How to Filter for Perfect Playmates

Perfect Playmates

Below is a process you can use for filtering out ideal playmates. A bit clinical I know, but when there are a lot of people out there, it’s good to have a way of determining who the ideal ones are! 

1. Their Profile

Check out their profile to see if it matches your ideal criteria. Does the blurb about them and their ideal partners read well? Is there plenty of information, spelling and is the grammar mostly good? Does it have a photo? If there are no photos we don’t even bother. If they have winked you without a photo you can reply asking for a photo first before progressing to the next part. Once you’re happy with the potential in the profile and they look “hot”, “cute” or “DAMN SEXY!” see how they go in conversation.

2. Ability to Converse

The criterion here is “can they carry on a decent conversation?” Single word answers and you driving the conversation by asking all the questions does not equate to a “conversation” in my mind.

Use the messaging system on AMM or if you're a trial member set up a time to chat in the chatroom one evening and see if the conversation is as sexy as their profile.  If they have a really “hot” profile, you might want to give them your email address straight up, but otherwise we look for the type of conversation we’d like to have in person.  Also remember that some people really are just shy to start with so give them a chance to relax.

3. Chat on the Phone

This is a good way to confirm they are serious, if they're not they’ll avoid talking to you. Again we look for an ability to chat easily; does the conversation flow? Are they contributing to the conversation or are we the ones driving it? I like to talk to people who have enough to say so that there are no long silences. There is nothing worse than struggling to have a conversation and if we can’t talk on the phone, chances are we can’t do it in person and who wants that awkwardness?

Sometimes the sound of their voice can help make the decision to meet too. I’ve talked to a few people who have great voices on the phone, but then I am a fairly auditory person so that can work for me.

4. Meet

Well if we’ve got this far, great, but this is where you decide if they have passed your playmate check list!

If they’re the single guys, it’s best to meet them for a coffee in the middle of the day and somewhere public and neutral. If they try to push for a “walk in the park” or somewhere private, forget it (unless you want to have sex with them that is!) When I say “meet’” it’s not code for “sex” but be aware that if you’re screening the single guys, sometimes everything is code for sex!

For couples we normally meet them together but then sometimes I’ve met one half on my own too. If I like them then I arrange a time to meet us both. If we’re able to meet them together, it’s usually somewhere public and neutral again… although we have had people we were really comfortable with just come to our house; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Other people do a web cam session to make sure you are real; just do whatever will work for you!

If the meeting goes well in that we can chat easily and there is some sort of physical attraction, playtime is possible. If not, just tell them so and move on.

5. Play

Woohoo! If we have gone through all of that, met them to find someone we really like and they like us (always important), then it’s playtime! Prearranged usually but spontaneous works too!

This is just how we do it, now you have to decide how you want to do it, keeping in mind that there are times that there are exceptions to the rule. The key is being flexible but knowing what is important to you at each point that lets you know that it’s ok to keep moving forward.


  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    How do you say your not interested without feeling bad

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      I think most people value honesty and would rather know that you're not interested than being led on or waiting patiently for that follow up message. So don't feel bad, you're not going to feel a connection with everyone.

  • mypalsal69 Photo
    More than a month ago

    profiles are a 2 dimensional advert in a catalogue .. no different to buying something online and realising it doesnt fit !!! .. where it can help to cut out the ones that are not looking for the same thing it doesnt automatically mean those that are left are compatible ...

  • Leolady727
    More than a month ago

    Love the point about spelling and grammar - back in the day, when my 2nd husband and I were into swinging, we used to advertise in a certain magazine and people would write to us. Husband always looked at the letters first and would toss some away, commenting "3 spelling mistakes, written in crayon" :-)

  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    This is too general. Some of the duddest meets have been with profiles that seemed perfect and some of my best times have been with profiles that seemed totally unsuitable. The point is...... just meet for a drink and you'll know within 5 minutes whether you'll both hit it off or not. Chemistry can't be judged through online profiles.

  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    Yes I agree, but there are some exemptions to the rule, as always. I fir example dont like to give out my phone number. As I have many a random late night phone call form some one who really needs to take a cold shower.
    Follow your gut instinct ladies, she is normally right

    • Leolady727
      More than a month ago

      What I do is have a prepaid sim for these contacts - if someone gets annoying, I just chuck out the sim card and get a new one!

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