10 Reasons to have Sex every Single Day!


Knowing all of you, we hardly need to give you a reason to have loads of sex. But just in case you missed the memo that sex is fucking awesome, here are 10 reasons to do the dirty on the daily. 

1. Confidence 

Having sex every day is like having a shot of pure confidence with your morning coffee. The knowledge that someone is not just willing but literally dripping with arousal at the thought of your hot naked body does more than most pep talks ever could. 

Plus, you get to spend the rest of the day walking around feeling like a total stud/sexy minx. Win. 

2. Connections

It’s hard to be angry with someone when they’re completely naked and on top of you. That skin-to-skin contact does wonders for the intimacy of a relationship, so say goodbye to the kinks in your connection and say hello to the kinky instead.

3. Something for you

Many of us are guilty of spending the whole day on other people. Whether that’s at work, looking after family, checking up on friends or running errands to help others, this habit is great for you as a humanitarian, but doesn’t often leave time for yourself.

Including sexy time in your everyday routine ensures that you at least get to spend some of your day entirely devoted to your own enjoyment. 

4. Sleep aid

If you’re having sex at nighttime right before you head to bed, it can be a huge help in getting off to sleep. 

As your body calms down and relaxes after the intense physical activity and orgasm, you’ll quickly feel the tiredness set in and will be more inclined to nod off and enter a deep sleep (hopefully complete with dream replays of the steamy action).  

5. Greater sex drive

The more sex you have, the more you want. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a reliable way to increase your stamina and libido - practice, practice, practice.

6. De-stress

Every day there are stressful situations popping up at work, at home, with your family and your friends. Sex, on the other hand, is a fabulous stress-fighting exercise that can help balance out anything from a bad hair day to a bad day at work. It gives you a natural hit of dopamine and endorphins, which are the drugs that leave you feeling like you’re looking through at the world with rose-tinted glasses all the time. 

7. Flexibility like a pretzel

You might not be one for yoga, but having sex every day might help you improve your flexibility. All those stretching muscles and strengthening core exercises build up over time, especially if you’re trying out impressive positions. 

8. Exercise

Spend an hour kissing and you’ll burn about 65 calories. Spend an hour having sex and your calorie burn will be in the hundreds. 

We’re recommended to get a good 30 minutes of solid exercise five days per week at minimum, so would you rather be sweating up a storm on the treadmill or between the sheets? 

9. Ward off colds and flu

Move over vitamin C, sex is on the menu and it can work wonders for your immune system. 

Plus, if you refer back to point 6, stress can reduce the strength of your immune system, so fighting stress and building your immune system with sex serves a double helping of cold-fighting goodness. 

10. Because why not?

Seriously, why shouldn’t we all be having sex every day? It’s healthy, damn fun, and definitely a habit worth developing! 


More than a month ago
MMMMM Sex everyday!!! YUM!!!! been on my wish list for years....Will NEVER give up looking!!! My wishes might just come true, will just enjoy the sex I get for now....
More than a month ago
I'd love to have a super sexy guy in my life who enjoys sex everyday!! Yum. Jxxx
More than a month ago
I have sex with my work friend and we both feel relaxed after work, no need for 10 reasons... if it has more positives than that great!
More than a month ago
You need a reason!!!!
More than a month ago
I have given up trying for that. I would have to do more so they couldn't say they were tired all the time.
More than a month ago
I don't need 10 reasons :)))
More than a month ago
And your partner wouldn't also...with a gorgeous body like that.
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Ummmm he never wants sex so it can't be all that :(
More than a month ago
It would be so nice to have a partner to have sex with regularly - I would treasure that and give as much as receive if it was possible
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Agree. Its nice to say all positives of daily sex with a trusted partner but you gotta have one.
More than a month ago
I love sex but my husband is such a shit lover and the reason I am on here. If not for this site life would be pretty bad. Thank you
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Get out :))))
More than a month ago
having been married for 42 years I totally agree. Now that I am retired I hope to increase it more often
More than a month ago
Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers!
More than a month ago
Dont know about that safest lol my man cracked his knee doing doggie with me ha ha .
More than a month ago
Absolutely right. I have experienced it and it was good health-wise. I wish I can get the chance to experience it again, this time without the need of those marriage problems to disturb the occasion
More than a month ago
Sadly not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner to have sex with everyday.
More than a month ago
I agree I'm in same boat and I can't get one night stands
More than a month ago
How about a meet up with a few repeats.
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