Is it ok to swallow semen?


Q: I’ve always been a spitter, but I am starting to think I might try swallowing to save myself from rushing to the nearest sink every time I give a blow job. Is it ok to swallow semen?

A: So long as you’re swallowing semen willingly (and not just because he thinks it’s hot), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. There is evidence that some people are allergic to semen, but this is fairly rare. 

First of all, there’s simply no way swallowing semen can get you pregnant. When you swallow, the semen ends up in your stomach, where it is destroyed by stomach acid. At no point does it get anywhere near your uterus or ovaries, which is where it would need to be to get pregnant. The only real risk you are taking here is that of STIs, so be sure you and your partner have both been cleared before you have oral or penetrative sex without protection. 

It might even be good for you

A couple of years ago, a team of researchers at Melbourne’s Monash University School of Biological Sciences published a report on how some animals, such as squid, consume semen as a form of extra nutrition. 

This added fire to the debate around whether semen can actually be good for you. It contains protein, zinc, water, calcium, citric acid, enzymes and a few other ingredients that could add to your daily intake. Most of these studies are speculative, and the average ejaculation is only 2-5 mL, so we wouldn’t go replacing your five fruits and vegetables a day for a diet of semen just yet. 

Otherwise, it can be good for you simply by trying new things in the bedroom! You might find you enjoy the experience, which is always a win in our books.

When it can be bad for you

Unfortunately, some people can be allergic to sperm. We’ve talked about this before in an earlier article, so be sure to read it for the whole story, but for now we can tell you the basics. 

Its scientific name is seminal plasma hypersensitivity, and it will most likely cause symptoms such as inflammation, redness, itching, and burning, although these symptoms can become worse. As it’s uncommon, it can be misdiagnosed as an STI, so you can test the theory by using a condom to see if that stops the treatment. 

An allergy would affect the mouth during oral sex just as it would the vagina, and even more confusingly, you may react to one man’s semen but be fine with another’s. 

Remember too, that if you strongly dislike the taste or don’t enjoy swallowing at all, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so. If you’re not enjoying the sex as much as he is, it’s definitely something you should talk about with your partner. 


  • Fellator2145 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I started tasting my own semen and like the flavour so if I have the chance I will swallow but it is not so nice if the guy drinks much coffee, it makes it bitter.

  • connielipstick Photo
    More than a month ago

    I always swallow, it gets me and the guy off, Never waste a drop :)

  • Darkstud Photo
    More than a month ago

    Love my cum to be swallowed by the woman. Its a great feeling to see her play with my sperms in her mouth and gulp it in.

  • Sweetangelic3
    More than a month ago

    I am one that loves to swallow.. love how each different cock feels, moves and tastes....thanks guys for letting us know it's good for us too...

  • Bi-Love-Julie
    More than a month ago

    I love to swallow every guys cum is different tasting but never had to spit.
    It so sexy to see how much a guy enjoys a girl to take his load in her mouth
    and look up into his eyes and give him a smile of enjoyment.
    Don't waste it girls

  • Do_it_4_Fun Photo
    More than a month ago

    I'm in the always club here, I swallowed the first time I gave head , And I've always actually enjoyed it. The excitement on the guys face, the way it feels as he gets close and then it goes POP ! yummi I honestly enjoy it and I feel powerful and maybe a bit naughty swallowing it and asking for it in my mouth. As for not swallowing and running for the sink, get creative there is lots you can do in between swallowing and running to the sink to spit . be naughty with it, its fun!

    • Auscpl_up4it Photo
      More than a month ago

      LOL "get creative with it" spending a night with you guys, and seeing you in action that is an understatement babe! love A xxx

    • Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      Sounds like you really love swallowing & know how to enjoy them special moments, are you free tonight darls lol

  • 1DoorMan Photo
    More than a month ago

    Its up to the individual will I swallow or not I prefer not to waste mine and will ask do you want it ?

  • allinmymind
    More than a month ago

    It would be nice to know more detail about the sti thing related to swallowing semen.

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      The article doesn't talk about getting an STI from swallowing semen, it talks about semen allergy which can be misdiagnosed as an STI. You can click through to read the earlier article which covers it in more detail.

  • jbabie Photo
    More than a month ago

    ive always swallowed..mainly because i know guys like it..sometimes tastes good sometimes not so good..up to the individual i think!

    • happyjack25
      More than a month ago

      Yeah... it is individual and people who exercise and eat right are said to taste better. It is the old adage of you are what you eat .... and then who every eats you too I guess.

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