7 Sex-Crazed Historical Figures and their Sexploits


History is full of sexual miscreants whose exploits litter the dark corners of days gone by. Last month we wrote about five of the most sex-crazed historical figures of all time. Your feedback was that we shouldn't have restricted our list to so few!  So we’re back this month to explore some of the sexual deviants you suggested!

Giacomo Casanova

Perhaps the most famous romantic of all time, Casanova, was a man of seduction and scandal. Casanova was skilled in the art of seduction because of his unshakeable belief that he could seduce any woman if she felt that she was the sole object of his undivided attention. The numbers may seem small by today's standards as he only slept with around 140 women, but it was enough to give him gonorrhoea eleven times. 

The tales of his sexual conquests make for outlandish reading. He seduced a young castrato who indeed turned out to be a woman in disguise, he deliberately slept with his own daughter and her mother at the same time, and at one point seduced 5 sisters whose family he had saved from ruin. He suffered from premature ejaculation for most of his life but claimed he could make love 6 times a night with the help of a potion.

Genghis Khan

As one of the most notable war lords of all time, Genghis Khan got around in every meaning of the word. His conquered lands included India, China, North Africa and Eastern Europe, and it seems like he kept himself pretty busy during this time.

Research has uncovered a cluster of closely related lines of Y-chromosomes, which are the ones that get handed down from father to son. It appears they come from Mongolia from about 1,000 years ago - hence it’s believed Genghis Khan is the man with a penis with more endurance than the energizer bunny. It is now believed that his sexual endeavours have resulted in as much as 8% of the central Asian population. 

Queen Victoria

During her reign, Queen Victoria wasn’t exactly known as a party girl, but rumours have circulated over the last few decades that she enjoyed sex with her husband Albert as much as the next woman, and that she went on to enjoy the company of a string of lovers after his death. 

A film entitled ‘Mrs Brown’ (starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly) depicts the alleged secret marriage between Queen Victoria and John Brown, yet these rumours are much murkier than most. 


Born in Siberia as Grigory Efimovich Rasputin, this sex fiend basically considered it his duty to seduce as many women as possible. He was born a peasant with nothing, but with a mystic aura as a holy man, he quickly became a common sight amongst Russian nobility - in particular, with women. 

Rumours abounded that he was sleeping with both the Empress and her daughters, that he would tell women their sins would be purified by having sex with him, that he would have insane orgies every Thursday afternoon, and that his penis was a massive 13 inches. Not bad going for a guy with crazy eyes and terrible personal hygiene. 

Catherine the Great

Also known as Catherine II, she was Russia’s longest-ruling woman, was something of a minx, and was 60 when she took her final lover.  It was said that one of her lovers, Potemkin, allegedly had an enormous penis and that she took a cast of his member and consoled herself with it during his absences.

She had a reputation as a sexual deviant, with the most shocking rumour being that she died while attempting to have sex with a horse. While this is most likely not true, there does seem to be resounding evidence that she simply loved sex. At first, she would use sex as a way to build her own power amongst men, then later she was known for sleeping with men a fraction of her age. More power to her, we say.

King Louis XV 

The Bourbon kings of France were all known for their tireless sex lives, but Louis XV, known as Louis the Beloved, was the most astonishing of all. Crippled by his self-indulgence, promiscuity, and laziness, Louis failed to rule effectively and plunged France into near bankruptcy which ultimately led to the French Revolution. 

Louis' initial sexual escapades were homosexual, because of the Regent's fear of allowing any ambitious young girls from taking advantage of the young king's sexual inexperience. Louis is remembered more for his mistresses than by any aspect of his reign and the two most well remembered were Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Berry. His personal brothel was the biggest ever to service the needs of one man and was stocked with a constant supply of healthy girls. Louis's obsession with aphrodisiacs made the use of mushrooms in French cooking popular because of the belief that because of their phallic shape, the fungi were aphrodisiacs.

The Earl of Rochester

John Wilmot (the Earl of Rochester) is most known for his extremely erotic poetry. At the time, nobody wrote like this, and even now, most of his works come with warnings of the kind you’d find on porn sites. During his time, John Wilmot was known for his love of drinking and sex, before passing away at just 33… from syphilis. 

If anything, these historical figures are just an example of how humans don’t really change all that much over time. These people were simply lucky (sort of) enough to be in the spotlight and have their sexploits discussed and recorded. We have no doubt that had online dating been a thing back then, they would all thoroughly enjoy the added opportunities for sexual encounters it holds.

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