The 10 steamiest TV show sex scenes


The very first television show to feature a married couple sharing a bed was Mary Kay and Johnny - it aired in 1947 and was far, far ahead of its time. These days, almost nothing is too taboo for TV, with gay and lesbian sex, group sex and light BDSM all perfectly normal on our television sets.

Thanks to these sexual leaps and bounds, some seriously talented actors and artful directors, we now bring you 10 of the steamiest sex scenes on TV. 

Game of Thrones

On a show that’s known primarily for its violence and sex, it’s hard to pick just one of those scenes as a winner when you could easily create a top 10 list just for this show. 

That said, who can deny the steamy sex scene between Jon Snow and wildling Ygritte? Jon has made vows to never ‘lie with a woman’, and the two are meant to be enemies. All of that is forgotten in a natural hot springs cave when Ygritte admits that perhaps Jon does know some things after all. 


Orange is the New Black

It’s a show about a women’s prison - we figured there would have to be a few sex scenes sooner or later and it turns out we didn’t have to wait long.

The infamous shower scene with Alex and Piper occurs approximately 20 seconds into the very first episode. Although short, it's a favorite because, well, you've got two hot girls in a shower, one of them is Alex, and it happens in the first 20 seconds. Enjoy!


Outlander has been touted as the series with the best sex on television. While it’s hard to pick just one that would please all tastes and preferences, there’s no denying this time-travelling tale will have you giving your playmate the sexy eyes.

Feast your eyes and your imagination on the 7th episode of the first season, when protagonist Claire finally gives in to sexy Sam Heughan. We wouldn’t have lasted past the first episode, to be honest. 


True Blood

What’s even hotter than sexy people getting it on? Sexy vampires! 

There’s no end to the number of sex scenes on this show, but one of our favourites is the orgy from the plot line when character Maryann Forrester has a special and supernatural talent for making other people have sex. Lots of it. 

But bad boy Eric Northman deserves a special mention (for so many reasons) and the scene which we fondly remember is season 5 when his love/hate relationship with his vampire "sister" Nora culminated in a super steamy scene.


Girls is fantastic for nothing else but its gritty reality, and it has some deeply honest sex scenes. The scene that got everyone talking (and therefore our favourite) is when the season kicks off with muso Desi with his face planted firmly in Marnie’s ass. No better way to get things moving than with a rim job, we say. 


Dexter takes a while to warm up to the idea of sex, but once he starts, we are so glad he got over his fear of intimacy. One of the hottest scenes of the show is his impossibly hot scene with sexy Lila in the second season. Sure, she turns out to be a little crazy, but we don’t figure that out until some serious onscreen skin time. 

The L Word

Here’s a hint, ‘L’ stands for lesbian, and while you can expect plenty of girl-on-girl action - as well as hetero action - on the show, a top scene is the one when Jenny opens up to the idea of sex with another woman for the first time … and finds out she quite enjoys it.  

Even better she goes back the next day for seconds.

Mad Men

Mad Men is set in the swinging 60s, and there’s no shortage of hot scenes to keep you interested. Joan may have the assets and Don Draper wins in the sex stakes per capita but it’s Peggy and Pete who took out our vote for best sex scene of the series. They have no problems steaming things up in the office late in the first season. 

Sons of Anarchy

If you’ve watched Sons of Anarchy, you probably already know which scene we’re going to pick. In what many have called a "fucktage", the show’s glorious three-minute long montage of sex scenes between main characters is something you could watch on loop - especially the part with Jax Teller aka Charlie Hunnam’s perfectly sculpted ass. 



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    Some great shows... but by the very nature of TV... and the fact that they are predominantly for the US market... any sex scene will be so restricted that the best bits are the parts your mind imagines.

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    Sons of Anarchy great show

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    The World Movie channel features all genres. A firm favourite cable TV channel, or is that a TV channel to get firm lol, either way its great.;)

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