for sex reason
More than a month ago
I have slept nude my whole adult life and if my partner (when I have one) wears something I make it my mission to remove it and keep them nude, if I want to feel material I will cuddle a pillow (not)
More than a month ago
Incomplete!Naked is just but one part of the equation,you've mentioned clean sheets,but what about the sheets themselves?
More than a month ago
My Body Temperature is up and down...so I prefer to sleep Naked..To look Younger...
More than a month ago
i always sleep naked at home .. cant do when staying at daughters place for obvious reasons

More than a month ago
we both always sleep nude
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Sassfox.......Keep up the great work sleeping nude as it certainly is paying off for you.... wonderful !!!
More than a month ago
Nude is the only way to go.
More than a month ago
I have slept naked all my adult life heaps better.
More than a month ago
Yum always sleep naked just because its more comfortable. Anyone want to sleep naked with me?
More than a month ago
I always slept naked, but my current partner has to sleep with clothes on! I feel weird sleeping naked beside him so now I do!!!! I know who the bloody weirdo is and its not me!!! ????
More than a month ago
My current partner is doing the same, and I'm definitely not going the same path. just love my freedom too much :). definitely we are not weirdo..I much rather feel a body next to me than a piece of clothing..
More than a month ago
We have always slept naked and spend as much time nude in our secluded back yard, only time clothes get involved is cool weather- work or visitors not into nudity. Although sleeping naked allows free touching and veiwing by either, sexy lingerie is a very nice change.. Cheers n enjoy
More than a month ago
Sleeping in nude is by far the best. Less restriction, better sleep, better hard on in the morning, great instant sex. Love getting up in the morning in nude and do a bit stretching tai chi in the back yard..
More than a month ago
Your telling me some people wear clothes to bed... :p no pants, no worries haha
More than a month ago
I have slept in the nude all my adult life. Natural is best by far.
More than a month ago
Sleeping naked and without the restriction of any clothing is sublime! Nakedness in bed is sensual and sexy but if I sleep alone I sometimes just wear a loose Tshirt or put on my electric blanket so I can get into a warm bed. This is no substitute for a warm body but helps when it's cold and you live alone!!
More than a month ago
P J's What are they??? Might have worn them when I was a kid ,can't remember. Have tried but gave up, too restrictive and have a much better sleep in the nude and certainly has the advantage for spontaneity. Going nude is the best, frees the body and the mind.
More than a month ago
Could not even imagine not sleeping naked. Mind you I like to spend as much time as possible naked!
More than a month ago
PJs in winter or a top to keep the nips warm at least. If my nipples are so cold they feel like they are going to snap off, I can't get to sleep.
More than a month ago
I sweat profusely if i sleep naked. I wake up soaking wet. I have to wear boxers and a tshirt or i overheat. It's worse when i am cuddling someone in bed.
More than a month ago
Love sleeping naked but if I'm cold have to wear my socks to bed until I warm up, very romantic I know haha
More than a month ago
well that is such good news.
I sleep nude most times or else in a sexy nightie.
Naked is one feeling a nightie is another, but all good,
More than a month ago
I have always feel more comfortable and relaxed with no PJ.s Have slept in the buff all my adult life. Natural is best.
More than a month ago
I hate sleeping in pajamas . I get tangled in them
More than a month ago
same here Jo
More than a month ago
Sleeping naked gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom, easy access to my own body as well as that of the partner of the moment. That wonderful skin on skin and spooning a cock resting on my arse and a hand cupping my tit, oh so good.
More than a month ago
Couldn't agree more :-P
More than a month ago
I usually sleep naked but in Winter I love my pyjamas. And my sheepskin and kangaroo skin.
More than a month ago
I couldn't think of anything worse than sleeping with pyjamas on, they are so restrictive and unsexy.

I haven't slept with pyjamas since I was 16 and can't think of any reason why you would unless you were camping in the snow.

The feeling of cuddling up and spooning totally naked is almost as good as sex and to deny yourself that wonderful feeling of skin on skin amounts to sacrilege.
More than a month ago
Here here.
More than a month ago
we have slept naked all our married life which is 43years . It is nice to cuddle before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning or during the night We quite often fall asleep that way. It also helps with regular sex
More than a month ago
While I was married I slept with pj's all the time
and it is true we hardly had sex
But the day I left I slept nude and it felt great
and having partners in my bed or being in theirs
and we sleep naked is so much better
More than a month ago
Sleeping in the buff is great and I don't wear clothes at home unless I have too
More than a month ago
I have slept naked for many years and as the article says, if you are sleeping with a partner, it is so much nicer to easily feel the naked body next to you... It sure does increase the chances of sex!!!
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