How do I find my boyfriend’s g-spot?


Q: I’m a girl in love with my own g-spot, but I’ve heard guys have one too. If it feels half as good as what it does when he touches mine, I want to touch his - so how do I find my boyfriend’s g-spot?

A: Your boyfriend is one lucky guy. Plenty of men know about the intense pleasure the male g-spot can bring, but you’re not the only woman who is a little new to the idea.

Men certainly do have a g-spot of their own, and any sexual partners who know how to touch it in just the right ways will not doubt find themselves being invited back again and again.

X marks the g-spot

The male g-spot is his prostate gland, which is about the size of a walnut and is located right under his bladder.

There are a couple of ways to go about activating this spot, so if you and your partner are new to the experience, we suggest starting slow then building up.

The male g-spot for beginners

Even though the g-spot is inside his body, you can tease it to start with from the outside. Simply place a finger or two on the patch of skin between his testicles and anus (this erogenous zone is called the perineum) and apply pressure.

Use this spot during oral sex to bring him closer to orgasm, and keep applying pressure in waves until he climaxes.

The male g-spot for experts

For a more direct touch, you can access his g-spot by inserting a finger about two inches into his anus, where you should find a round patch of tissue by feeling the top wall towards his scrotum.

That said, this can be quite a sensitive area, and if your man hasn’t yet experienced anal play, you’ll need to take things slowly and make sure he’s happy to give it a try.

Firstly, cut your nails short, because long nails during anal play is like too much teeth during oral (read: not okay). Also give them a good scrub to make sure they’re clean.

It’s definitely best to use a trusted lube, and start in the same way you’d like to be fingered - slow strokes, gentle pressure, and circles around the hole before actually entering. Even when you do enter, keep it slow and pump your finger in and out slightly to help him get used to the sensation.

Once you’re in and can feel the mound of tissue, you can pulse pressure onto the g-spot, stroke it or circle it with your fingertip. Vary your speed and the pressure and keep an eye on his reactions to see what he likes. Much the same as women and their g-spots, not all men are the same, so it may take a little experimentation and feedback to figure out what he’s most into.

Of course, once you’ve got finger play down to an art, you can take a look at anal toys, which are specifically designed to hit the spot.

If you enjoy seeing your man squirm and moan from a new, intense sensation, then you’re in for a good time. The male g-spot has massive orgasmic potential, and if you’re not already making the most of this sexual ‘on’ button, we strongly recommend giving it a go.


  • 1DoorMan Photo
    More than a month ago

    Have talked about read about but never tried. Will have to find that women with short nails.

  • looking70s
    More than a month ago

    a prostate massage is awesome, nice and slow and watch for facial expressions

    • iaffoyeah
      More than a month ago

      When his eyes roll back in his head.

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