Become a Sensual Explorer


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Our five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are wonderful tools to explore sensuality and eroticism. By suppressing or enhancing the senses you can create and experience all kinds of enchanting pleasures.

Here are some suggestions to inspire you in your own sensual adventures:

Touch your partner with items of different texture and temperature. Try a feather, a piece of silk, a body brush, a loofah. Try things that have been heated or cooled, such as warm oil or ice-blocks. Use everyday items: the end of a belt, a scarf, a fork, the back of a spoon… The possibilities are endless.

Try doing it blindfolded, or with the receivers hands tied for a different effect (of course with their agreement!) Blocking out the main sense of sight can heighten the other senses, as can being restrained in some way (keeping in mind that not everyone is comfortable with restraint).

Feed your partner: have a selection of unknown items that they can’t see, make them all delicious, or mix them up (gerkins and chocolate!); feed your partner chocolate mousse or rice pudding. Or blindfold both of you and try feeding each other (messy, but fun!)

Arouse the olfactory: have scented candles or an oil burner in the room; wave perfume or essential oils or fresh herbs under their nose (and run the latter over their body).

Have music playing, and vary the types of music, noting the difference on how it affects your love-making and sensory play. Try putting headphones on one person while the other does delicious things to their body. Bang bongoes together, play a Tibetan singing bowl, tuning forks, rub the rim of a crystal glass or create some other interesting sounds.

And sight, the main sense. Try simply looking at each other, holding the gaze for a number of minutes. Have one look at the other, just simply looking - this can be initially confronting for the receiver, but can become highly erotic and arousing. Do a slow undress or striptease, model lingerie or do a simple yet sensual dance for your partner.

Then combine all the elements in various ways. This is wonderful play that arouses and pleasures without even having to involve the genitals. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

So go forth and play! Become sensual explorers and experiment with sensation and the senses to take yourselves to new places of eroticism and sensuality.


  • madmick422
    More than a month ago

    very true . I can vouch for most of those things.

  • 1HotChilliWomen
    More than a month ago

    As a dominatix i agree with everything you say....
    Do you remember the first kiss or first touch? Our firsts are always to be remembered so why dont people try new experiences with our senses...
    So many people out there feel "bored" with sex... but its not up to the other person to excite you.... people need to be bold and take responsibility for egniting passion and spark... dont wait for it to come to you... GO get it!!!!
    We are suppose to be the smartest creature on earth yet we dont want to use the most erotic body part we have... the brain and our curiousity...
    I would like to think we are more than just dogs... fucking....
    SEx lasts from less than 1 minute to several hours but the art of arousal and dominatrix play just lasts... forever!
    We arent children anymore forbidden to not play with ourselves...
    Go sick i say.. we are sexual creatures.. our organs tell us so... go explore, have fun and explode with the power of our biggest sexual organ... our mind!

  • casper232
    More than a month ago

    wow wise wonderful words - thanks for people like u

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